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Last year

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I asked all of you to commit to renewing your USF season tickets and donations. Many of you did, some of you didn't. Whatever. We had a rowdy fan base, even if it was only 18k or so, and those who didn't renew-I'm encouraging you to come back next year. USF will be better for it, and we need you to continue progress and to rebuild our financial resources.

But enough about next year. Let's talk about the present.

We have a bowl game. This bowl game is in Miami, on a weekday, a Monday afternoon that is only 17 days away. I get it, some of you can't take time off, some of you might not be able to afford tickets, etc., etc., etc.

Fair enough. You know what would be a great gesture on your part, if you can't go? Call USF and order tickets. And donate them so a student can go. You're probably wondering-why should I do this? Here's why: 

1. Students are future alumni, and having strong student to alumni attendance at bowl games means that you have likely future season ticket holders, and potentially donors who will watch USF play in Miami.Once they get a feel for what it's like to watch a bowl game live, they'll want to replicate that experience. 

2. Even if you're not there, selling all those tickets is a sign of strength for the fan base. Other, better bowls will take notice. And this will help as the impression will be that "USF is a school that travels well". And that means we can get better tie ins to bowl games in the American, and more importantly it will position us better as a strong fan base in the next round of alignment. Well-traveled fan base = $$$$$ which is all the P5 cares about. 

3. You can resell tickets on stubhub and craigslist if you don't want to donate and you can't go to the game. That's the last resort, but at least the tickets will be bought. And you will be helping USF.

For those of you that are there-I'll see you in Miami! 

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Any ideas how much lead time before the game you would have to donate tickets? I'm in for at least two tickets, but won't know my availability to attend the game until approximately a week or so before the game.

Not sure on how to do it, but I'll reach out and ask. Ticket office may have a solution. 

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I am planning to add seats to my season tickets next year ... and will be buying at least one ticket to the bowl game, even if I can't make it.

Also going to increase my donation level for the Bulls Club.  Time to put my money where my mouth is.

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