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This is the best possible outcome for our football program

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Think about it. Had Temple been upset, we'd all be happy. But, there's a price to pay for all of that... The end of that glorious road is losing our coaches. I mean there are so many job openings right now.

Now, only the diehard Bulls know what's really cooking at USF. Even among us, there are doubters. Across the country, they aren't looking too hard at our coaches.

(1) Coaches will stay. [USF Athletics: please give them contract extensions and raises!]

(2) More practice time with the bowl game.

(3) Strong recruiting and signings

(4) Next season is going to be awesome!


So... back to my point. This is the best possible outcome. Or would you rather have us play in the January bowl, win against a P5, finish the season ranked, and then lose a bunch of coaches right after that -including the head coach? We'd be back to square one, just like the Gnats.

I'm happy!



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I don't think Taggart is really on any of the big time programs' radars at this point. A conference championship next year and it is a whole different story. Hopefully we can start piling the money together now for the pay raise in case that happens. Need to sell some tickets to home games next year as I don't see a program that can't get 20k in the stadium paying a coach 3 million a year to keep him.

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When we first got into the Big East, we had an outside chance of winning the league title and going to a BCS bowl in 2005.  Here is an article

The closest we got to a BCS Bowl.

"The Bulls (6-3, 4-1) need only a win next Saturday at Connecticut (4-5, 1-4) to set up their season finale, Dec. 3 at home against West Virginia, as a Big East championship game, with a BCS berth going to the winner."

I think ESPN referred to us as "a skunk in the BCS garden".

At the time I figured it was for the best.  We were not ready, we will do it next year, I can't believe we even got this close so soon.

I don't need to mention we never got to that or any on BCS bowl.

Next year we could get tons of injuries, we could lose a critical assistant or god for bid HC, we could just have crappy luck.


Based on all that I disagree with your premise but I appreciate your optimism.

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I completely disagree. If we win the AAC and a New Years 6 Bowl means we lose coaches I'm good with that. So wouldn't it just happen next year or any year we did it? Yeah let's never win so we can keep our coaches. What??? i have always been pro CWT but never at the expense of us winning!

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I'm all for it -success at the cost of losing coaches. However, we all know that USF doesn't have the infrastructure right now (large fan base, deep pockets, P5 conference, etc.). Look at what happened after Leavitt was gone.

It's like getting on the interstate with one gallon of gasoline. You pass everybody up and hoop and holler. Thirty minutes later, you sit on the side while everybody passes you by.

Anyway, would I have taken the instant success route (one gallon of gasoline)? Sure!

But the current situation is pretty good, also.


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