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Am I the Only One Nervous About Today?

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First of all when we were headed to 1-3 I said I saw 7-8 wins and I get on paper this is such an easy win. All this talk of blowouts and 70-0 scores though has me nervous? That's just us and not the players right? 2 years ago everyone called a UCF blowout and they barely beat us. Nobody wants to go 0-12 (see SMU last year). I just think it will be close and I hope the Bulls just continue with the same game plan they have had the last many weeks. No need to worry right? Please talk me off the ledge so I can enjoy my turkey!! Eating at 12 so I have plenty of time to get to the game. Go Bulls!!

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I'm always slightly nervous about USF games, but this has been the longest run of solid games that I've seen out of USF in quite some time. We've had plenty of runs where we were winning consistently, but I don't know if I can say they were all solid and complete games (despite the outcome of the game). Mistakes happen regardless, but since the Memphis game, things have really started to look noticeably different than years before.

It was always frustrating to have Andre Hall but not have a solid passing game to go with it or BJ/Matt without an Andre Hall to go with it. It's looking like possibly for the first time in a long time, we have an effective rusher and effective (and mobile) passer. If our receivers can get their acts together, we could have one heck of an offense. Combine that with the resurgence of our defense and the team is looking impressive.

Plenty of reasons to be optimistic and UCF's play this year should solidify those reasons. While I'll recognize anything can happen, it's hard to imagine a scenario where we losing barring serious injuries rearing their ugly heads.

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