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Best USF O line ever

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Hard to believe that this o line was a big question mark before the season. They have been dominant. It would be hard to argue that any other USF O line has been this productive. It will hurt losing the 3 seniors next year.

Thor- has always been one of the vocal leaders of this team. Two different coaching staffs have said he has NFL talent but more importantly his toughness was missing when he was injured. He has been a key to this team being successful.

Brynar- Has been one of the most versatile Bulls ever. He too will get a shot in the NFL. His contributions to this team have been huge!

Mack D- A walk on ......seriously? what a story........ I have watched this kid and he looks like a 3 year starter out there. 

Threatt and Kofi- Have had very good games this year and these two have been living in the shadows of Thor and Brynar. I think they will be great players for USF

MVP- Danny Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My vote is best Bull O Line ever

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This hasn't been a surprise to me since I saw the potential in spring practices, Danny Hope is the real deal and he is an expert at managing a run game.  Overall though, this Oline would be terrible without Taggarts insistence on a proper and top tier strength and conditioning programming.  The first guy he hired did something utterly stupid on twitter but did a great job getting us started, and the 2nd guy hasn't skipped a beat.  The team overall is at the top of this conference at out physical'ng the competition at the LOS.  These linemen were recruited by Holtz but Taggart gets the credit here for bringing them along to the point where they are today.


I feel like the underclassmen have a higher ceiling, based on incoming size and recruiting rankings.  With Danny Hope coaching them I'm sure they will gel together well.

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Missed this thread earlier, but didn't want to miss putting in my endorsement too. These guys have to be the hardest-working line we've ever had, and definitely the silent engine behind Mack's attack and QF's extra time to make reads & deliver.

They were not great last year, and looking suspect at the beginning of the season, but I gotta say they look to be worthy of "most improved" and deserving of best teams award IMO. Could be the best ever! Great post.

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