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Video: USF Willie Taggart Post Game Press Conference - Temple 2015

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"Ya'll have a great night if ya want too!"

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Stuff I really liked:

"I told you guys we learn from our mistakes!"

reporter: "...you'll need a little help...so what's that going to be like having to win and then, you know, watch those other games and.." <abrupt cut-off> CWT: "We ain't watching anybody else...we gotta take care of us...we're not watching anybody but Cincinnati.."

All the section talking about the seniors and what they've been through, ie, "now they can leave here feeling good, knowing they helped change the foundation of what we're trying to do..."

reporter: "you were just 1-3, and..."

CWT: "we were?"

reporter: "You were, back in the day"

CWT: "Ahh, that's so long ago..."

I love he couldn't hide his pride in the team. He and TA both love these kids.

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