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Taggart's 1st win against a good opponent.


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So 5 games into the season I was posting how all of our wins under Taggart were against terrible teams, SMU, Uconn, FAMU like teams. 


Taggart's team finally not only beat a good team, but a ranked team. This was a huge win. I hope it marks a turning point for this team for the next few years. Maybe the real turning point was Syracuse. 


The defense was outstanding and the offensive explosive, and we won in a big way despite some big penalties and a big drop. 


Good job Taggart, good job team, good job fans. Really glad I was there. 


Go Bulls. 

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bulls have been playing great for thover a month and would have beaten alot of ranked team

i tip my hat to cwt.

he turned it aroundbig time

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