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Handling adversity


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Yesterday was ugly and almost fell apart.   

The announcers said that one thing this team is missing is the ability to win games like that. 

Basically,  ECU has a winning attitude given there record over the last few years and we don't.   

In Skip's final year we started to expect to lose games even when we had sizeable leads.  The players felt that way too.  

I think it is an attitude that is difficult to eradicate because is is self perpetuating and it can't be done over the course of one game (or maybe even a season).

A lot of people have been asking "how many wins saves CWT's job?"  But this handling of adversity is what I've been waiting for and it renders that question pointless because I believe this team is expecting to win - and that too is self perpetuating. 


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This team has done an amazing job (compared to the past four years) in handling adversity. They can back from being down against UCONN and ECU (twice). Further, they regrouped in the game against Cuse. Last, the leadership of the team made sure the off field issues did not impact play on the field. 

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I think part of the reason for going younger with our roster was to get rid of that old mentality. I'm not sure that it was talent alone. Cutting quitters and isolating bad attitudes had to be step one. The young guys are building a positive we expect to win mentality and that's something we haven't had in a while. :iconic_u_black:

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