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The 90's - what a great decade


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I sure do miss walking around the dorms, UTA, Ashford Green Half baked with nothing but grunge music in my head. What a great decade to have been experiencing such formative years and what a great time to have been at USF.

The world sure has changed hasn't it?

Back then it seemed that the prevailing climate amongst most young people leaned towards introversion and introspection..  On the contrary kids nowadays don't do anything unless its being filmed.  Everything they think or do is broadcast for the world to see, and worst of all, judge.  I feel bad for them. They will never know the freedom that privacy allows.

I always cringed when older generations talked about how much better times were when they were growing up.  Now I know exactly what they meant.


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Oh man it was the golden age of alternative and hip hop.  Even though most music was a derivative of Nirvana it all sounds so good when i hear it now.  And hip hop?!  It was great because you could still get a sense of 80s hip hop but the music was evolving too.  Tribe called Quest, Beastie Boys, Pharcyde, Lords of the Underground...I could go on and on for days about the music.  Heck even pop music was at least original back then.





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They were good times. Sometimes I wonder if the Matrix was not a movie as much as a warning that we are about to be so intertwined with technology that it feels like we are part of a machine. I've been unplugged from Facebook and the rest of it for over 4 years now. I have an account but only because you need one to see what people are talking about when instead of sharing pictures of a trip-- they tell you to "just look at them on facebook". Yes-- wade through all the other garbage to find the pictures of our ski vacation or one specific photo.

And don't get me started on people who ONLY text and avoid actually having a conversation on the phone.

It is a different world and I can only imagine what comes next.

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