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Coaching vs. Navy

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Hard to tell if we took a step back in the coaching department, or if we were the same, and it wasn't good enough against a quality team. It was a little frustrating watching us trying to run as much as we did, when it obviously was not going to work for us on this day. Just seemed like too many wasted downs. I had it in my head that Flowers could have thrown for 400+ yards if Taggart just threw caution to the wind and opened up when Navy was continuously stuffing the run. Navy was unable to get the running game going against Tulane......they went to the pass and ended up with more passing plays than running plays which is WAY out of the ordinary for them. They got out of their comfort zone in that game, doing whatever it took to win. I believe that game could have been won with Flowers arm, who is maturing incredibly fast IMO. As far as the defense, I came into this game willing to give them a pass if they looked less than stellar, being that Navy runs an unconventional offense that we haven't seen before, but three running backs over 100 yards is excessive. Tulane managed to stop the run. Why did we seem so lost on defense? 

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What I don't understand is why (when we were so successful with the 3 RB option) we didn't utilize it against Navy.  

Flowers wasn't running yesterday (probably due to the hit he took last week).  Mack was out which probably accounted for Flowers having to run his tail off last week.  

The week before Mack, Tice and Johnson (in the 3 RB set) were a force to be reckoned with.  IMO this play should have been utilized at least a couple of times during the game yesterday. 


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The things I questioned on offensive play calling weren't necessarily that we were playing for the run, but that we didn't make the adjustments we made the last few games. 

Why didn't we at least try the 3 back set for a series or 2?  When we were getting stuffed, why not try the play action then hit the seam route to the TE?  Worked a couple times in first half. 

On offense, just seemed like when the original game plans didn't work plan B was try for the HR ball. 

It is possible that injuries played a hand in the lack of run game, but the game plan sure didn't look like they played for that.

Defense was weak, but have been against good runners all year.  

Special teams, other than the kick return, was pretty bad all day. Even Ciabatti had only a 17 yard punt when we needed something from him.

This was a team loss with plenty of blame to spread everywhere. The good part was this was first game we were in at the end with a real chance to win against a good team in the Taggart era 

Good coaches and good teams find a way to win.  Happens multiple times every week at every level of football.







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THE PLAYERS DIDN'T EXECUTE! That simple. They didn't catch the ball an then they made some stupid fouls.

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Didn't end crucial drives with a td, fumbles, dumb penalties these things added up to a loss. As bad as we played we could have almost won.

When this team can ever play a complete game they could be really good.

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