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What's going to be the outcome of the Navy Game?

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What does your gut say? Do we win this one or are they going to be too much for us?


My gut tells me we are going to shut them down and put a spanking on them.

Our D-line, Sanchez and the Angry Byrd are going to stop that running attack of theirs. Tulane showed us how we can stop them defensively. I have a lot of confidence in Allen's game plan.

As for the offense, I think we are going to control the clock and put up over 21 pts. Expect the receivers to come out and play well!






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I'm hoping for a win, but my gut tells me the one win on the road here is going to be ECU, not Navy.  The triple option can be like a good passing game, in that you can stop them, you can stop them, you can stop them, and then one missed tackle or assignment and its a big play/TD.  I love the blitzes and defensive pressure we're bringing this year, but have seen too many missed tackles/poor tackling this year that has me worried for the Navy game.  I think we can score on them, but think they might score more.  Close, higher scoring, loss:  I'd say 34-27

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My gut says close game. If receivers catch the ball I like our chances in a close one.

We have the athletes and speed to hold Navy in check if we can tackle well.

Need a quick start also...put up points make Navy a passing team..do those things we can win.

This team isn't like ones in recent past, i see a fight in them I haven't seen in many years.

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I think we can win this game, but there will be lots of cursing at the TV during the process.  We need to start out strong and score first.  We also can't give up the cheap TD right before the half.  In our last wins, we have played well for a little over half the game (offensively), and it has been enough to win--in this one (and the next 2), if we play a full 60, we win.

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Navy is really efficient in converting 3rd downs. I don't have a good feeling about this game, I hope our LB's can really step up.

If Navy's coach runs the offense anything like Paul Johnson at GT, and he should since he was PJ's assistant, once they get past their own 40 yard line or so, on 4th and short you can probably bet on them NOT punting the ball.

Most of the field is 4-down territory with the triple option.  We'll need to be on our game pretty much every time.  Tackles for loss will be HUGE in this game. 

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