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So I emailed that writer, Jay Saunders, to quit crapping on the AAC

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And now he wrote a new article on us today. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Jay Saunders <jaydsaunders@gmail.com>
To: Sell <sellular1>
Sent: Tue, Oct 27, 2015 10:37 am
Subject: Re: AAC Commisioner Putting Lipstick on a Pig

You may find something familiar in my latest article for football.com...


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Nice mention!  You could have said more to make the pig sitting at the bar more attractive than just losing weight and shaving facial hair, though.  How about a boob job and a tummy tuck? 

Thought about the "boob job" part, but don't pigs have like 8 boobs or so?

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I love writers who "stir" the pot.

Who really cares what he has to say other than having a fun read?

Let's be honest, yes we are trying to become a "Power" conference or whatever you want to call it.

Couldn't they have put another game on during Turkey Day rather than moving the USF vs. UCiF game and maybe one that the country might actually care to watch?

All we can do as a conference is continue to win and take down the big guys when we get the chance.

Until then, we won't get that credit or respect that we want.

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I don't blame anyone for crapping on the AAC. It's not a good conference.

The conference is a heck of a lot better than I thought it'd be this season, however it's still not good. 

The problem will continue to be the bottom of our conference. There will almost certainly be 3-4 teams that struggle to win 3 or 4 games a year. Tulsa, Tulane, SMU, UCONN, and then the occasional USF/UCF bad year same goes for Temple and Memphis could be back in that conversation quickly.

Once Lynch leaves, and Fuente is not far behind him Memphis could easily be at the bottom of the conference every year with the usual suspects like they were for decades.

Memphis record since 1980 (34 years of football, from 1980-2013): 139 Wins - 244 Losses.

Temple over the same period: 120 Wins - 264 Losses.

Tulane over the same period: 138 Wins - 255 Losses (This includes an undefeated 12-0 season in 1998).

Don't have the patience to look at SMU or UCONN or Tulsa, but I'd guess it's not pretty. 

I think it's fair to claim this season we have a pretty good conference outside of the P5, but talking in general terms this conference is still pretty darn bad. 


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