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USF vs UConn Full Game (Just The Plays)

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yea boy you get a brewski from me. too. Watching the first half and a couple of things I noticed

1. UConn owned the first half

2. we get thrown on a lot. Gotta have D line get their paws in the air.

lucky to have pulled this one out.

Their QB also ran all over us. It was frustrating having to watch that again. We also got torched on punt/kick returns. Thanks OP!

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I will gladly, shamelessly accept beers from my fellow bull fans  :icon_drink:

Here are my thoughts....

That "Triple Headed Monster" / Inverted Wishbone is unstoppable. If we had used this in the first half, the game would have been over in the first quarter, however they did not run a single play out of this formation until the 3rd quarter. That formation and its various looks should be our base offense from here on out. It forces the opponent to load the box and keep their eyes in the backfield. Love it. Might not work as well against really, really fast LBs.

We let up a bunch of plays on D, but our red zone defense was pretty sturdy.

UConn's O-line is legit.

How the **** did Thomas catch that ball @ 5:01

We missed a TD by 2 inches on that play action to Adams.

This game actually could have been dominated by us, but as it stands, I never really felt we had lost control of the ball game. We owned our destiny the entire game. 

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We let up a bunch of plays on D, but our red zone defense was pretty sturdy.


My reason for this is, red zone defense forces you to play closer to the opponent.  You can't really give a wide soft zone like we do inside the 20s when you're in your own end zone.

This is why I want to see less zone and more man-to-man.  I think our guys could shut teams down a bit more.   

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Didn't notice until the replay, they had the incorrect score up after our 4th TD for the entire next drive (showing 27-13 rather than 28-13).  

Re-watching really does hammer home that they had no answer at all to the inverted wishbone.  That last drive they had to stop us and knew we were going to run, and didn't come close to slowing us down (easily could have scored at the end if we wanted to).  

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