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  1. PCBull14

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    That's funny there were a package deal. I miss CWT more then anything. Fans didn't know what it had.
  2. PCBull14

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    People talking about how many wins can be attained and playoff hopes are so far from reality its not even funny. Have you watched the team play recently?
  3. UCF went 6-6 to 13-0 it happened over night. And telling someone not to voice there opinion is against what this board is about.
  4. The time spent in the big east was wasted. All we did as attempt to figure out what to do with new found glory instead of acting on it. Hence forth, no ground gained.
  5. PCBull14

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    I miss the part where he knew how to coach our talent and our teams improved through the season.
  6. I mean he can't ever motivate them. So at least they were excited about something.
  7. PCBull14


    Homecoming don’t get excited.
  8. What happens when you can’t motivate you fans to show up. #astrongnewera
  9. PCBull14

    This might get you mad.

    They give us everything we give them nothing. Sounds like America these days. USF again using itself to teach what not to do. #bulllessons. And you’re wondering what’s wrong with the program. The whole athletic program is a joke.
  10. PCBull14

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    playing sisters of poor...writings on the wall. It will funny when the losing starts to see the ones so shocked. He's not even worth saving the money from Texas, because the program is being ruined right in front of your eyes.
  11. Two bad they both suck...and we barely beat them.
  12. PCBull14

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    He should not have USF in the top 25. I wouldn't even have them in top 40 right now.
  13. PCBull14

    The Boys are Celebrating

    if thats the songs they/re listening to. It makes sense why we play the way we do.
  14. Played like crap. But bowl eligible baby!!