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  1. nah that's form getting 11 wins for a program and never sniffed 10
  2. But those 11 he got you wasn’t...lol haters gonna hate
  3. Arizona is a bottom feeder Pac-10 team this year. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Also if you haven't watch Hawaii this season, you probably should.
  4. PCBull14

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Its not that hard to start a simple news site... If they don't give it you, do it yourself. Everyone talks about what the program needs, but no one does it. They may laugh at you at first, but hey they laughed at JL at first too.
  5. We totally stopped Elon’s rushing attack...should be a piece cake
  6. PCBull14

    Congrats to OC Gilbert

    34 on Elon....UCF put up that many on UConn in 10 minutes...
  7. Since you've updated your response, The goal was win a championship but you don't do that over night. Thank you for proving why he said exactly what he said to SBNation. His comments have been proved 100% true by this thread. lol. Our fans are a piece of work.
  8. You're right it does, because he IS Jimbo fishers replacement!!! Also Ten sounds like a Jimbo fisher replacement as well, you know because we never got ten before he got here. Haters gonna hate!!
  9. Yet he went to Oregon and immediately elevated that team. A team that's wins went from 13, to 9, and down to 4, the three years before he got there. That would lead you to expect less then four the following year. But, he had them ranked during the season. And now they start the season ranked even though a new head coach is there. The green and gold goggles need to come off. He will succeed at FSU. I find it funny how QF covered up so many of his coaching deficiencies. But with Strong coaching QF the offense looked stagnate in my eyes and many say QF was holding the offense back...hmmmm Which is the better coach, the guy who adapts to his talent or the one who forces his talent to fit his offense no matter what. One had a big time job and lost it. The other is one of the hottest things in college football with his second big time job. Doing exactly what he learned to do here. He started out just like Strong forcing the talent to fit his game. Praise the lord for Flowers, for he didn't hide any deficiencies in CWT, he only helped him find his true coaching talents. Truth is just a tad to salty for some of y'all to taste. But you're going to, because he will dominate college football from the state of Florida, wearing Green Garnet and Gold.
  10. PCBull14

    Seaon ticket sales USF v. UCF

    They have things we don't
  11. I believe the whole offense should be wait and see. The same things they said out of camp last year are being said this year. The difference? The best offensive player to every play here, though some think he handicapped an offense he had no control over, is gone. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. PCBull14

    AP Poll is Out

    We have a offense that couldn't find a way to use its best player to his full effect last season. Now that same offense has a QB that has never started a game. We aren't going to get very many votes and quite frankly we shouldn't to start out.
  13. PCBull14

    AP Poll is Out

    that only works when you know you're going to be able to prove something...
  14. its called find what hes good at and do that. #whatCWT did. That's why he now coaches FSU.