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  1. PCBull14

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    School has no money people complain. School makes extra money people complain. SMH. A comedy show doesn't exist as funny as this fan base.
  2. PCBull14

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Not a stretch at all if you read between the lines. But hey this is just the beginning. Sit back and watch.
  3. PCBull14

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    The biggest issue is the head coach has no clue what's going on in his own program. That's what the kid is trying to get you all to see. Is it true? I don't know, but **** sure sounds like it.
  4. PCBull14

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    So if his statement is true. Strong tells the kid to go talk to the position coach. Kid agrees out of respect for Strong. Mattox doesn't show up and instead takes that time to bring his line together and vote the kid off...didn't realize this was survivor….Then Strong makes a statement to the reporter that he talked to the head coach that’s all that matters….got it. Point proven.
  5. While I agree somewhat, it amounts to 160 dollars a year at most. I think they shouldn’t charge that during the summer terms. But the school doesn’t charge students to attend games. It’s really not that bad.
  6. Not like it would of mattered. Not enough fans could've overcome that out coaching job. I saw a better coaching job at the high school finals.
  7. Sadly we’ve said that time and time again. I keep waiting on this team to breakout. Starting to think it may never happen.
  8. Wrong if you can’t beat Buffalo then forget it. We always make excuses for this WBB team. When are they going to produce? Smh, no one should be surprised we’ve seen this time and time again.
  9. You mean what worked We shalt see, I don't believe the offense gets better at all. I think it gets worse. If it does find a way to improve, the defense will suffer even more. Its the Charlie Strong way, a complete team is not in his abilities.
  10. PCBull14

    TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

  11. Maybe no one, but why should that matter? If the program wants grow it has act it like it does. Win some of these games and raise the program prestige and you'll get your 1 for 1.
  12. PCBull14

    Gilbert Rumors

    The offense was average all season my friend.
  13. PCBull14

    Gilbert Rumors

    Houston loss was solely on him. The offense sucked all night, and lets not act like Houston is the Alabama of the G5 on the defensive side. If he leaves no one should care, he won't be hard to replace based on what we've seen.
  14. King yes all the way to the bank. If I was him, id be gone he should serve a higher role on this staff. Brain Jean-Mary um...don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. If he gets a better opportunity, no one should bat an eye.