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  1. And, if, by chance, one of you guys find yourself in Lake Charles, LA on a home game day/night let us know on our board and come tailgate with us. We can fill you full of food and drink and probably find you some free tickets to the game. Doc
  2. Game replay can be seen on ESPN3. But don't ask me the time on the replay that that play happened. It wasn't as much as a clothes line as he grabbed a hand full of jersey to drag the receiver down The refs made a good call picking up the flag that one of them had thrown thinking it was a facemask. It was good play by Lynch. Unfortunately for you guys it was one of only a few. Doc
  3. Thank you, guys, for the kind words. I do hope you guys get things turned around and put your talent to work. As far as the above post and looking at the latest FCS polls, we have a tough gauntlet to run before we can even get into the playoffs. Of the top ten we play the no. 4, 6, & 9 teams. No. 4 Sam Houston St., who lost to North Dakota St. in the last two National Championship games (yeah, that NDSU that beat K-State). At least, we have them at home. We, also have No 6 Central Arkansas and we have to go up there and play on their purple and gray birthday cake field. And we have to go to the UNIDome and play Northern Iowa, who knocked off Iowa St. this past weekend. It won't be easy. I think we have a chance if we can dodge all the injuries we had last season. Matt was quoted as saying we came out of the game with you with no injuries. I hope we can keep that happening. Good luck to you guys, Doc
  4. Really? You're pulling the semantics card? Of course I know the difference. USF 2012 recruiting class was ranked 49th. MSC was ranked 217th. That was the point I was making. Who is MSC???? Doc
  5. ****, Jay, I was going to jump on that remark but you beat me to it. Shakes head. Doc
  6. You can also blame the MTSU game last season for Matt not taking his foot off the gas earlier. Last year going into the 4th quarter we had 24-6 lead going into the 4th quarter. We started trying to run the clock and didn't throw a single pass in the 4th quarter. They came back and had a good chance to win until we had a long time consuming drive that ran most of the clock off until we punted to them inside their 10 with about 16 seconds left. We won 27-21. Matt said after the game that he made a mistake taking the air out of the ball to soon and that he wouldn't make that mistake again. Doc
  7. Mount it on the wall with the other trophies...large fish...animals with antlers....that bull thing. Well, I do have a "hat wall" in my private office where I collect and pin up hats of past McNeese opponents. The photo below a few years out of date. I have filled this wall up shoulder high and have started on another wall. And I already have a Bulls hat from our trip over there in 2006. Doc
  8. It looked like just the opposite to me. The MSU OC being very familiar with our defense and knew what to call, when. I know we gave them a short field too many times but they had some long ass drives mixed in there, too. multiple times with a short field, quick turnaround due to turnovers, 3 n outs and short drives = one tired ass defense. They had nearly 10 minutes more TOP. Our defense was gassed and the offense didn't help them at all. Man, that sounds so familiar ... That it does. We played nearly the worst possible game in terms of errors and mistakes. McNeese played a perfect game. No overcoming that. Even though I'm positive there is more talent on our team than theirs, we would have lost to Gaither if we played like we did tonight. Not really perfect. We had a pass intercepted, had some dropped passes, a LB getting out of position on your first offensive play, and our FS got beat on a couple of passes for TD's. Things like that have to improve if we are going to make the playoffs and make any noise in them against teams like North Dakota St. Doc
  9. Middle Tenn. ended up have a pretty good season after our game with them last season. Their messageboard imploded and their fans were pissed but they turned things around and went to a bowl game. You guys can turn things around. Of course, your schedule is a lot tougher than theirs. Give Taggert time to recruit and build the team. Doc
  10. How many sacks did the Lynch Sack-O-Meter record last night? Doc
  11. Sorry, guys. Good luck the rest of the season. I do hope you guys get things turned around. Well, we started good like we did last season. Now to avoid all those season ending injuries in the next few games like we had happen last season that just killed our season. We had them fall like flies after the MTSU game last season. Doc
  12. I can't resist putting this picture here that I took in the McNeese West Reserved Tailgating Lot many many years ago. I know it was a long time ago because I can tell it was taken with the old crappy digital camera I used back then. Not a great picture but I loved the subject matter. I call it "bare bones tailgating" getting down to just the necessities. Have fun tailgating tomorrow. Wish I was there. Doc
  13. I wonder if Rowdy, the Cowboy, is going and bringing his rope???? Doc Better hide the rope... jk Usually they just limit it to 6 cheerleaders on the team charter. He probably won't be making the trip. Doc Hope he does - mascots are an important part of the college game. Speaking of which, the best "players" to >> watch for << will be the Sun Dolls on the sidelines. Rowdy with this year's crop of McNeese Cheerleaders. Doc
  14. How can you sandbag the Cajun Fans when down deep in their hearts they know everytime they finally give us a game, we are going to crush them. But I'm being honest with these guys. They have far much more talent than our little ole' FCS team. Doc
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