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    The Deland regional

    Is the game going to be radio broadcast? I don't have any ESPN or sports packages with our cable so radio is it for me. Thanks.
  2. NEB, Yep. Good memories. I remember seeing a lot of future major leaguers come through the old field. One of the most memorable was Pete Incaviglia from Oklahoma State. Watching him lose balls over the trees in left field was a sight to behold. Always enjoyed the Florida, FSU and Miami games and they were always packed.
  3. Long before football came around, and not being a big baskerball fan, I was a big Bull's baseball fan. I remember the mid 80's team with pitchers David Eiland and Mark Rose, but especially catcher Scott Hemond. I thought, and still think, he was the best college catcher I have ever seen. There were others on the team I'd like to mention I just can't think of right now (my age is showing). Coached by Hall of Famer Robin Roberts with Eddie Cardieri his second in command. I just wish we could have had the baseball/softball complex we have now back then. The old field certainly left something to be desired.
  4. Oh crap. There's still sixteen seconds left.
  5. Now it's up to the defense. Do they have it in them to fly home victorious? Our special teams don't.
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    Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    Trip, it is very much appreciated. I'll cherish those memories. Thank you.
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    Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    I remember my dad taking me to old Phillips Field to watch the Spartans duke it out with the likes of Quantico, and others I can't remember. Great memories. Who can forget John Matuzak, Freddie Soloman, Gabe Jackson, etc.. Wow, I'm really showing my age here. I've been a Buc's fan since the beginning. I miss the Bandits too.
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    Frost to Nebraska

    I've admittedly been out of the loop on this. Has Frost been formally announced as the new Nebraska coach?
  9. My heart says USF. My gug feeling is, unfortunately, UCF. 1) UCF 2) 28 -17 3) Flowers 4) MVS 5) 270
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    UCF is going to beat us down

    My wife and I take a two mile walk everyday down our pasture road leading to our home. During our walk this morning a truck passed us by heading up the mountain. It had a UCF themed Florida license plate. As we were walking back I saw the truck heading towards us, heading back to the highway. I casually flagged him down and started a conversation with him and his wife. Both were very nice and personable people and we went right into a football conversation. Surprisingly, to me at least, he thought USF was going to win next Friday, mainly because of the Quenton factor. He couldn't stop talking about him. I told him I honestly wished I was as sure as he was. I just don't feel as strong as some do about this game mainly because of never knowing if the whole team is going to show up in any given game vs just the offense, or just the defense or even special teams. I just hope he's right.
  11. Mark Robinson has been commenting on this for the past several games.
  12. I can't see the game. I have to listen to the radio broadcast. I read people saying it looks like a lot of backups are in. I hope so the way they're playing. Not a pessimist by nature but I just don't see us beating UCF playing like this. Offense is fine against a weak defense. I thought Charlie was a defensive genious but I haven't seen this all year long. I'm just hoping we can outlast Tulsa tonight and not repeat the Houston fiasco.
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    I Think We Are Unranked By CFP

    Love my Bulls but they don't deserve to be ranked.
  14. Having to listen to the game on IHeart radio. Not freaking out just yet, but good lord it doesn't sound good so far. Watching Georgia go up on Florida 21-0 in just the first 7 minutes of the 1st quarter and wondering why we can't jump on someone like this with our offense.
  15. I certainly wouldn't bet on us being 11-0 come November 24th if they keep playing the way they did tonight.
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    Attendance is an embarrassment

    Wow! We lived in Ball Ground for eight years before moving to Hiawassee.
  17. Sierra048

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    ForsetBull, where in N. Georgia are you?
  18. Does Bulls Vision live radio work for anybody else but me. Just curious.
  19. I've got Iheart radio installed. How do I get the Bulls app? Thanks.
  20. Thank you my friend. It's working Thanks NE. I got the game for about two minutes then it just disappeared. Can go back and redo everything - nothing. Very frustrating. Thanks again.
  21. Can someone help a fellow alum out? I live in the N. Georgia mountains. I don't have ESPN. I'm not a techie. I would just like to listen to my Bulls on the radio via the internet. The problem is that none of the Bull's "flagship" stations ever carry the games, at least on the internet that I can find. I've tried GoBulls.com and can get the first quarter before I lose it permantley. The frustrating thing is I can go to any opponents flagship station and get the game. I just can't stomach the homerism from their announcers. Can anyone offer any suggestions. Again, I'm not a techie and probably don't know of the simple ways to do this. Appreciate any help.
  22. Before I forget, just wanted to thank you for the earlier link. It took me to the same site I was on before but for some reason using your link it worked. Not a techie so not sure what the difference was. Thanks again.