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  1. Bull, I really admire your passion but are the general contractor for the hoped for IPF?
  2. Respectfully, lightening didn't stop Taggart's team from going 11-2 in 2016. It didn't even stop Chuckle's team from going 10-2 in 2017. Neither had an IPF at the time. Not saying an IPF won't be a nice thing to have, and I'm not discounting the danger lightening can pose, but I just can't wrap my head around an IPF being the only way we're going to come our of this mess. I'm not an impatient person and I have been a fan since the first game against Kentucky Wesleyan but if they don't get this mess sorted out soon, I can see myself finding other ways to spend what little time I have left on this earth.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sam Barrington play. But listening to him on the radio, which is how I have to get the Bull's games, is just painful.
  4. When I made the post I did earlier, I wasn't even thinking about using any IPF funds to buy out CCS. I don't know if that's even possible. I was just intrigued that so many felt the IPF was the ticket to getting better and was trying to figure out why they would feel this way. Would I like the kids to have an IPF? Sure I would. Personally I'm just not convinced that the lack of an IPF is our biggest hurdle right now. Does any one know just how much practice time is lost in a season due to lightning? If it's significant, I could certainly understand getting it done as soon as possible might help. I'm not as plugged into USF athletics like a lot of you but I'm still a fan and want the best for our athletes.
  5. Ok. Going to admit up front that I'm an old geezer and I don't post a lot but I read TBP everyday. I read a lot on here claiming that an IPF is going to be the ticket to success moving forward and it is the top priority. I'm asking this as sincerely as I can, why do many on here feel that way? Is it because everyone else has one (whether they do or not I really don't know) and we want one too? Is an IPF going to improve the coaching that we've seen these past few years. Is it going to instantly make the the boneheaded moves some players make throughout the year disappear? If there was an IPF already in place, would that have made CCS a better coach and a season like this would never have happened. Admittedly I'm probably missing the big picture. Please help me understand what I'm missing. I only ask in this thread because I've seen it mentioned in multiple threads as I've perused the forum this morning.
  6. We don't have any sports packages with our Direct TV. But ESPNU is available in our basic lineup. So I decide to tape it so I can FF through the commercials. I usually start to watch about an hour or more after the game starts. I started watching at about 5:30 last night. And sure enough there was the Harvard/Yale game. At least I could FF through it. Looking back I wish I had just deleted the whole recording.
  7. Nice gesture. We live an hour east of you. We will be away for Thanksgiving this year. Not sure I really want to watch it after the Memphis game anyway. Enjoy.
  8. I very seldom get to watch the Bulls on TV. Not looking to start an attendance argument but the crowd looked kind of sparse.
  9. As of right now, after that debacle on Friday night, I imagine even the likes of SC State, SMU, Connecticut, Navy, East Carolina and Temple chalking us up as an easy win.
  10. Good Lord that was painful to watch.
  11. Yes. Please do. I'm surrounded by Bulldog fans up here. But that's to be expected.
  12. Trip, I was a life long Tampanian too. Spent 54 years there. I have never regretted the move to where are now. It will be ten years this coming September. The only thing I miss in Florida is what's left of my family, some good friends and the ocean.
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