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  1. Not even knowing what the Mad Cow Lounge was I requested a sign in password. Thanks Brad for the quick response. After my first visit, although extremely brief, I won't be going back. I joined because I thought it was going to be a place to get away from all the angst, hate and divisiveness we have in our lives today. The whole first page of threads was political blathering nonsense created by someone named Smazza. It was unreadable. Wasn't aware of The Trough either. I'll give that a visit.
  2. Went to Curtis Hixon more times than I can remember. Up in the mountains where we live now we have an old, dated music hall with wooden church pew type seats. Not much to look at and maybe holds a few thousand tops. But they really do bring some good shows here. Three Dog Night came last year. We bought tickets and saw Blood, Sweat & Tears last fall. Not one original band member was in the group, but they had such great musicians they could certainly fool you with their sound. Funny thing was at 65 years old I felt like I was one of the youngest in the whole crowd that night.
  3. Not trying to minimize the threat something like this could pose but, according to the CDC during last years 2018 through 2019 flu season, on average 89 people a day died from the flu virus. I just don't understand all the hysteria at this point.
  4. Sadly that will leave me with no way to watch them. I haven't had ESPN, or any sports packages, in six years. That won't change going forward. At least I can get the scoop on here.
  5. Can you please help an old guy out here? How do you watch a game on Youtube. That's probably the only way I'll get to watch Bull's baseball. Would really appreciate the help.
  6. Well if home games for members is a criteria I want in too. I want us to add Western Carolina to our conference. They actually kicked a field goal against Alabama and held them to 66 points. I'd argue that's as good, if not better than we did against Wisconsin.
  7. I remember that trailer well. I would see it every time I would go to a baseball game at the old ball field. We've definitely come a long way since. Speaking of baseball, I really miss attending games in person. I've only been to one since moving away in 2007.
  8. I remember watching "Andy Griffith" on our only TV in the house, an ugly old square metal B&W TV with four metal, tube-like legs on roller wheels.
  9. My oldest son actually played for Roland Acosta back in the nineties.
  10. It's not just Plant HS. I'd wager that schools like Armwood do the same thing. It's just not feasible for the same schools, year after year, to go undefeated and vie for state championships the way these guys have done. It wouldn't seem out of place for a school to have great success like that for a few years in a row while a core group of good players in the same class played their way through their senior year together. But to do what Plant (I was surprised they had it rough this past season and your guess is as good as mine as to why) and Armwood and many other top high school football prog
  11. I keep reading Shaun King is/was a great recruiter. Not arguing that point either way because I don't know. I would be curious to know the names of the players he's been credited with recruiting to the Bulls.
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