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  1. Where is Cecil Cherry and Nick Holman when you need them.. What ever happened to Andre Polk... He was suppose to be a monster for us... Jimmy Bayes too...
  2. Feed also down. Wilcox with a 17 yard TD catch according to JK
  3. NessUSF

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Derrick Brooks?
  4. Technically, Holston was committed to Stan Heath.
  5. NessUSF

    We may have a kicking problem

    Do the Grammatica's have kids yet? If so.. What ages?
  6. NessUSF

    The REAL Florida T-Shirt

    Place Tampa instead of Florida?
  7. Offense QB: Kean / Oladokun RB: Cronkite / Bell WR: Salomon /Bronson WR: McCants / Dukes WR: Antoine / Barr TE: Dillon / Wilcox OL: #72 needs to start. Kean has been the constant second-stringer behind Flowers, so I would expect to see Kean as the starter. Although, I would love to see Oladokun, so fans can make a Ryu poster throwing "OLADUKUNs." RB: This will be the reverse Mack/Johnson. Cronkite is the Johnson and Bell is the Marlon Mack. I hope to see Bell start eventually, because he is the quickest and shiftiest RB in our roster right now. OL: Start the Goat #72 Brook Larkins. He is a man that can do both.
  8. NessUSF

    In 252 Days...

    BULLS WIN! 37-17 Cronkite 20/164/2tds Dukes 6/150/1td 450
  9. NessUSF

    Rodney Adams

    I hope the Giants take a look at him. They are desperate for a good WR. Plus Nigel Harris is there.
  10. NessUSF

    DJ thread for Houston

    The famous NASA quote has officially changed to "Johnson, we have a problem."