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  1. I wonder if this was done to secure Cronkite to stay at USF and to remain as RB1.
  2. Where is Cecil Cherry and Nick Holman when you need them.. What ever happened to Andre Polk... He was suppose to be a monster for us... Jimmy Bayes too...
  3. Feed also down. Wilcox with a 17 yard TD catch according to JK
  4. Do the Grammatica's have kids yet? If so.. What ages?
  5. Offense QB: Kean / Oladokun RB: Cronkite / Bell WR: Salomon /Bronson WR: McCants / Dukes WR: Antoine / Barr TE: Dillon / Wilcox OL: #72 needs to start. Kean has been the constant second-stringer behind Flowers, so I would expect to see Kean as the starter. Although, I would love to see Oladokun, so fans can make a Ryu poster throwing "OLADUKUNs." RB: This will be the reverse Mack/Johnson. Cronkite is the Johnson and Bell is the Marlon Mack. I hope to see Bell start eventually, because he is the quickest and shiftiest RB in our roste
  6. BULLS WIN! 37-17 Cronkite 20/164/2tds Dukes 6/150/1td 450
  7. This is my favorite QB in this class. I got a good feeling about him.
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