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  1. Mcknurkle

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    That adidas apparel is pitiful and ugly AF.... hoping more drops soon...
  2. It's not like there was an arrest record. That's been my real issue with it from the start. He was trying to be the one to break the 'big story' at the expense of a college kid. They can say whatever they want about me or our site... I don't care at all.
  3. Correct.. if, I mean if, he dropped below 9 credit hours he cannot play/will be suspended. We all just need to wait.
  4. He didn't lie... he was dealing with an issue.. but, he's confident they can get it resolved... maybe that's why USF is mute? I'm just going to wait.. I've been dealing with this since midnight.
  5. WHY HASN'T USF MADE A STATEMENT YET..... I've emailed twice today!! Stupid
  6. not trying to bash them, but that's why I left there.... if you have not played a sport yourself... you should not be writing about it imo.
  7. Don't believe me huh? watch. https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls/status/1017021367684911104
  8. It's false. I spoke to Brett directly...... And joey knight just tweeted he confirmed and I have an email out to USF....
  9. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    And this is an absolute fact... and I'm included in the spoiled fans from the GA era. Auman cared about, and closely followed USF. No spin, no baiting on social media for clicks, always a factual, solid take. I started our site in 2012 because I couldn't take the ESPN 'fake-coverage' by folks like Andrea Adelson.. Fortunately, we do have more sources now but also have lost many writers/reporters to bigger jobs for P5 programs. (like Corey Long, Newberg, etc etc etc) All I can do is pray for is a P5 move like all of you.
  10. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    this has me dying... I was in SigEp and overserved myself too many times to count... that does not make me cool, but the logic behind a name on a building will coerce 40K+ students to all the sudden begin binge drinking is absolutely absurd.... Yeah, when it was 1-800-ASK-GARY I noticed I began to slowly call them daily... There beer all over campus, a wet campus at that. In my honest opinion this is the same warn out old USF Alumni mentality that is holding the school back. Why? i can 99.9% guaruntee they still don't have season football tickets, are not members of the Alumni Associatioin, nor in support of funding benefits for undergraduate students... same as when I arrived in 2004 from FSU. All you guys here keep it alive, but you don't hear this b.s. from FSU/Florida/Miami alumni. (yes Miami 'fans' are the most fake of all)
  11. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Personally I'm more of a scooter kind of guy.......
  12. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    I did not mean to insight 30+ responses... but it's good to know you guys still give a **** about USF.... fr fr! Go Bulls!
  13. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Last comment: If I see one more "non-binding" commitment tweet....like no F'n ****!
  14. Mcknurkle

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    i'm commenting... I searched google for the Greg Auman transition and found this. he's been like this forever and isn't a supporter. blows ****. if you want to respond me to get at me on twitter @mcknurkle "reporters" complaining about having the USF assignment.... what does that same about them.. yup. Wife is now yelling, gotta go. not linking or trying to piss anyone off here, just tired of it to as a proud alumni. *(so is my wife)
  15. Mcknurkle

    Taggert gone today

    Jim hit the nail on the head. Get at me on Twitter gents. @Mcknurkle Working on highlights. Late.