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  1. Bulls2k

    Mock Draft

    No. The Villages has herpes.... Hell doesn't.
  2. Bulls2k

    I grew to like Taggart

    Forgotten and true.
  3. Bulls2k

    I grew to like Taggart

    He only changed his philosophy when he was 1 game away from getting fired. Let's see how he does without Joe Kinnan's guidance.
  4. Bulls2k

    UCF Game Time?

    Wonder if the protesters get a hall pass to go brawl.
  5. Bulls2k

    "Milton Mack"

    Way to go Larry Shelton
  6. Bulls2k

    New Ticket Holders

    Are the newbies still buying the first round of beers for everyone ?
  7. Feel free to post at whatever time your want.
  8. Bulls2k

    I Miss Firegirl

    "Just because you're good at something, does that mean you're born to do it?" - Todd Marinovich
  9. Bulls2k

    Timing of the Strategic Plan

    At least we got our Publix OCS to look forward to.
  10. Bulls2k

    Reminder... Extra USF vs FSU tickets

    Got my extra's today.....can't wait !
  11. Bulls2k

    I Miss Firegirl

    I'm sure someone on TBP can step up and offer her a biz job.
  12. Bulls2k

    Reminder... Extra USF vs FSU tickets

    I'm not seeing the option to buy single game tickets on my account. I'm on the flex payment plan and current but 1 remaining payment..... do you have to be fully paid up to purchase additional single game tickets ?