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  1. Nice! He was awesome at Armwood and would be a great addition.
  2. It's a huge difference, and they played especially well in the beginning of the year. We had much better alignment, backfield penetration, and guys were driving through tackles instead of doing those fall-away hugs from last year. We all expected Macon to be the star transfer, but KJ Sails has been awesome. I do wish we'd convert Bentlee to RB/WR - he seems to be at his best with the ball in his hands - so we can have Burnett and Evans out at nickel.
  3. Of course; what would be a 50-yarder turns into a chip shot.
  4. Gilbert most likely had some good stuff; the issue was that he would only call three different plays the entire game .
  5. We do have good players on this team; we've just gotten too used to them suffer from poor coaching and terrible situational play to the point that we expect the worst.
  6. That's one of the most annoying things about this team. We have pretty much a different skill group out there every game and a ton of talent is left on the bench.
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