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  1. We would need to go undefeated while knocking off a couple of ranked teams and have there be no more than three one-or-less-loss Power Five teams. Most of the wins would have to be dominant/convincing.
  2. I guess the TTU fan didn't see Hoggins get crack-blocked downfield on a passing TD that should have been offensive PI, or the fact that Shimonek got away with the same "outside the pocket" intentional grounding on TTU's FG drive. And Alaka was totally speared. Despite that, the refs really weren't that bad and gave plenty of leeway to both teams (especially allowing the DBs to play physical).
  3. G25C

    Remaining AAC Bowl Games

    I'm hoping for a healthy Kerryon "my wayward son" Johnson breaking every UCF tackle attempt and Jeff Holland sacking Milton at least five times. And an Auburn win.
  4. G25C

    A look back!

    I was confident in reaching the end zone, but feared of a botched 2PC attempt for the win.
  5. I'm very happy with his work this season. Our alignment was vastly improved, and the players were much more aggressive. I also like how he took advantage of individual versatility. Greg Reaves can play almost anywhere on the field, and the use of Khalid McGee in the LB role helped against 4/5 WR sets.
  6. G25C

    Predicting the starters next year

    QB - Oladokun RB - Cronkrite X - Salomon Slot - Tyree Z - Bronson Y - Wilcox T - Mayes G - Atterbury C - Larkin G - McDonald T - Norman Bull - Reaves NT - Pickney DT - Bronson End - Price MLB - Bayes WLB - Polk CB - Mazzi Striker - McGee Free - Thomas Rover - Hoggins CB - Naytron
  7. Our RB production was a letdown this year. Tice broke a few throughout the year, but it got to a point where we couldn't expect a big play on a DJ/Tice handoff. And pairing that with a more-restrained Flowers, our running game left a lot to be desired. A Marlon Mack senior year gives us 12-0 and the Peach Bowl, no doubt.
  8. I have dreaded our play-calling this year, but it's ironic. We averaged 500+ yards of offense per game, 38 points per game, and both loses were due to defense and special teams. It's a hard phenomenon to describe, but Gilbert has a lot of room for improvement.
  9. With Temple winning its bowl game, we did defeat one team with a winning record!
  10. I think Rashaad Penny's name has been called more than any USF or TTU player in this broadcast.