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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. Keep in mind guys, we are playing an unranked SEC team with a chip on their shoulder.. THEY are facing a RANKED AAC team that they would love to unseat and prove themselves. Being ranked is great and all but it also puts a target on your back.. even in the postseason.
  2. WeWere#2Once

    Birmingham Bowl apparel?

    I'm hoping to pick up some good stuff in Birmingham.
  3. WeWere#2Once

    Best driving route to Birmingham

    From St Augustine I'm taking 95 up to I-10 to 75 up and over to Auburn. Stopping at Auburn's campus for a self-guided tour and then heading straight over to Birmingham.
  4. WeWere#2Once

    Bowl Bound from St Augustine

    I am leaving St Augustine for Birmingham on Wednesday. I am riding solo and meeting a buddy who is flying in. Let me know if you would like to carpool there. I will be heading back to St Aug on Friday morning.
  5. WeWere#2Once

    Carpool to Birmingham?

    I'm leaving St. Augustine on Wednesday and driving back Friday morning. I'm driving up alone and meeting a buddy there who is flying. Wouldn't mind a shotgun if you need a ride. Let me know!
  6. WeWere#2Once

    AutoNation Cure Bowl: ASU vs. UCF

    Leaving Magic Kingdom now so I missed most of the game... based on your commentary I am regretting my decision today. Please tell me somebody is recording this so i can start, Pause, rewind and watch this meltdown unfold.
  7. WeWere#2Once

    AutoNation Cure Bowl: ASU vs. UCF

    I am currently in a grad program at Arkansas state, undergrad at USF. This is an all around good night for me. Go Bulls and Red Wolves.
  8. WeWere#2Once

    Charlie Strong

    My thought is that Strong wants to make a deal and is pressured to hold out by Martin from Texas. He is going back to Texas to drop off the booster, pay his own way, meet with Harlan man to man and do what the **** he wants. He doesn't need a UT thug with him as he signs.
  9. WeWere#2Once

    Charlie Strong

    He has to go home and get the kids for the press conference. He's a family man you know. #LivingInDenial
  10. WeWere#2Once

    10 win season!!!

    The best part of the game.. if you were there in person you'll know what I mean.. we were trying to hold down UCF in the first half at a 4th down that they were attempting. There was a long delay between plays for some review.. the whole stadium starts chanting "U-S-F!" It was incredible.. mostly because of how far we came as a program and fan base in the last 4-5 years. Granted, we botched the stop and UCF for the 1st down. But having been with this team through all of the bad seasons, that was a pretty powerful moment. This team is great and we are back baby! Go Pirates!
  11. WeWere#2Once

    Reality of it all

    Doubt it.. he'll be a d*** again to spite. #26 here we come!
  12. WeWere#2Once

    Where are all the SMU fans?

    Sounds painfully familiar. I'm going to take a long hard look internally before I comment on another team's attendance.
  13. WeWere#2Once

    Reality of it all

    With a win next week we will have our first 10 win regular season EVER. That is something for this team to be proud of and play hard for next week. I wouldn't count ECU out. They can play hard. I'm die hard for ECU this week.
  14. Of course I would prefer a CCG... BUT... who would you like a shot at if we don't? Since I can't watch the C(BS) network, I'm watching Ole Miss and I think we'd have a good chance at them in Birmingham. Florida is going to the SEC CG so they're out most likely.
  15. Halftime report has me thinking if FSU falls to Miami then we could see FSU in the st Pete bowl by end of the season.. i would love a CCG of course but if that doesn't happen I wouldn't mind taking on FSU for a rematch in post-season.