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  1. Dirk Koetter will be available at the end of the year
  2. I doubt he ends up at UF.. and I think he's too big of a name for G5. I'd like to see him back in CFB though; he's one hell of a recruiter.
  3. If it does happen, it will be next year. I still don't think a program would shell out big bucks for Charlie Freakin Strong-- his brand is still damaged from UT. 2 good years at USF doesnt repair his name enough for a P5 job, unless it is a lesser P5 job (like Boston College, Wake Forest, Baylor, etc)-- and even then, I don't think those jobs are better than USF. Either way, if he bolts, I think USF has elevated it's program enough that we can attract a decent enough coach to keep things rolling-- like a Charlie Strong-type that failed at the P5 level, or a Taggart or Frost-type coordinator who is up and coming.
  4. if we lose strong (which I high doubt), I think we should look down the road at Butch Davis. Biggest requirement to taking this job: being able to recruit Florida
  5. I think USF, UCF, and Houston are basically in the same situation as being in recruiting hot-beds but unfortunately G5 members-- and will always be stepping stones for the FSU/UF/Miami/Texas/Texas A&M's of the world. Still like our situations vs other G5 programs out there
  6. Not sure if I am just getting older and my expectations are becoming more tempered, but I honestly think we should just be happy with what we have with CCS. Let's not forget that it wasn't that long ago that we were struggling with Skip Holtz and the early years of Taggart. All we wanted was some consistency and what I learned from the Skip Holtz era is that being able to recruit around Florida is the #1 asset that a coach at a FLA program needs to have. CCS can do that; it's only been 1 yr so he hasn't had enough time to prove that he can't do it. We've seen him do it at UF and UL. I doubt he moves on to a P5 program at this point in his career. He's a "retread" coach for P5 programs at this point, and he might be a little too old when compared to up-and-coming coaches like Frost. In other words, he's probably a perfect fit for us here at USF and is probably the best candidate to provide stability and long-term tenure.
  7. I like how role model Mike Ford was on that video too.
  8. I always thought Raheem would be better as a college coach and wanted him as our DC. He and Taggart are young enough to relate to the kid' generation.
  9. In all seriousness, a sponsor could have their logo on 12 teams' fields if they are willing be the highest bidder. Not to mention their brand will be mentioned on the news whenever our games our mentioned. I can see our conference generating some serious cash with this agreement, which could trickle down and get each team some revenue. Now is the time for Aresco and our conference to start thinking outside of the box to get money.
  10. Hate to make this political, but with hyperinflation and our U.S. dollar depreciating every year, i say we spend the money NOW. pay off our debts on former coaches salaries and built facilities Get out of the red so that everything forward will be profit
  11. Or the yellow seats at Heinz field turning blue when Pitt plays. And saying that Heinz field is 5 miles from Pitt. Ray Jay is just over double that from USF. Don't make it sound like its in the next county. Come on man, Yellow is just little closer to gold than red is. +1 that is why Pitt can get away with the "yellow" seats.. because they look gold-ish. also, they don't have a Huge Pirate Ship in their endzone, as well as concourses that are unopposed with NFL themes. I agree we wont see an OCS anytime soon, but my only hope is that RJS becomes more neutral. I think it is a realistic possibility, considering the plethora of events and bowl games that RJS hosts, it would behoove of them to go towards a more digital signage throughout the stadium that can be changed depending on what event is going on (Bucs = red, Bulls = green, Super Bowl theme, Outback Bowl theme, monster truck rally theme). HOwever, this would also include blowing up that pirate ship and many bucs fans who are non-Bulls fans may not like that we might be strapped for cash at this point, but i think we can gather up enough $$$ to "lobby" enough leverage to get this done.
  12. Im all for canning Holtz and im happy taggart has got off to a good start with this past class.. and I know he pulled wku out of the gutter. But nothing out of his record has proven he can win a conference title. And for right now, thats all I really care about. I think we all would love for USF to hold up a conference trophy. This attitude change and this good recruiting class is great and all, but I think most of us have seen all this before and just want a title of some sort (even if its in a watered down Big East)
  13. Randy Shannon was a black coach in the same setting and couldnt capitalize. Howard S. was a white coach that went into the urban areas and built Miami. I think you are putting too much emphasis on Willie being black.. and his local ties (Shannon was a local Miami kid who went to UM too). Its all about winning, thats it.
  14. Im all for RJS but they need to make it less bucs themed and more neutral.. im a diehard bucs fan but they gotta blow up that pirate ship and village. Not just to make it better for usf games but for all the bowl games it hosts. Swap the permanent bucs decor with digital signage that can change for all the events
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