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  1. The other aspect here is that Fowler is a mess. They have big plans to build a mixed use complex out of the university mall skeleton, and I think it will look good when finally finished- I am thinking they may be able to pull something off like the new mixed use area just built on Dale Mabry/275. If they can locate this stadium on the frontage of Fowler, either on the corner of Fowler and Bruce B Downs or Fowler Fields, it would go a long way in helping the "look" of that area. Revitalizing that part of Tampa should be a huge priority for the city. I cant see how USF does not get the county/city involved in the planning and buildout of this. There is a HUGE potential to transform the area with this project. If they can do half of what they did with Seminole Heights/Riverwalk/Armature works with this area it would be a HUGE success for the city.
  2. Aside from being able to keep all money from concessions, tickets, parking, merch, etc. there is another huge benefit of this stadium- We have tons of talented High School teams in the area. It would be huge to host one or two high level HS games a year- Imagine a Lakeland/Jesuit/IMG game at the new stadium. Or even making a bid to move the HS state championship games to a more central location like this. Putting something like that at RJS would look small and out of place, doing it at a newer, smaller field would have a better feel and look. The possible exposure to high level recruits locally would pay dividends- they would see a brand new stadium, IPF, and locker rooms. It would be like taking entire teams on an unofficial visit to the school. I have to believe that the additional revenue streams that would open up for USF would be enough to pay any debt incurred building the field.
  3. Last night sucked, the brightest spot of that game was when McClain came in and scrambled for some first downs. The guy looks like a grown man, and his confidence shows. He is not in the mold of our QB's in the past 2-3 years. You can tell he is a gem that needs some polishing, but watching him this season- if the staff is smart enough to use him- will be the bright spot fans need to get us through the season. If this athletics staff was smart, they would ease him into the UF game, then roll with him for the rest of the season. They also need to market the hell out of him. Having a young exciting QB with talent will put people in seats, and bring recruits in. The only thing that will save this team is a player with some swagger that other players can get behind and emulate. We had it for two years with Mack, Adams, MVS, Flowers, Mccants... Once you lose that confidence the whole thing falls apart. Fortin is was bad last night. Maybe he can play better, but I like the idea of rolling with a guy who chose us from the start instead of a transfer. This will send a message to other players that if you come to USF, you will play if you have the talent.
  4. I usually think all the "insider info" here is bs, but maybe you have something...
  5. Not sure you want to put a 5-9 165 pound 18 year old out there to return punts. He would be an open target any time he does not fair catch- potential to get erased or a fumble is way more than the benefit of taking one to the house. Tyre can make people miss, and more importantly he is going to secure the ball and can take a hit.
  6. @rodney_adams87: Getting my LeBRon James on @KingJames http://t.co/QGJCwCnS76 Taggart has these kids soft. We got players more excited to check Twitter after games than executing in them. Maybe Adams catches that long pass where he is wide open we have a different outcome.
  7. Cook beat us like we were out at a tally bar on a Saturday night!
  8. Aikens drops one, and you put him at the end of the wr rotation. QF missed at least a half dozen wide open receivers, doesn't even get the ball close. Where does that put him in the rotation? I thought that would leave you speechless. Lol I am on my phone. I edited the post. But you have to admit, that drop was horrendous. At WR at least we have options. Plays like that one were the norm last 3 years, gotta make an example of him.
  9. Aikens drops one, and you put him at the end of the wr rotation. QF missed at least a half dozen wide open receivers, doesn't even get the ball close. Where does that put him in the rotation? It's really pick your poison with out QB choices. Flowers is not accurate, but he was shifty, and got out of 4-5 sure sacks. Bench is accurate, but he is not as shifty and more prone to duck down and take a sack. All in all if be fine with either. Looking at our situation from a top level it is looking pretty great- should get 6+ wins this year including rivalry game with UCF, then we are set up for next year with Woulard at the helm. Team is young and looking dangerous. Only worry we have is when a p5 team poaches Allen at the end of the season.
  10. If aikens catches that ball in the 4th qtr on 3rd and 7 it's a totally different game. That drop was unacceptable. Hopefully that puts him at the end of the wr rotation. Other than that considering we were down 2-4 lb's it was a great game by usf! For once I can go about my Saturday without a disgusted feeling about my school!
  11. I know I'm a bit late, but I was at the game and re-watched it also. I know one thing for sure, outside of the first 10 minutes or so there was progress over the past 3-4 years. -Not a bunch of false start/ delay of game garbage. -the offense, while pretty vanilla looked competent, I did t see many dropped passes like years before. -I see a bunch of hungry players, excited on the sidelines. - after a big defensive play, I think it was one of hectors sacks, I saw Allen run over to taggart and give a flying chest bump. Good to see something like that, it's been lacking since JL has been gone. I can handle losses, as long as the team and coaches do not beat themselves. That's all I got, im going back to lurking in the shadows.
  12. I could be wrong, but I would think the TV deal is on hold at the moment pending whatever happens next in realignment. The BE is almost definitely going to lose at least 1 more team here pretty soon. no way there is a tv deal now there is no big east conference I understand that there is no deal now. But teams leavimg to go to the ACC are going into a deal that is valid until 2027. The fact that there is no BE contract could be a strength. The remaining ACC schools IF FSU, CU, VT, VA, and GT, are not football ppwerhouses... It would serve them well to explore the BE and negotiate a stronger deal - especially the basketball side, it would be the best in the nation hands down. Those ACC leftovers need most if not all of the remaing BE AND more to even look like an attractive conference. And again, they are stuck in a contract till 2027. Boise, UC, USF, UCF, UL, UH, SMU are all argueably as good as or better that the remaining ACC football teams. IF ESPN is in Swoffords ear telling him about potential teams to add, they realize that the ACC is just as close to irrelevance as the BE. I think its going to come down to a deathmatch between the two of them, and the lack of a deal is actually a strength for the BE.
  13. If the ACC may lose 4-6 teams, I would think the better option to the remaining ACC teams would be to beg the BE for admission. BE is getting a new tv deal and ACC is stuck with theirs till 2027. If the teams mentioned (NC, VA, VT, FSU, CU, and GT) GTFO, id say Duke, BC, UM, SU, Pitt, Wake, NC state < UL, UConn, USF, UC, Boise, UCF, and Houston. Along with the weaker BE teams they could probably get a nice TV deal and give the finger to ESPN.
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