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  1. Brett McMurphyVerified account ‏@McMurphyESPN 5m5 minutes ago USF-FSU game has exceeded 57,000 tickets sold for Saturday’s game, but FSU returned 3,800 of its 10,000 ticket allotment
  2. Jim Rome just talked about the situation. Pretty much ripping Masiello for being an idiot and nothing bad said about USF. Mentioned a few times that you can't get away with that sort of thing after O'Leary got caught.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Not as worried about the bombs down the field as I am the dump off passes to playmakers like Storm Johnson. We can't tackle in space.
  4. Just broke the record for missed tackles on a drive.
  5. Jeff Odom â€@ByJeffOdom 9h Taggart said he is exploring playing some players on both sides of the ball. "We're looking for answers ... a lot of season left." Jeff Odom â€@ByJeffOdom 9h Going back to the tweet about playing guys on both sides of the ball, Taggart said he has guys in mind, but won't name them. Joey Knight â€@TBTimes_Bulls 9h Taggart reaffirms he may seek some defensive guys to go both ways to spark offense. Wouldn't name names. #USF I think this shows how bad Taggart thinks the talent is on offense. I wonder who he has in mind?
  6. Joey Knight â€@TBTimes_Bulls 4m I asked Coach Taggart about Shaw & Bench's status for Louisville: He hopes to have 'em back, "but if not this bus is gonna continue to roll"
  7. Just announced at the press conference, Bench is the starter.
  8. He said on the CWT radio show last night that it would likely be announced at today's press conference.
  9. I was curious to see what La Tech fans thought about the game and found this gem on one of their boards: "This is by far the worst team Tech has put on the field in a long time. Holtz is a loser, bum got fired for making a winner into a loser at USF and now we have him.Yea!!!It looked last night like Holtz has already lost this team!" http://www.latechbbb.com/forum/showthread.php?122407-Tulane-game-thread/page31 I feel for them.
  10. 7-5, 5-7, 3-9 ... the trend explains it all. I got that, but did you dig deeper and get that a full half of those losses were by 1 score and more than 1 were on the last play?. I believe with the right DC, he'd still be here. And that an older, more established football program he'd probably have another season to try and turn it around. Why? because they understand the ups and downs of programs and that no coach is going to 'destroy' a program. 100 years of UConn football, he took them to the 1aa championships for the FIRST TIME. It wasn't year 1, or 3 or 4, it was year 5. Two of those were 4 win seasons. Isn't it the head coaches job to build the staff? I would say you could argue that it could be the AD, but Cosh was one of Holtz's pals. I agree that our fan base is impatient because we have been lucky to have the growth and success we've had for such a young program, but at the same time, did Holtz show you anything last season to make you think he was going to turn it around anytime soon?
  11. Greg Auman @gregauman USF coach Willie Taggart said he still hasn't decided on a starting quarterback for Saturday's game at Michigan State.
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