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  1. michibull

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    To be fair, I think most of us were frustrated with CJL's predictable offense, QB draws and conference collapses, and that incident was a way to get a change. In hind sight, not the best move; but, if Skippy would have worked out like we all thought he would, nobody would bring up CJL. I don't blame her for that at all, especially at that time there were a few coaches getting the ax because of player mistreatment, and it made USF look bad.
  2. michibull

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    You are spot on!! If you look at how our university has grown athletically and academically, it's astounding; and she is a huge part of that. It seems like every year, our academic rankings climb and our university achievements grow. Judy has always had good energy and though she makes mistakes like we all do, she's done a phenomenal job overall.
  3. michibull

    Random observation on Bulls Nation

    I live in a small/mid size town in Michigan and about had a heart attack when I saw 2 different cars with USF stickers and another guy at a different store with a USF hat on; all in the same day, haha.
  4. michibull

    ESPN Losing Viewers

    Just to focus on ESPN for a moment; they have done this to themselves. Back in the day, you had ESPN and ESPN2. ESPN was geared toward main stream sports and ESPN2 was for the non Big 4 sports. Both covered Sportscenter and focused on highlights and sport related factual news. It has since over saturated the market. We have 6,000 different ESPN channels, with reality shows and opinion shows thru the whole day. If they would have kept it simple, and structured like it used to be, the demand would still be there. I think the NFL is running into a similar issue of over saturation. When there were only 3 NFL games a week, we would watch it all, bc that's all we got. Now we get almost every game with red zone and more, so it's not as exciting. Sometimes more is not better.
  5. This is my list exactly, well done. This list basically is a perfect list of important milestones for USF to achieve.
  6. 1. Matt Grothe 2. Andre Hall 3. George Selvie 4. Ron Anderson 5. Dominique Jones 6. Nate Allen 7. Charlie Bradley 8. Quentin Flowers 9. Chucky Atkins 10. Chris Howard
  7. I have not been so proud of our team since our NCAA Tourney appearance in '12. More importantly, this is the first time in my lifetime that I have seen real development by our team and Collins is a huge part of that. Collins is going to be phenomenal and with this coaching staff, I think we will finally see our kids grow and develop into sound basketball players. Coach Gregory was the perfect hire for our program and I hope he keeps this train rolling. I actually have optimism for our MBB team for the first time, and they play entertaining basketball, unlike Coach Heath's stagnant offense. Go Bulls!!
  8. michibull

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    I like the University of South Florida. If you name it Tampa Bay, or any of the other names mentioned, it sounds like an online school or a brand new low level school. We just need one or two logos and to have marketing getting our name out there. We do so much in academics, engineering and patents, and community contributions. We are a power university that is flying way under the radar. When I tell people about how good our university is and all of the statistics backing up our accomplishments, they're blown away. It's time that the country knows about everything we do and if we win with sports, everyone will know who we are. That's what our marketing team needs to focus on, making public all the good we do. Go bulls!!
  9. http://www.tbo.com/news/education/college/USF-works-to-remake-its-muddled-brand-Right-now-it-doesn-t-really-say-anything-_165934235 Not sure if someone posted this, but I find this as a much needed effort. I love that the marketing team is acknowledging the need for this. I feel that all of the good our university does in academics, patents, and community work, it never gets the press it deserves. We have a grossly under rated power house university and it's about time we work on getting it out there and under one voice and identity. Go Bulls!!
  10. Touché!! But to be fair, from my time at USF, I grew to love the Lightning. I will always be a Red Wing fan first, but I still wear my Lightning gear around town and it's a good talking point. I love Tampa and always tell people up here how great the city is and that Detroit can't compare. I maybe different from most, but I supported the local teams and did not wear Detroit gear inside Tampa stadiums/arenas. I get the transplant point, I do and it's valid; but, I guess I'm just wired differently, because my love for teams is from the tradition of watching them with my dad. If I still lived down there, and was going to games with my kids, those traditions would trump my Michigan roots and those teams would become #1 because of watching with my kids. By the way, yes, I'm jealous, I wish Stevie Y would come back to Detroit, he's my all time favorite player, haha.
  11. So, I see your logic in most of what you said; but, when Yzerman has to come out and put a rule that no Red Wings/visitor jerseys are allowed during the playoffs 2 years ago (albeit on the camera side, it shows the lack of die hard support and a fear of being over run in your building), it shows that I'm not out of line in questioning the loyalty of Lightning fans. I'm sure the support is better, and it should be, because you guys have a phenomenal team, arena and system in place. Let's just not go crazy with the Lightning rabid fan base talk.
  12. This!! I really believe that Tampa has the worst sports fans in the country. Whether it's Lightning, Rays, Bucs or USF, no team gets the respect or loyalty they deserve. I could not believe the sports culture change from SE Michigan. I get that there is so much more to do in FL, but it's no excuse to not support your school or teams for 3-4 hours once a week for 6 weeks a year.
  13. I would not be this down, because the experience of the high's would not be there. I was lucky enough to be in school during the Grothe years and I wouldn't trade them for 10 CUSA Championships. The thrill and excitement of '07 alone and being #2 with the whole country talking about us was phenomenal!!! I would be in Michigan or Ohio on break with my USF hat on; and would have people come up to me to talk USF, it was so much fun. The heisman talk, Selvie breakout, Auburn win and WVU win, just everything. It would not have been as big if we were still in CUSA. I love where we have been and hope for a bigger future, but my memories of those years won't soon be forgotten.
  14. michibull


    😂😂😂 serious!?!? Ok, so based on your criteria let's mark Western Michigan, Western Kentucky, Marshall, San Jose St, Northern Illinois and Utah State as major football programs, just to name a few that cracked the top 25 at the end of the year; awesome, everybody gets a trophy. Look we can argue this all day, the bottom line is the AAC isn't taken serious and the playoff and TV money is skewed to the P5 in a big way. Other than on field performance, what's your qualifying points that we are major........ OCS, rabid fan base, large donors, TV exposure, deep recruiting, conference championships? I mean, come on, I don't like sounding negative because there is so much that is good with our school, but dude, be real, you sound like a UCiF delusional fan. We have a small loyal following, impressive academics, great athletic facilities, we do things the right way (unlike UCiF), university development is wonderful. Let's be proud of who we are and work toward who we want to be, but let's not think we are something we're not.
  15. michibull

    CFN's Bowl Performance Rankings

    QF is awesome, he is the total package as a player AND person!! In that respect, I don't think we will have another QF; but, I do think we will have another talent like him. With USF it keeps getting better, I remember thinking George was phenomenal, then QF came along. I think USF will continue to progress and attract more and more talented kids.