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  1. I can’t help but think that if we hadn’t fired CJL and kept winning 8-9 games a year, built an OCS while we were hot and upgraded our other facilities like we did, we could have been a part of the B12 expansion when they took WVU. We had a good rivalry budding with them, would have been perfect. It makes me sad, haha.
  2. Yes, they actually show up. Don’t forget, Detroit is one of the poorest (yet they still go to games) and lower populated cities and the vast majority of people who go to games come from the suburbs, where we have snowboarding/skiing, ice skating, snowmobile trails/drag racing, ice fishing, in addition to all of the indoor sports facilities. Please don’t confuse Michigan for Detroit, completely different outside of the city.
  3. And they still sell 63k tix a game, haha. Again, I was a Bucs fan growing up, which watching Mark Carrier, Reggie Cobb and Horace Copeland wasn’t much more fun
  4. Yeah, I didn’t include them because they have been one of the top teams for the better part of a decade and it’s easy to support a winner. True fandom comes from supporting your team even when things are less than ideal.
  5. The daily stampede had an article about the attendance woes in 2017, I think it said the last game was in front of 16,000 people and we were ranked. I believe I’m 2018 we average 38,000 tix sold per game and that was a little off set by the 57,000 that showed up for the UCF game. We also know that the upper bowl was rarely used and there was a lot of red seats in the crowd.
  6. The Lions have 1 playoff win since 1957, they have playoff banners, not championships; They still average 63k with the exception of the 0-16 era. Fans still show up. I would never compare Mich and MSU to USF, but my whole point is that MAC schools still have loyal following being in a lesser conference Which is a lame excuse. I grew up an MSU fan in an MSU family. I applied there and didn’t get in, you know who accepted me? South Florida baby and I am proud of that!! You know how much MSU stuff is in my house? 0. Me and my family want MSU to do well, but we spend our time watc
  7. Completely agree. I think for the most part, in general, Tampa Bay fans are terrible, I mean some of the worst (look at the Rays support or the Bucs pre-Brady). I found it appalling the sheer amount of FSU, UF and UM gear on campus when I went to school, and that was in the early/mid 2000’s when we were relevant. Growing up in Michigan, it takes a whole lot of losing from any team before attendance and interest suffers ( I mean the Lions still sell out). Western Michigan and Central Michigan have better regular crowds and student sections than USF and they are jokes of programs compared to us
  8. I still stand by the fact it only takes 1 star player and 2 solid players to be highly competitive in basketball; whereas football is much more in depth. In addition, the sheer amount of investment that goes into football compared to basketball is huge. Return on investment is complicated, but obviously football has a higher ceiling. I would think being a perennial NCAAT participant would net us just as much, if not more publicity than being a good AAC football team (with much less investment). If we were apart of a major football conference, we would have a different conversation; but nobody
  9. The thought process is that if you have a defense that will give up 40 points a game, you have under developed WR’s, a group of suspect RB’s and an O-line that could use another year of seasoning, you may want to protect your future. Your young QB could be injured trying to do too much or left exposed. If another year of development for the rest of the team equates to a more stable foundation for your young QB, you are only helping the health and development of him. If we were a QB away from winning the conference, OK then, but anyone who watch any game this season knows that’s not the case wi
  10. I think if Cade is the most polished QB by the start of fall, we need to commit to him as the starter for the year (unless there is a span of 3-4 games of disaster, then let someone other than McClain eat up snaps) The 2 QB system never works out and to burn a RS year for McClain would be foolish on a team that wouldn’t win with or without him (this year anyways). I think it is a great opportunity to have a really young, athletic and high potential kid like McClain and for him to be able to grow and learn behind Cade for a year is actually ideal when looking at the next 3-4 years down the roa
  11. This statement is what’s wrong with our society today. You can’t just fire somebody for an allegation. If Gregory didn’t do anything wrong and had no knowledge of it, he should not be fired; but this takes a reasonable investigation. As for Herrion there is also a due process involved. Depending on what was said, how it was said and the intent of the comment, it would require different consequences or actions.
  12. I think it’s the Adidas jerseys; I mean, really, who wants to play in those.
  13. Great points, I wasn’t aware of those things; I appreciate the knowledge drop. You have won me over on that we should not have gotten rid of him when we did. I’ll soften on my stance him being so over rated, but can’t commit to him being a really good coach, haha. I do like Gregory a lot, and I personally want him here for another 2-3 years. I think there’s potential here.
  14. Yes, the NCAAT is the goal, but clearly that wasn’t even a springboard for Heath, because he followed it up with two 12 win seasons. My only point is that I really appreciate what Heath did for us, it’s my favorite USF sports memory, but I’m not about to give the guy a life time contract. Following up an NCAAT appearance with two 12 win seasons is unacceptable.
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