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  1. Haha, it has been 10 years since CJL, and he is 63 years old. I hope we can finally put this to bed and realize those days are gone.
  2. Thank you for this post, you are spot on with this. It doesn’t matter how much money or glory you have, if your not happy, it’s not worth it. CWT has made a lot of money, had his shot at his dream job and may see that it’s not what it was cracked up to be. He may very well be telling the truth that he wants to be here for the long haul; family, life style and job expectations/work life balance can have a huge effect. In addition, long haul doesn’t mean for life, but it means that you are invested in the job and want to settle in for a sustained period. If CWT were to come back, and IF (which is a big IF) we get back to 9/10/11 wins a year, and he stays for 5-10 years, that would be much better than an up and coming coach doing the same but only staying for 3-5 years. CWT has ties here, he’s done the jumping around thing and may want to settle for a while; I personally would prefer this and trust him over some young coach with no ties, that WILL leave at the first P5 offer.
  3. Manning with Jim Mora as the coach was 32-32, Manning with Dungy is slightly better. So let's not go saying Dungy had no effect on Manning.
  4. What is your point for this statement? I'm not saying your wrong or anything like that, just confused. Are you saying because he didn't win here that we don't know if his system would have been successful or that he couldn't have won without Peyton Manning? Either way I don't think it's conclusive. Belichek was a failure in Cleveland, but when he got Brady look what happened; is it Brady or Belichek, that's a discussion that will go on forever. What we do know is Tampa was one of the worst organizations in football and when Dungy got here, it really turned around. In Indianapolis, the Colts under Mora/Manning were 32-32, I think history speaks for itself when it comes to Dungy/Manning and their success.
  5. I did look it up, that's how I pointed out Dunn, Green, 2 OL and a DL. Brooks and Sapp are what you get when you go 5-11. You want support, every single coach that comes in and year one, there are changes, but we always say the the team is inherited by the previous coach. Dungy was here for 5 years, it was his team and the team he built; he took what Wyche built and Gruden got what Dungy built. Strong got what Taggart built, Taggart got what Holtz built and Holtz got what Leavitt built. If you can't see the logic and reasoning in this, you my friend are incapable of seeing another persons point of view and that is someone that cannot have a rational conversation.
  6. The core was very much intact. For the exception of Dunn, Green, 2 OL and 1 DL, it was essentially the same team....... oh, but it is son. Dungy built the team, was a Bert Emanuel catch (which it was, the rule was changed later) and they were going to the Super Bowl in 99, a decent year in 00 and a struggle in '01 and that was his job. He had built a consistent contender that was capable of winning it all. Gruden came in and year one, won the super bowl over his Raiders, then it was a gradual decline and a revolving door at QB (which Gruden was supposed to be a QB whisperer but no patience and no consistency didn't work out). Dungy on the other hand took his philosophy to Indy and had a tweak in offensive strategy and he built a sustained system and team that lasted many years (yes, Manning had a large part to play). Long story short, a high character, players coach who has a proven system, sometimes just needs a tweak to make a huge improvement, and also shouldn't be abandoned for the sake of change.
  7. You are spot on, Dungy is my all time favorite, and I think he got a raw deal with Tampa. Gruden won with Dungy's team against his own team, then proceeded to destroy the Bucs. I think Peyton Manning running the offense in Indy was a perfect compliment to Dungy. That said, I think Strong and Dungy could be similar people and if we show some patience and see who Strong gets for an OC, we could be pleasantly surprised. My big concern is defense. If Strong is supposed to be a defensive guy, our defense was atrocious. It's hard to find HC's with high character and has a great relationship with his team. Due to this I want to give Strong a solid compliment of years to iron out the kinks and get everything in place. My personal opinion is 5-7 years as long as we are competitive and we see progress. This year actually didn't bother as much as some, but I would like to see the OC and DC changed, but I trust Kelly and Strong and whatever they decide, I'll give them next year to see how it works out before I make any judgements.
  8. I am really liking Kelly, finally some intelligent thought and an actual process. Everyone is so emotional, with no patience to discipline. There is a real process and strategy when building anything. You make adjustments as you go, but whole sale changes year in and year out don't work. I forget what season it was, but Tony Dungy, after a poor year was ask what he was going to change, his response was "nothing". He proceeded to explain that he had a system that works, they just needed to execute better and learn. As we have come to see, Dungy is an all timer. I'm not saying changes shouldn't be made, but you don't do it, just because you had a bad year. Sometime just a tweak here or there and some added experience is all that's needed.
  9. I have always been of this mind frame, I'm just reiterating it because there are a lot of people on here who get caught up in the rankings, especially the preseason rankings.
  10. Per the new rankings, barring an implosion from the SEC, ACC and Big10, UCF will be left out again (which I find hilarious, haha). The way the top 7 are set up, there are fail safes in place to keep the AAC out (even after a possible back to back undefeated seasons). This just supports the fact that all we should worry about is Conference Championships and outside of us getting into a P5 when the next round of expansion happens, a Natty is just not feasible. This year was rough, but next year is on the horizon. Let's wait and see if there are changes made and always support South Florida, Go Bulls!!!!
  11. It's called a rivalry, and no matter how good or bad you are, you want to beat the other team each and every year. When your a lot better than the other, you run up the score and rub it in their faces; when you have a poor year, you want to ruin the others season. It's just the way it is for both fan bases. I don't think them being excited for this game and treating it as a big game is funny at all, that's what makes rivalries fun.
  12. I think most fans agree with you from our perspective, I know I do. That being said, for coaches and players, the IPF is more important. It will be the center of USF Football and where the players will spend most of there time. It's a huge recruiting tool and high talent players help to win games, an OCS is the icing on the cake.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm thankful for faith, family and friends. I'm also thanks for our school and our fans. Go Bulls!!
  14. Ummmm, the handling of the E. Plancher case, lack of remorse and honoring of the poor kid or even penny pinching on helping the family out. Also, the multiple NCAA violations, the university misusing state funds for a new building against rules or the massive amounts of debt and overspending on athletic facilities....... yeah, a real example of a model program that has built a winner at all costs. Personally, I'll take our University and it's responsible and ethical way of doing business. We have had mistakes, but they are very minor compare to the swamp of corruption that is UCF.
  15. Have you ever heard of Noetic Science? I don't think the gist of the post was ever to blame the losses on the fans. I took the post as a general, let's stop all of the complaining. We literally have 10x the amount of negative posts opposed to positive. People get sick of the repeated negative takes on everything USF football. I have stopped reading this blog daily because of it. I literally pop in once a week just to see if there is any news. The community here just brings people down, and it's cool if that's what you want, just not my cup of tea. The whole season has been a "beating the dead horse" all year, it's very boring and stagnant now. Would it be nice to have a championship contender, heck yeah, but my life and happiness doesn't depend on it. My life's fulfillment is not impacted by the success of a football team; I merely enjoy watching them and love my school. Sports in general is a source of entertainment and when it's not good entertainment, I tune out, just like this board (the retread negative, whoa is me and whoa is USF football is not fun). To all those who are positive and love USF, Go Bulls!!
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