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  1. But the subject is so depressing now, more depressing than the Lions, if that’s possible, haha.
  2. Yeah, I was one of the few here that was upset we traded him. I thought he was a very good QB and an even better person. He had no help other than Megatron and didn’t deserve the criticism. I think you guys are going to tear it up with him.
  3. No way, I don’t find many Lions fans. I’m actually the opposite of you with the Bucs as my 2nd; but yeah, it’s crazy that we have never figured it out or even gotten lucky, haha.
  4. Haha, fair enough. Yeah, he’s still such a cool kid, I’m afraid of middle school. I do admit, the soflo from last night was cool. I just don’t like the chrome all the time.
  5. Yeah, I personally don’t like the new chrome style helmets, looks desperate and bush league. My son loves the SoFlo from last night, but he’s 9 years old 😂
  6. Completely agree!! This should be our full time helmet. Wasn’t it voted a top 4 helmet in CFB in 2008 by ESPN?
  7. Puc, this thread title brightened my morning. I had so many cynical things come into mind, but I’ll go with this. I am thankful I was blessed with another day to spend on this earth. USF football should be a source of entertainment and not happiness. I enjoy seeing my school play and if it’s in a conference like the MAC, that’s ok. There are a ton of schools not in the P5, and they are proud of their schools, so why shouldn’t I be. We will work to be the best we can, no matter what conference we’re in. Life with family and friends is much more fulfilling than college football. Let us focus on the real things in life and enjoy watching our alma mater regardless of wins and losses.
  8. I’m not a big fan of the old logo’s, but I really like the throw back idea. We don’t have a lot of history; but it’s part of ours and if we own it, it works. I personally like green helmet with the oversized robogoat the best. I actually like the idea of having throwbacks once a year, helps to build our history.
  9. That’s a good point about not wanting to run up the score on his friend. I was just disappointed, it was a good opportunity for our starters to really build confidence and our fan base to feel good that we dominated a team we should have. I felt it was an opportunity to wash some of the negativity away, but now it left an unsatisfied feeling.
  10. Agreed, this didn’t really feel like a win. There is absolutely no killer instinct on this team and the fact our starters didn’t stay in until the middle of the 4th was frustrating.
  11. Is our recruiting that bad or is it just not apart of the game plan anymore? I feel like it would help our 3rd down conversions.
  12. Remember when we used to have running backs with size and speed? I feel like we haven’t had a legit 5’11” 210lb RB that could run and break tackles in forever.
  13. A berm serves a couple purposes. 1. Yes, when money is tight it’s a way to get a second deck along the mid field line; making a more impressive, larger look and not a boring bowl shape. 2. Creates a unique space for students and families. 3. A berm serves as a place holder for expansion. Expanding the “horseshoe” stadium and closing it when a berm exists is more efficient and cost effective compared to adding a second deck to the mid field line after the fact. I would personally prefer the berm with a second deck than a plain bowl if it was one or the other.
  14. I agree with you. As much as I want to commit to “scrap football, focus on basketball”, we still need to fight. Until it becomes the P4, there is still hope; which is worth fighting for. Our OCS needs to be built with a reasonable capacity, with potential to expand. This will give us flexibility that if we get in major football or being forced to stay at a mid-major level (while giving our students a great culture and pride in our university).
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