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  1. Have you ever heard of Noetic Science? I don't think the gist of the post was ever to blame the losses on the fans. I took the post as a general, let's stop all of the complaining. We literally have 10x the amount of negative posts opposed to positive. People get sick of the repeated negative takes on everything USF football. I have stopped reading this blog daily because of it. I literally pop in once a week just to see if there is any news. The community here just brings people down, and it's cool if that's what you want, just not my cup of tea. The whole season has been a "beating the dead horse" all year, it's very boring and stagnant now. Would it be nice to have a championship contender, heck yeah, but my life and happiness doesn't depend on it. My life's fulfillment is not impacted by the success of a football team; I merely enjoy watching them and love my school. Sports in general is a source of entertainment and when it's not good entertainment, I tune out, just like this board (the retread negative, whoa is me and whoa is USF football is not fun). To all those who are positive and love USF, Go Bulls!!
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    Something to Ponder

    Haha, tried to edit, my bad.
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    Something to Ponder

    Your right, JPP, Selvie, Grothe, SJ Green, Nate Allen, Mike Jenkins, Trae Williams, Jerome Murphy, Amari Cooper, Carlton Mitchell, Tyrone McKenzie, Stephen Nicholas were all CUSA talent level players. If you look at the talent we had during the CJL BE teams, you will be hard pressed to find a more talented BE team. WVU and Louisville would be the only other two you could put above us. At that point we would have been #3 out of 8 teams in the BE, I would call that BE quality talent. You can try and say they were all 2 and 3 star recruits, but it has been proven time after time that the star rating are over rated. There are many busts and sleeper found all of the time. If you say it was the coaching, they still need to be talented enough to take advantage of the coaching provided. Either way you can't say we didn't have BE talent leve teams.
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    Something to Ponder

    I can agree with most of what you said for sure. To clear one point tho, I didn't say BCS talent, I said BE talent, and I only said that because I feel we had just as much talent as anyone in the BE. Your point on getting spoiled is spot on, I think that's the largest reason a lot of our fan base can't accept our situation now. I also agree with you that the way the CJL firing happened was not right. Although I believed he plateaued, I love CJL and thought he got a raw deal.
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    Something to Ponder

    - Regardless of how CJL built the program, he did plateau once we got to the BE, his record speaks for itself. CJL got us from nothing to a BCS Conference in 10 years, that will never be duplicated and should always be remember; BUT, he never won anything of note and we were a .500 team in conference once we got here. We had BE talent and in 6 years couldn't win a thing, if it was anyone but CJL, you guys would have shown him the door after 2 years just like every coach after him. - Unfortunately ESPN killed the BE and our growth as a program. Idk if we ever recover, I doubt it, but it depends on future expansion. - The AAC as a whole is a slightly downgraded BE, but the top teams are just a good as the BE top tear was. - CFP/ESPN politics will always hinder the AAC and that's just the reality of our situation. - I personally have accepted our current football reality and look at it as a pure source of entertainment now. The BE years were a blast and I was lucky to be a student then, but things change. I refuse to let this impact my life for the negative anymore. There is so much more to life than this, the game and conference I can't control, so I've learned to not let it bring me down. I love our school and team and will always support them. I will not pile on when things are rough, but I will criticize; there is a difference. I hope we get out of the AAC and into a P5 conference someday, but until then, let's just try and win a conference championship (whatever conference we're in, we want to be the best, regardless of the competition level).
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    Comment from a player...

    Maybe they should grow up and do their jobs. Is CCS the best coach? No. Do you have the best boss? Probably not. Do you do your job the best you can regardless of who your boss is? I hope so. I am by no means making excuses, but the players are the ones in the field. They may not have the best gameplan or coaching, but effort is controlled by the individual. By giving up during a game, that's a sign of a weak, prideless individual. If your going to hold the coaches accountable, then you must do the same for the players.
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    It has been less than TWO years!!!!! My goodness, how is there supposed to be any development? Please tell me, nearly every coach struggles the first couple years until they get their footing and system established. I mean, wholly smokes, who do you think we are? We are a G5 school, who is going to come here and win from day one? What coach who has options, would come to a G5 school whose fan base will give them 1.5 years before they turn on him? CCS is not without his faults, but there needs to be more of a commitment and give the guy 4-5 years, then evaluate. You are free to do what you want, but if I was Kelly, I would look at you as an irrational, uncommitted fan and wouldn't worry about losing you as a season ticket holder. Just my two cents.
  8. Your absolutely right about that. The hope I'm holding onto to is that the experience will payoff next year; now this is with the assumption that there are changes made to the coaching staff. I don't think that CCS needs to go, but definitely the OC/DC and possibly some position coaches. We have seen situations when a new coordinator or two comes in, and the same team just looks completely different. I believe we have good talent, they're just not in the right positions or just horrible tackling and I feel this can be corrected with the right tutelage. I will admit that I haven't watched every game, but from the 6 or 7 I've seen, this is my observation.
  9. We may not see drastic improvement on the field this year, but two things maybe happening in the background. One, the experience for these young players are critical; and two, CCS maybe seeing that he needs to make a coaching change in the off season which hopefully is an improvement as well.
  10. I am a 7-0 defender, and I would do it all the same. Wins are wins. We lost to a very good Houston team and we laid an egg today. I for one will NOT pile on a young team like some so called "fans". It's fair to critique performances, but to pile on is a display of a weak person. I will continue to stand up and support my team and school. Do things need to change, yes; but I will not get overly dramatic and call for whole sale changes. We all knew that we had growing pains to go through this year, EVERYONE knew this; so why get all up in arms when we actually go through them. Were we going to win the conference this year? We all knew that was a no, so stop with this whole "I told you so" childish gibberish.
  11. It takes just a little more than a few weeks to be considered great.
  12. Yes, I agree with you. After last year and seeing actual basketball improvement, I was sold as well. I'm relieved that we signed him to a 6 year contract, and I hope by him getting screwed in the GT deal, that he will want to stay here past his contract. It's real hard to find a solid coach that can teach the fundamentals and have the respect and relationship that he has with our players.
  13. Have the new Adidas basketball jerseys been revealed yet?
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    Is the reason

    To be accurate, UCF never won the BE, Syracuse, Pitt, WVU, Louisville and Rutgers were all gone by then. We were already the American when they joined. Your point is well taken tho.