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  1. Agreed 100%, for our rebuilding team, confidence and playing opponents that you can continue growth is big. We showed a lot of improvement last year, and I am actually excited for this year. I think we are finally on the right path, have some stability and have the right coach. We still have a long way to go, but I feel we are finally making progress.
  2. Fair enough, I just don't want us to get like MIchigan fans, because the sound terrible/sad up here.
  3. Haha, I see what you did there. No, I don't believe in restricting people's free speech (whether it's PC or not). I am more or less suggesting that we stop singling out UCF, whether it's who they play, what their program is doing, how evil they are, etc. There are rarely discussion on if we want Houston to beat X team or, did you see what Cincy did? Usually that all goes back to UCF. I would rather us treat them like any other team, that's all.
  4. By the definition of the word "rival", everyone in our conference is our rival. The point of this is that we should not treat UCF different from any other conference foe (which again by definition are our rivals); that we shouldn't be paying them anymore attention than we do anyone else in our conference. That's all.
  5. Yeah, basically UM ignoring MSU bothered MSU big time, but now that MSU is better than UM, UM makes excuses and tries to cut down MSU to make it seem like UM is still better (which makes MSU laugh and feeds right into the fact that they are more successful). My analogy here is that we were UM (being the better program and aiming at UF, FSU and MIA as rivals, which would be OSU for UM) and that the more that we treat UCF as any other AAC team will bother them more than us treating them as a bigger deal than that. You are correct that things have changed in the last 10 years, but they shouldn't be a bigger deal to us than anyone else in our conference, in my eyes, everyone in the AAC is a rival.
  6. Listening to sports talk radio up here in Michigan, I've learned a lot about rivalries and psychological warfare. MSU fans were ALWAYS considered the "little brother" and it angered MSU fans for the longest time because UM wouldn't acknowledge them as a rival because they were "small time" compare to OSU. Since UM has fallen to the wayside and MSU has had really good success, UM fans are all angry at MSU saying, "just wait till next year" and they are OBSESSED with all things MSU, and Spartans just laugh at them. I don't want us to become that. If we just took the stance of UCF just being another Conference opponent, it would be a more effective response to get under the skin of UCF; we are effectively feeding into what they want and like.
  7. I specifically call out UCF, because there is way too much attention paid to them. At this point in time, ECU is the most dangerous "roadblock" we have, because we play them NEXT. I am focused on ECU, Tulsa, Uconn, Houston, Tulane, Cincy, Temple then UCF; because if we stumble against these teams, the game against UCF means nothing. I don't care who UCF plays until we play them. I don't care if they have an OCS, IPF, Coach X, Player X or if they get X amount of funding, it doesn't affect me or USF. As far as I'm concerned, they are not any different from the other school in our conference. Are they on a good roll? Sure, doesn't mean we have to talk about them or ask if it's good or bad that they win all or no games, or what that one UCF fan said to that one guy, in that one place. In terms of road blocks to Conference Championships or Conference Expansion, why are they any different from Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, Uconn or anyone else for that matter. They are ALL competition and we shouldn't give UCF anymore attention than we give them (let's face it, Houston is in a better position than any of us for expansion).
  8. Everyone talks about how UCF is obsessed with us, and with how much we talk about them, we come off little like they do. The only way to remedy this is to cut them out of our lives. CJL had it right when he didn't want to compete with them; it wasn't about being afraid to lose to them, it was about having bigger goals than that. All of our goals start with winning our Conference Championship. We want to beat any and everyone that's in our way, and no one team is bigger than the next. Every team goes through good years and bad years, every conference changes a little, and who we play changes every year. Our school and sports programs are not defined by how we compete against one school or the other. We should judge ourselves by who we were yesterday and not by somebody else. Are there standard setters out in the football world, yes, but even that changes with time; USC, ND, FSU, Mia, UF, Ala, it all goes in cycles with coaches and players. The only thing we control is ourselves and the only thing we want to improve is ourselves and that's what we need to focus on; screw everybody else and the horse they ride on.
  9. Ugh, I'm hesitant to respond to another UCF topic. A couple points: 1. We always make fun of how pathetic UCF is for being obsessed with us. By making topics and comments about UCF, we are giving the the same attention. We need to just stop talking about them and start treating them like any other team. There is no need to even mention them unless it's game time. 2. Any loss by ANY conference members to OOC opponents is bad for ALL of the conference members. 3. Any loss by conference members to OOC teams has no effect on the conference championship. 4. Most importantly, all USF should care about is winning the AAC. If we don't do that, nothing else matters, no NY6 bowls, no top 25, no CFP. Lets stop focusing on UCF, talking about UCF, and competing with UCF. We should be focused on the AAC championship and beating anyone and everyone in our way. I don't care about anyone but USF and right now the only team I am thinking about is ECU.
  10. michibull

    USF Run Defense

    This will be key against the top teams. We have the kind of offense that can win shoot outs, but if we get behind late in games, it will be a tough going.
  11. michibull


    Call me crazy, but I don't want UCF to ever win a game. I would prefer for us to go 13-0 every year and UCF to go 0-12. We can win the conference and go undefeated without UCF ever winning a game. As long as we schedule good out of conference games, we don't need anything from them.
  12. michibull


    You know what, I was going to argue about how most rivalries were created pre-expansion and that this is a special situation; but, upon further thought I actually agree with you Puc. If rivalries were even considered, Pitt/WVU would have been packaged, Louisville to SEC for Kentucky, Penn st wouldn't have blocked Pitt from Big 10 for 30 years, Syracuse/Buttgers would have been packaged (which would be as close to a comparison to USF/UCF in terms of close Tv markets), and UConn could be in the ACC with BC. Ok, Puc, you've changed my mind.
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    Yup, and we are still broke, even if we get a raise.
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    Yes, which equates to no respect or playoff chance.
  15. michibull


    We are #6, but not P6. Big 12 revenue is 364mil, AAC 74mil(down 6%), TV revenue: Big 12 200mil/season vs AAC 20mil/season. These numbers show that we are nowhere close to a Power conference. Our best bet is Fox Sports or CBS Sports or YouTube Tv, but they'll only pay a max of 80mil/season, that's only 154mil for AAC, dude, there's no chance to be a P6 conference. Our only chance is being part of an expansion.