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  1. I actually agree with most of this post. I agree that UCF's scheduling philosophy may change for a variety of reasons. The following information is not intended as an argument, just to provide factual clarification for some things posted by both of us. I don't recall ever saying "UCF doesn't need the money from 2 for 1 deals." But in reality, we don't. Away only payday games pay a higher guarantee than the third game in 2-for-1 deals, and UCF's home game revenue produces more profit than the guarantees paid for the third game in 2-for-1 deals. So, strictly from an income standpoi
  2. You're hilarious! First you post something that is nowhere close to being true. Then, in response to a post where I stated "UCF uses the money [from the extra home game] to increase its GENERAL athletic budget," you try to insinuate that my post was not about the money, when the quote above CLEARLY indicates that UCF's scheduling of extra home games IS about the money. Then you continue your hissy fit by claiming that I "just started spouting off random numbers." In fact, I only mentioned one number...at the END of my post, after pointing out multiple things that expose your f
  3. Of course it's about the money. I clearly said that right in my post. Perhaps you might want to try a remedial course in reading comprehension. I was just correcting a mischaracterization of someone who tried to insinuate that our on campus stadium was somehow a strain on our budget. The money we get from our extra home games goes to increase our overall budget, not to "barely make the payments on the stadium."
  4. You clearly don't know the facts. UCF's stadium revenue is FAR more than what is necessary to pay the debt service. In fact, each year the stadium corporation transfers a significant amount of money to the UCF Athletics Association from the PROFIT it makes on the stadium. UCF uses the money from the extra home game to increase its GENERAL athletic budget...which by the way is over $15 million MORE than USF's budget.
  5. a 34-14 win by FSU vs USF falls into the category of guaranteed win more than a one point Pitt win on a trick play in the last minute of a game. The college football world knows why Florida and Alabama agreed to those 2-for-1 series. They don't expect you to be a tough game.
  6. Gotta love how usf fans have to depend on 25,000 visiting FSU fans for their claim they had a game with higher attendance than the Knights stadium holds!
  7. Waver for two years has already been approved. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/2019/10/20/aac-football-gets-waiver-approved-championship-game-moving-11-teams/3957296002/
  8. Because of your irrational dislike for the best football team in the American conference since it was formed, I know how hard you REALLY want to ignore an actual screen shot of the NCAA record book associating the words NATIONAL CHAMPION with the formula that ranked UCF #1. I feel sorry that you guys have not come close to experiencing the highs that UCF fans have been able to experience. So sad. Here's a question. If it was as clear cut as you claim it is, then why doesn't he NCAA simply make a modification to that page in the NATIONAL CHAMPONS section of the document to say 1896 to 199
  9. I'll do you one better than a "copy and paste." How about a screen shot of the actual document itself! Notice the circled parts...National Champion...and the effective dates 1896 to PRESENT. Not 1896 to 2013 or 1896 to 1996 as you seem to believe.
  10. Notice the NCAA record book uses the term "CFP Champion" and not "National Champion" in that paragraph. One of several indications that there are multiple ways to be listed in the record book as a national champion.
  11. I notice you skipped right over the second bullet of point #2...so let me show it to you again: - If the NCAA really stopped considering the polls/formulas they previously considered, why do they still list them (and the teams they rank as #1) as PRESENT selectors in the official record book?
  12. Naturally from a UCF perspective...if you try to judge an entire program across all of the last 22 years, I am not sure how USF could be viewed as ahead of UCF. On Field Success: USF had moderate success under two of it's head coaches. Levitt had a .625 winning percentage and 3-2 bowl record. Best record was 9-4 (multiple times) and best finish in the Big East was 4th place (multiple times). Best wins over teams that finished in the Top 25...2005 Louisville, 2006 WVU, 2007 (best season) Auburn & WVU, 2009 WVU...a lot of success in this category. Taggart had a low overall win
  13. Funny how south florida fans like to bury their head in the sand to ignore what is right in front of them. 1. UCF is doing EXACTLY the same thing that many well known schools have done through the years. Utah claims 2008 based on the Anderson/Hester formula Ohio State claims 1970 based on the National Football Foundation poll Alabama claims 1941 based on the Houlgate formula Oklahoma St recently put up signage in their stadium for 1945 (the AFCA retroactively named OK St their national champions for that year, even though AFCA is not listed by the NCAA record book for
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