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  1. BigEastBull05


    We'll win by at least 3. Maybe 4. Nothing to worry about.
  2. USF 42-28 Cronkrite St Felix 489
  3. BigEastBull05

    Anybody remember Jon Lejiste?

    love that hit at FSU
  4. I know it's early but I've seen more kilts than Illinois shirts here in Chicago.
  5. BigEastBull05

    In .... your .... face!

    I kept thinking when TT band was playing the one note, "that's not a song". Do they do this in every game?
  6. BigEastBull05


    Time for some prevent defense.
  7. I emailed the Birmingham Bowl people who advised USF will be on the East side, in case anyone else was wondering.
  8. Does anyone know which side of the field USF seats will be on this year?
  9. BigEastBull05

    Bowl Ticket Sales

    Got the day off and just purchased 2 tickets. Can't wait!
  10. BigEastBull05

    TBP College Pickem

    Rough week here. No time for research, I was prepping for the drive to Tallahassee. Lots of close matchups.