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  1. They did us a solid agreeing to reschedule so we could get our full conference schedule in. Might not be great PR to buy it out now.
  2. Not saying I disagree with that assessment, but the P5 also didn't have any incentive to throw a bone to the G5 with a NY6 bowl in the current setup, did they? If that was a consolation prize offered up in an attempt to ward off possible litigation, then the same thinking might come into play if they eventually expand to 8.
  3. And I am very thankful this year that we get to finish out the season with our fate in our own hands. Go Bulls!
  4. The suspense of last year came from watching Temple's games at the end of the year, hoping someone - anyone - would knock them off for us.
  5. Joined in '07, 5 total posts, ucf week . . . Yep, I think we've got us a troll!
  6. Excellence may be too much to ask from some of the officials we've seen this year. I'd take competence at this point, or at least some acknowledgement of blowing a call that has such a big impact
  7. Can we petition the league office for a review on that targeting so he doesn't have to miss the first half against Tulsa?
  8. If he doesn't, we should all start tweeting at him every week asking for the actual numbers. Maybe he'll get so annoyed he'll have a talk with Joey.
  9. I'm with Trip on this. It sounds like a great way to get more members of the local community into the stadium. The more casual fans we can get to go to the games, the more we can potentially convert into long-term supporters.
  10. FYI, the tickets have sold. BA is a good dude. He has always been a huge USF advocate, especially for the WBB team, including the last few seasons of giving away tickets to newcomers to try to grow the fanbase. He's also often hinted at developments in athletics before stories have broken, so he's got his finger on the pulse somewhere, and I miss reading his perspectives. I'm wondering if Brad can shed some light on the ban. It would be great if that decision can be revisited and BA can get his posting privileges back.
  11. I don't know all the details, and it doesn't seem that BA even knows what he said to earn a ban. But it's been months since he's posted here. Anyway, how about those tickets? Gotta pack the Dome tomorrow night!
  12. Bulls, 2 courtside tickets available for the WBB regular season finale against UConn, Monday 2/27 at 7PM at the Sun Dome. $100 for the pair. This offer comes from bausfkid, but since he can no longer post here, he asked me to pass it along. If you've never taken BA up on his usual ticket offer, his seats are fantastic. I sat in them once last year and it's a great experience. If you're interested, please send me a PM and I will get you the details. Go Bulls!
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