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  1. Has anyone seen the COISKI videos on YouTube, where they tour a good amount of the athletic facilities at various college campuses? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMGMiLSz3jiQiw-hRpRsSbA The university representatives in these videos make it clear that all the bells and whistles are for the recruits. We can debate all day if it really matters. Does seem like a lot of money that could be allocated to other areas if it doesn't help recruiting and university pride.
  2. Certainly turned into solid players for UCF. Shaquem has 10 sacks on the year despite having only one hand and Shaquill has 4 interceptions. They were Bay made (Lakewood High School, St Pete) but did not stay....Not sure how much of a shot we had at landing them, but they would of helped our defense.................
  3. http://www.campusrush.com/big-12-expansion-status-houston-cincinnati-byu-uconn-david-boren-2006279271.html Can someone tell me why these writers continue to think UCF has an edge over USF? They just came off a doughnut season, USF has better academics (USF is emerging preeminent based on objective data), and a larger media market. Is it the size of UCF, the OCS, The lack of an NFL team, the BCS win????? There must be an explanation for the love affair.
  4. Can we re-visit the OCS on MOSI property as a done deal......Seems like a lot of chips have to fall USFs way to put their eggs in this basket. MOSI has to move downtown, USF has to buy/lease/or somehow acquire that property from the county. Then build a stadium. While anybody would take this in a heartbeat, its not ideal, and all things being equal nobody would want the stadium separated from campus by a major road unless the benefits clearly outweighed the negatives. So what are these absolute positives, to justify the additional expense of purchasing the property and having the stadium across Fowler, rather then relocating the track and tennis courts and having the stadium in the heart of campus.
  5. I've always been a huge proponent of the OCS, and welcome any discussion to get us moving in that direction. In the short term I really would like to see the IPF get built. First, we can benefit from it, as we lose practices to weather. Second, its very inexpensive compared to a stadium. Its an excellent project to test Harlan's ability to get the community/donors involved.
  6. So Tulsa and Connecticut get games against power 5 teams while Memphis, Temple, Cincinnati, and USF get Group of 5 teams. When did we abandon conference record and choice of a bowl? I get the whole attendance argument but at some point if our conference is going to get some respect the naysayers are going to look at records in these bowl games and we are certainly not putting our best teams in that position. (We used to make this argument in the Big East days) Yes USF playing in St Pete would put more people in the seats than USF playing in another bowl, but based on our season attendance I cannot see this number as being that significant. I hope I'm wrong on this one........................
  7. I'll take a win any way we can. These in state games follow a different script. Yes UCF is 0-11, but a 2-8 Conference USA team just took a University of Florida team with National Title hopes to the brink. I also seem to recall quite possibly our worst team ever almost beating UCFs best team ever that included an NFL caliber quarterback.
  8. I hope our team takes note. There is a saying, "I'd rather have a life defined by oh wells, than what ifs."
  9. by donating $10 million to kick off the stadium funding drive............. Big donations coming in (Morsani, Muma, Pippenger, and now Zimmerman) Its nice to see Have the stadium named after you, you'll own USF. Thanks again to Mr. Zimmerman for the recent donation $10 million donation. One could only hope, this will happen sooner rather then later................
  10. essentially has to develop a quarterback or land a stud this offseason to save his job. At the beginning of this year we had quarterback questions, at the end of this year we still have quarterback questions.
  11. Fact of the matter is the diehards will always be here, however tradionally these early kickoffs are disasters attendance wise, couple this with day after thanksgiving and matters become much worse. This is our rivalry game and we should expect a spike in attendance, but this will certainly negate that. We also need to remember that the day after thanksgiving is not a traditional holiday with automatic closures of industry, thus many people who would have made the game might be working at 12 noon. Only way we can prevent this is to have the AAC schedule this game on a weekend other than thanksgiving.......
  12. Tags saving grace at this point is his recruiting, I'd like to see what he lands come national signing day. Def need to see 2 quarterbacks in the class.
  13. I do not see how you can even compare an OCS and a P5 invite in terms of the goals for a new AD. One (the OCS) the AD and university has control over with fundraising and gathering support. Very black and white, you do it, you get it. A P5 invite is out of the ADs hands, building a winning program does not guarantee admission, there is a lot more to it including academics, overall need, and what admission brings to the new conference. Judy cannot make a performance goal for a new AD to get admission into the P5, is the P5 even an official entity or just a name given by the media?
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