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  1. Wish we had another day of practice before taking on Cincy. But they played yesterday too. SMU is a better matchup for us. The key to next year will be whether Yetna comes back 100 per cent and can shoot with confidence, and Caleb Murphy. Gregory doesn't ordinarily like to play freshman, but Murphy is an exceptional athlete. I wouldn't count much on Luke Anderson until he gets on the court. Zach's high school play was even better than Anderso's and he has been slow to round into shape and gain his shooting confidence. I think, he will be much better next year. I have serious doubts about Mack. He is not Gregory's type of inside player. He seems lost when he gets on the court and is consistently out of position on defense. A shame neither of this year's recruits got any significant playing time. We are better than Temple...not so sure about UConn. They've had some impressive wins.
  2. Durr wears down and that has been a problem, but his last 5 or so games he has shown great improvement. He really shined late in the season last year as well. Paired with Yetna next year, thewy will both be juniors and should be as good as any frontcourt in the AAC. Speaking of guard recruit Caleb Murphy, he is currently rated the 6th top player in Georgia. Check out the tape of his game in the quarterfinals of the 7A State championship on youtube under, Caleb Murphy beats old school in state playoffs. He is a quick slashing guard.
  3. Two really tough losses in OT last year to Temple. Revenge is sweet. USF was definitely the more determined team down the stretch. Water finds its level. USF 0-6 against top 5 teams in the conference; 6-4 against the rest. Would love to end the season with a win against Cincinnati or SMU. Both are possible but not likely. With Yetna we could have been top 4 or 5. I admire Coach Gregory. He stayed tough through having to face a lot of adversity. Rebounding has been strong all season with the exception of two games against Houston, one of the best rebounding teams in the country. Free throw shooting vastly improved the past eight games and the offense is more diversified with the improved post play of Durr. Not easy to win on the road at Memphis and Temple. If we can make it to the start of the 2020-2021 seaason without serious injuries, this can be a 20 win team next year (assuming Yetna returns to form and the new 4* guard is the real deal. I love Q's hustle and defense, but he has some serious limitations on the offensive end. Zach should be a lot better next year as well. Let's get out to the games this week and support the team.
  4. Down 6 points with under 4 minutes left, the Bulls came back to beat an improving East Carolina team. They held Gardner, the top scorer and rebounder in the league to 3 rebounds with a terrific game plan that forced him to play hard defense. Coach Gregory has put together some great game plans, but he simply doesn't have all the pieces to execute them. USF does not have a power forward and frequently must play Collins and Williams against taller, stronger, legitimate power forwards. Brown is big enough, but it detracts from his offensive game and other than Zach we have no other shooters that can be relied on to hit 3s. Even so, USF has managed to outrebound at least three quarters of the teams they have played. Coach's move to bench Brown three weeks ago has proved smart as he has played much better the last two weeks. Still, most other teams in the league play 9 or 10 guys. USF relies on 7 or 8. Collins played 43 minutes last night and but for foul trouble Q would have logged about the same. This is the reason they often fade at the end of games. Also, other teams know our limitations. We've seen more and more zone defense against us, because we don't have outside shooters other than the streaky Brown. But Gregory can coach. I have no doubt about that even though the results this year have been disappointing. The foul shooting has improved and several players, most notably Durr, Q, and Brown have shown a lot of improvement the last month, though the wins have not come. If I have one criticism of Gregory it is that he the two freshman recruits have been totally neglected. They haven't gotten any of the much needed experience. I've been to all the conference games and the whole league seems tougher this year. If you want to see what Yetna meant to USF, just look at the play of Jayden Gardner last night. He was runner-up to yetna as best new player last year. After Gardner fouled out, USF dominated. Yes, one player can mean that much to a team when he is that good. Tke a deep breath and remember that in 2017, we were 0-19 in the conference and 16 of the losses were by double digits. When that season ended we lost all of the still eligible players. Gregory started literally with nothing--from scratch. Who wants to come to such a program. He must have been a hell of a salesman to get Collins and Brown, two players who would start or be first off the bench on most of the teams in the league.
  5. Also, Gregory's record in the first four years at Dayton was ok but nothing great. Beginning in his 5th year, he was 23-11; 27-8; 25-12; and 22-14. At Georgia Tech, he came into another bad program and struggled his first four years, but in the 5th year he was 21-15 and made the quarter-finals of the NIT. It was dumb to fire him. The players he recruited, went 21-16 the next year, but Josh Pastner, who replaced Gregory has been below .500 every year since then and likely will be fired at the end of this season, because the players he recruited haven't delivered. Pastner was 167-73 at Memphis. It's a lot easier to recruit players to Memphis than to Georgia Tech. It's also a lot easier to recruit top layers to FSU, Forida, and Miami than to USF. Constantly turning over coaches makes it difficult to recruit. It is hard enough to recruit players to a program that has such a jaded past. That is simply a fact. I am thoroughly opposed to changing coaches until his first two classes of recruits have graduated. Expect Gregory to be here at least two more years and, if he is, he'll get an extension because he will have earned it.
  6. On Coach Gregory: We have a top 25 defense and a bottom twenty-five offense. That's a fair criticism. You can hang that on Gregory, but no matter how you cut it, Gregory was dealt a tough hand this year. I'd be all in favor of bringing in a new offensive assistant coach. But it is ludicrous to want to replace Gregory. He brought in 9 new players in 2018-19. None of these players had ever played a game in Division one except for Zachary and he was ineligible. Basketball is a team sport. Sometimes patience is a virtue. He took over a program in shambles and don't even get me started on Seth Greenberg whose teams had no discipline and whose players seemed always to underperform. Gregory is definitely a defensive-oriented coach but he also has been strapped this year by the loss of Yetna because the only way this team can compete WITH THESE PLAYERS is to have everyone crashing the boards. The result is that in most games we are competitive in rebounding but our offense is slowed. Despite having some of the best and quickest guards in the league, we can't get out and run. This not a recruiting problem. Let's remember there was no foundation built prior to 2018-19, because Gregory had to bring in a crew of 5th year eligible players his first year. I throw out that first year. This year he lost his two best post players, one to injury and the other to some sort of discipline issue. Now if we are not an 18+ win team next year with Collins a senior, Yetna returning, Zach in his second year in the program and a top 50 guard coming in, then we can pull this file again. Gregory is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is. And while we're at it, where are the fans. This team plays hard; they compete. They've had trouble finishing a few games against top programs. But they deserve much more support than they've been given.
  7. No, we do not need a massive talent upgrade in men's basketball. We are bring in a 4* guard; Zach is also a 4* guard who is just getting his game back after not playing for nearly two years, and Yetna was a recruiting steal. Is Houston and Memphis more talented? Yes, but we beat Memphis and should have beaten them twice. We started LITERALLY from scratch two years ago and, to his credit, Coach Gregory has laid a great foundation. Go listen to Houston coach's presser last night. He pointed out what a devastating loss Yetna was to this program. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say. We lose only Q and our back-up center next year and replace him with a top 50 recruit, and Yetna returns. And Collins will be our only senior next year. The top three teams in the conference are more talented--I won't argue with that. But the only team that has outclassed us has been Wichita State. I discount SMU because we just weren't ready to play. Still, it is hard to recruit top 100 players to USF BB and it is going to take some time until we become a regular 20+ win team. I believe in Gregory. One really good sign is that nobody is leaving the program. In three years, he has lost only one player who was in the regular rotation.
  8. I am not discouraged by the performance of the men's basketball team. Gregory came into an impossible situation and has brought class, pride, and hard work to the program. He started literally from scratch, then he had the misfortune of losing his best player the weekend before the opening of the season. No doubt at all in my mind that we would have been a 20 win team this year with Yetna. The future looks bright. Support the team.
  9. Houston is a really tough matchup for usf because of their dominant "length" and rebounding. Game should be competitive as our guys know what is at stake. I think USF can beat Tulsa, SMU, E. Carolina, and Temple (beat us by one point and in overtime last year). Connecticut appears much improved since we beat them and currently has a 71 NET rating, which means that should count as a Quad 1 qin as well. Not sure why it doesn't.
  10. Penny Hardaway called the loss to USF "a total embarrassment." Blamed the loss on foul trouble and injuries. Funny how we never hear Coach Gregory blaming injuries. We won without Durr; didn't have Zach on Saturday and Q was in foul trouble a good bit of the game. They shot 59% from the foul line; we shot 70 per cent. Those four foul shots were the difference in the game. Never said anything about our defense down the stretch. Collins converted 2 for 2 in one-on-one match-ups; they were 0 for 2. Not impressed with Hardaway's coaching. They started two 5 star recruits. We started a bunch of guys. We should have beaten them twice. This loss very well may have knocked them out of the NCAA Tournament. Would be nice to take a couple other teams out. Houston may just be too good but Cincinnati and Tulsa are beatable.
  11. Coach Gregory is a winner. Lots of adversity this year, having to reshape the team strategy a few days before the start of the season due to the loss of Yetna, then later injuries to several other players. He is an inspirational, no BS,coach, never making excuses and the guys appear to love to play for him. The conference is much better this year from top to bottom. The one point loss to UCF--we were robbed--and failure to finish against Florida State, Utah State, and Eastern Carolina likely cost us an NIT bid. The measure of coaching, however, is improvement over the course of the season and this team has improved markedly.
  12. Dominant win last night. Best game of the year for Q. Also, shows what a real homecourt advantage can do. Sagarin has USF at #107 this morning (highest since late last year) and Massey, though rating them much lower has USF as the #24 defensive team in the country. To beat UCF with no Durr and only 4 points from Collins is really impressive. UCF was determined to take Collins out of the game by clogging the middle. Ten steals yesterday--truly amazing. No doubt, we are an offensively challenged team, but Coach Gregory has done a great job in holding them together despite the adversity of injuries and youth. #Bright Future.
  13. They return 6 of the top 8, bring back Yetna, and assume development of a few younger players. Will be an 18-22 win team. Houston is the class of the conference. We can compete with the rest other than perhaps Memphis.
  14. Good road win. Glad to see BG finally remix the starting lineup. Brown plays hard but he has not given them much the last 5 weeks. Akec has the kind of length and energy this team has been lacking the last few weeks. He can play around the basket and also at the perimeter. He shot 48 per cent from 3 in High School. BG is very loyal to and protective of his players. They play hard for him. But sooner or later these young guys have to gain experience on the curt. Once Yetna was injured, it was clear this team would struggle in the frontcourt without a legitimate power forward. I'm a big fan of Coach Gregory, but I simply disagree with keeping Q and Collins on the court 35+ minutes a game. Q has been exhausted in the late stages of most of the close games. I'm glad to see Zach's minutes increasing. The game plan against Tulane was nearly perfect, and for once so was the execution. USF is the only team in the AAC that has played 5 of their first 8 conference games on the road. Looking for a much better second half.
  15. This team deserves a lot of fan support but doesn't receive it. The official's call at the end of the game was disgraceful. The call was not even made by the official who was supposed to call the play--and it was a late call. I understand Coach Gregory's decision to drive the basket, because they had just made the call at the other end. They just didn't get the call. The team does lack a mid-distance game aside from Zach who is not ordinarily part of the offensive game plan. Surely, the results have been disappointing even with the loss of Yetna, but with this team, they are not going to change because they don't have the bench. They don't have options and Coach Gregory is not about to throw in the towel just to give freshmen some experience. It's Q and Collins and a bunch of other (just guys). They are still young and inexperienced and lack leadership. Given what he started with and the blow of Yetna's injury just days before the start of the season, Coach Gregory has done a heck of a job. I believe he is building a really good program. We have to be patient a little longer while this team learns how to win at the end of games.
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