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  1. Couldn't understand at the time why folks were questioning this hire given Gregory's pedigree, having been trained at Michigan State. He had Dayton competing hard year after year, then made the move up to Georgia Tech and did some fine recruiting but was not given time to get his guys to gel. You could tell last year that he had class. He let the team's best player on paper leave the team for the sake of team unity and he patiently developed Collins. Though lacking Division 1 talent, the team was so much better at the end of the season than at the beginning. This was a good win for the Bulls, but it's just the start. They are SO YOUNG and inexperienced. But they will bring defense and rebounding every night and they likely won't be outhustled. Lots to look forward to in Men's BB.
  2. Great effort. Bulls just lack a big time 3 point-shooter. I've never seen a college game in which a team was in the double-bonus withing 7 minutes of the half. Yetna was called for two touch files and had an overall miserable game. Durr appears to be a natural rebounder who keeps consistently good positioning on the floor. Rideau is a scrappy, hard-guarding guard, but has to make better decisions. Kiir was a joy to watch on the court, playing with great enthusiasm and has some outstanding inside moves. This could easily have been a double-digit win against a team that won 18 games last year and returned two of its best players. USF had only three guys on the court who payed here last year at all, and Scevic likely won't see much action unless injuries occur. Lots to be optimistic about. This should be a .500 team this year and is deeper talent-wise than any team since Greenberg was here with BB and Jackson.