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  1. This team deserves a lot of fan support but doesn't receive it. The official's call at the end of the game was disgraceful. The call was not even made by the official who was supposed to call the play--and it was a late call. I understand Coach Gregory's decision to drive the basket, because they had just made the call at the other end. They just didn't get the call. The team does lack a mid-distance game aside from Zach who is not ordinarily part of the offensive game plan. Surely, the results have been disappointing even with the loss of Yetna, but with this team, they are not going to change because they don't have the bench. They don't have options and Coach Gregory is not about to throw in the towel just to give freshmen some experience. It's Q and Collins and a bunch of other (just guys). They are still young and inexperienced and lack leadership. Given what he started with and the blow of Yetna's injury just days before the start of the season, Coach Gregory has done a heck of a job. I believe he is building a really good program. We have to be patient a little longer while this team learns how to win at the end of games.
  2. You can cherry pick results to show nearly anything. For example, last year USF won 7 games by 6 points or fewer, one game by a single point, and two games games by 2 points. Collins hit a three point shot at the buzzer at SMU to win the game. I'm not defending Collins. He can and should make better decisions at "winning" time, but he is a gamer and he leaves it all on the court.
  3. Gregory is not "adapting." Really? He lost the best player on his team a few days before their first game and lost his "6th man" to what certainly appeared to be a "discipline" issue. This left him with virtually no front court. Memphis played 10 guys. Only one played over 30 minutes. Collins and Dawson played 38. The game was lost largely, though not exclusively due to rebounding and fatigue. They were plus 11 on the boards. You don't win many games at -11 on the boards. Coach Gregory does not make excuses. Memphis has three Top 100 players starting for them. We have none. Go ahead blame it on recruiting. But there is a reason Vitale called the Tampa job, the toughest Division 1 in college basketball. Already the rumbling has begun. This is what happened to Gregory at Georgia Tech. He was building a program and they cut the rug from under him. How did that work out? I've been a season ticket holder for 28 years. I've seen them come and go and Coach Gregory is far and away the best we've had. Criticism is fair and necessary but the context counts. Gregory set up a play at the most crucial juncture of the game for Brown and he threw up an air ball. He did not play well in the second half. Collins made some bad decisions, but he gave his body for the team throughout the game and without him they lose by double digits. X did play well and they just didn't get the ball to Dawson down the stretch, who has improved dramatically since the beginning of the season. They got the ball to Durr for a dunk on a set play and he was filed but missed the dunk (barely). Instead of a possible 3 point play, he got one. But you also have to give credit to Memphis. Next year we have some big bodies coming in and a legitimate top 60 guard. Q is what we have. He plays hard but his offensive skills are limited to say the least. This is the most stable the basketball program has been in the last 25 years. Coach Gregory is building a winner. Expectations were high this year and I too am disappointed, but the team has earned far more support than they've received. At least a third of the crowd were from Memphis. That's pathetic.
  4. Interesting comments on Mack and Zack Dawson. Mack's game is quite different than Yetna's. He is a better post player and has a soft touch. But he can't compare as a rebounder and defender. That will take a lot more coaching. He had one rebound in 8 minutes. That won't cut it. But he's a freshman and has tremendous potential. Zack Dawson is now the key to the season. This was his first game in nearly two years. He seemed tentative. He is likely the most talented and diverse guard on the team based on what he did in high school, where he was one of the most recruited seniors in 2016. If he develops quickly, the Bulls are a 20+ win team. Boston College will be a tough out for a team that now has to change much of its approach so early in the season. They will have to shoot a lot better than they did last night, but you can always count on hustle and defense from this team. Gregory is impressive.
  5. Don't know why fans aren't shooting higher. I think we compete for the championship of the AAC. We beat Memphis last year and Houston loses two terrific senior guards. It won't be easy but we should be top 3.
  6. Sagarin had us lower overall due to schedule and failure to beat any teams in the top 50, but they hd us in the 50s based on "recent action."
  7. Not at all disappointed. The injuries to Yetna and Q were very significant, disturbing the chemistry of an inexperienced team.
  8. I agree that the team has some talented players. But the consensus was they would finish last. One of the reasons one can say they beat the teams they were supposed to beat is that's how it looks now, because they beat them. At the start of the season, this team was not expected to beat Wichita State or Memphis or to lose narrowly to Temple twice and to Cincinnati or to beat SMU on the road (a place they lost by 50 last year). Perhaps over-performed is the wrong word. They won 2 conference games last year, 8 this year. A gain of 6 games surely has to be considered something beyond expectations. If they don't win 10 games in conference next year, we'll likely be disappointed.
  9. This team over-performed most of the season, with the only real under-performances against the Citadel and SMU. The defensive effort was poor yesterday given the game plan, which was to crash the boards. USF did their usual great job of offensive rebounding, but the failure to get points off the offensive rebounding led to many easy baskets going the other way for SMU. Yes, it was disappointing, but we all know there are still a few glaring weaknesses. We don't have any forwards who can score off the dribble. Our poor outside shooting makes us vulnerable to teams that can play a good match-up zone. The future is bright, but we are still a couple of weapons away from being a tournament team. Still, let's not forget we were picked for last in the conference. This has been a year to develop a "professional" and disciplined approach and, for the most part, it has been successful. We can be expected to finish among the top six next year and will have only two seniors among the top eight players. No reason to believe we won't again be the best or near the best rebounding team in the league and that's a good start. Sure would love to beat Connecticut and win our first ever game in the AAC Tournament.
  10. We'll get the 20th win on Sunday and should add another during the Conference Tournament.The starting seven are back next year in addition to two three-star recruits and Zach Dawson (if he has his life straightened out). Durr will bulk up this summer and Yetna should continue to improve. This should give USF the talent to compete and perhaps split with the teams at the top next year. A reasonable goal of 11 or 12 wins in conference next year is attainable. Losing our point guard for the rest of this season is a blow, but we should still be able to finish on a high note. Those 2 point loses to Tulsa, and Temple really hurt, but as CBG likes to say "we know who we are."
  11. That three point shot was a disgrace as was the missed free throw. Coach was not happy. Do like his attitude. Disappointing that UCFwanted it more
  12. Other than the spurts at the beginning of each half, we played Houston pretty well. They are just too experienced and they haven't lost at home in two years. We will have Zack Dawson next year and that should make a lot of difference. Casatenada has progressed nicely and is playing with more confidence. He will only get better. Teams have adjusted to our preferred mode of driving to the basket. Justin Brown was expected to be a three-point threat, but he just hasn't delivered except in spurts. Lang is ok, but is a defensive liability and lacks the kind of effort we see in the other players. So we are what we are. Next year, we will have Zack Dawson. He was rated as the third best shooting point guard in the country coming out of Miami and averaged 24 points a game. And he was recruited by Arizona, Louisville, and Oklahoma State. Hopefully, he's not a head case,With 4 good guards and Yetna and Durr continuing to improve, we have to think we'll be a 22-25 win team. Moreover, I anticipate that Gregory will add another recruit in the late signing period. And the two incoming Freshman look like they can both contribute early. Q has been off his game for the past three weeks and it has hurt. We need him to have any chance of upsetting UCF. When he is on top of his game, Collins is a better than average shooter. He's playing hurt and it is unlikely we can afford to rest him
  13. They take into account margin of victory. If we had won by double-digits, the ranking wouldn't have changed that much.
  14. Hats off to ECU. They came to play. Q was not benched at any point; he had two early fouls, which is an automatic sit. Gregory said after the game, he had to ask the team at halftime if they knew the game started at 5:30 because they were playing as if it started at 6:30. Great line! Collins played over 40 minutes and was outstanding. This team was built around Yetna's offensive rebounding and ability to move inside or outside and be equally effective. Coach made some great defensive adjustments taking away the three pointers and limiting the top Freshman rebounder in the league to 3 rebounds. But as you could see, this team is offensively challenged and their are no easy solutions with the present cast. Let's be real. This team is way ahead of schedule. Each player has improved over the course of the season and once again today we at times had three freshman on the court at the same time. They just came off their biggest road win and had a quick turnaround. And would be hard not to be looking ahead to their biggest rival. Speaking of the game Wednesday, consider they play three 5th year seniors. We play one senior and he rarely plays more than 12 minutes a game. Gregory will be Coach of the Year.
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