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  1. Disagree with WoolyBully 100%. Everybody has their line not to cross but I feel booing is acceptable while obscenities and name calling are not. These are not kids. These guys are getting free rides to college and in turn are expected to show up and give 100%. Football is entertainment. I was not entertained last night. I saw below par effort from the players. Not much Coach can do once the whistle blows. At that point it is up to the players to dig in and play. I don't know about you, but I paid every last dime of my college education and it cost me a fortune and I did not have the luxury to
  2. I could be wrong but the play where Floyd threw to Davis near the endzone..his arm was held back by the defender. Maybe there is some chemistry issues between Floyd and Davis..and he prefers a different QB. Either way im sure the offense isn't too happy with the defense and vice versa
  3. Our "Green Plague" LOL...most feared front 7...you've gotta be joking. the whole team got their reality check last night.
  4. im no UFC troll, just thought you could use some laughter in your life right now much appreciated
  5. Just posted a topic on this. Had a lot more detail originally in that topic, but my computer screwed up and once I rebooted, didn't feel like retyping it out. I completely agree. You guys are really putting this on Holtz? His team at La Tech would have beat us by 20 tonight. Please stop it. Our guys, with a projected Top 10 draft pick on defense, just crapped the bed. Not Holtz' fault. truth.
  6. They're on scholarship getting school paid for.........they're adults and should be accountable for mistakes.
  7. The game was over. He's more talented than Eveld and if he can get it going we could build off it. So what if we can be 3-9 with Eveld. I'll take 1-11 with Floyd, Bench, or White as they're our QB next year too I hope you really didn't just say Matt Floyd is more talented than Eveld.............................................
  8. Anytime you throw 2 INT's im sorry but there is some blame to be put on you..
  9. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round round and round the wheels on the bus go round and round off the cliff
  10. Who thinks Floyd will be the starter against Michigan State
  11. If Eveld or Bench isn't the starter I will not be at another game. Floyd is terrible. Worst I've seen... double& triple coverage throws. smh
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