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  1. Jesus isn't going to come in and fix this offense with the o-line issues we have.
  2. You wouldn't be loyal to any team either with the pay check they offered and a dream to have a better chance of one day coaching a BCS Championship winner........just sayin
  3. It was also a very different time in college football back then. If things were how the were now, no way in hell would the committee ever have us ranked that high again.
  4. At this point, who would want to come here other than a young OC/DC who is going to jump at money if and when a P5 comes knocking. CCS is not the solution here as we can all agree. CWT is one hell of a recruiter and I feel like Coach King worked well with QF which I never understood keeping him but moving him to a different positional coaching spot. I would love to see up ranked and competing nationally for NY6 games and all of that hoopla but at this point I'd rather see up scoring points and enjoying football again. This product is worse than Skippy Ball and Gilbert's grape eating offense.
  5. Maybe he wanted to trade Skippy some time outs for a few a few comic books?
  6. and it all starts..... https://www.wbtv.com/2019/10/29/nc-sen-richard-burr-suggests-taxing-scholarships-athletes-who-cash-likeness/
  7. https://www.sizzler.com/locations/sizzler-irlo-bronson-hwy1#locations
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