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  1. Let's jut be honest here, CCS is not head coaching material. He did well in L'ville because he got a special athlete to come and play QB there. Teddy was a play-maker and that's not coaching. CCS failed at Texas and is failing here. How long do you give him?
  2. fla331boy

    Bring everyone back

    Not under this current system
  3. fla331boy

    What did Strong say?

    He needs to take it back to K-Mart where he found it.
  4. I say line him up in the backfield a few times and swing it out to him.
  5. fla331boy

    What did Strong say?

    CCS was a terrible hire that brought little to no "hype" or excitement to this USF program. He couldn't win at TX so why would we expect him to win here? We should've saved our time and money and promoted King to head coach and kept the idea of being "Bay Made." I expect those golden showers to lay 70 on us easily which hurts me to say but it will happen.
  6. fla331boy

    USF Will Win on Friday

    We don't have the team to even come close to beating them this year and this includes our playbook, coaching staff and young inexperienced kids.
  7. fla331boy

    View from Coogville

    I just hope Sterling threw away that garbage of a playbook and comes with a better plan. If big Ed is healthy, he'll be in the backfield all night harassing Blake and Co. I see this one getting ugly real fast the way we've played thus far, but I hope I'm wrong.
  8. wait, they give coffee breaks there?!?!!?!??
  9. This is what the will be running from what I've been told. I don't care what they run as long as they limit the damage.
  10. GT(pains me to say/type) 48-28 (we don't tackle which will lead to long runs) Cronkite Wilcox(as long as he brings his hands that work) 420
  11. fla331boy

    Girls of Elon

    that's it!?!?!?!?!