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  1. I agree with Ambien and Army on this. No doubt there are scumbag fans for every team in the country but I've been to all of the games at UCF and tailgated in the middle of UCF groups and have never had a problem. Maybe I'm the exception and should consider myself lucky...certainly sounds that way based on this thread. Are there going to be drunk UCF fans that act like jerks, of course there are just like there are plenty of drunk, obnoxious USF fans on any given game day. I'm not going to leave my flags and magnets on the car while in the game but I don't do that at Ray Jay either. We typ
  2. We had some of this in our area too....a few folks who had clearly had too many drinks and were being vulgar and inappropriate. It happens but not a good look for us. I tried to buy them bottles of water but they were not interested and my wife finally told me to mind my own business as she reminded me of times when she's had to deal with me in similar situations, lol. I'm sure that was a small sampling of our overall representation because all of the Tulane folks we spoke to were complimentary of USF and surprised by how many of us were there.
  3. I would totally trade seat backs and A/C to get to walk the campus to our stadium but I know many don't feel that way, including my wife. I think we might have gotten spoiled in some areas while missing out on others.
  4. Their stadium might not be quite as big as we'd like but it was pretty cool to walk their campus yesterday and get the football vibe, even though they barely had any fans in the stands and the students my wife and I talked to didn't even know there was a football game happening yesterday. The campus was beautiful and the weather turned out to be nice. Great weekend for football on NOLA.
  5. Wife and I are on the ground in NOLA. Flew out of Orlando this morning and saw 5-7 Bulls on our SW flight. Sitting at breakfast now and ran into another group of 8-10 while waiting for a table.
  6. This might be true but I'd prefer to think of myself as anxious, rather than bitchy. We all know we shouldn't look past the next game on the schedule but the reality is we're going to face at least one team this season where we're going to have to play our best football to win and the red zone decisions against Cincy were clearly not our best football. Whether those decisions were on Gilbert, Flowers, or a combo of both (most likely), reading his comments makes me anxious about how stubborn he will be with adjusting the game plan if/when needed.
  7. I'm not so sure that this is "part of us and who we are" with our current team but it is clearly Gilbert's agenda and he isn't willing to let it go yet. Thankfully it hasn't cost us a game so far but it is certainly painful to watch at times.
  8. What were McShay's reasons for suggesting that he stay? Obviously there is less pressure and expectation at UCF but would be surprised that anyone would suggest that it's a better opportunity than Nebraska. Regardless of whether it's UCF or any of the other G5 schools, seems like it would be hard to make a solid argument for sticking around in the current environment where there is a clear divide.
  9. Not questioning you on this but if true that is surprising to me. I would have thought the exact opposite. Curious who the people are that would proactively reach out to get this number other than those directly involved with the logistics of the arrangement. I have seen JK tweet that he's "just reporting facts" but guess I underestimate how many people are interested in that particular fact. To New England Bull's point, if we can just fill the dang stadium it becomes a nonissue. Until then, JK will continue to annoy me each week.
  10. I get that we're required to document actual attendance numbers. I just find it hard to believe that city leaders are using JK's twitter feed or articles as their official record of these numbers. If they are, shame on them for not having a better system in place. If they aren't, shame on JK for insisting on broadcasting a number that can be found somewhere else and unnecessarily makes us look worse.
  11. Wasn't Dungy a major part of our pitch to join the Big 12 last year? Seems like it's less about dissing us and more about recognizing that Frost is a talented coach who has a connection to a Nebraska program that is currently struggling. If anything it seems like he's calling out Nebraska, not us. The only way I can see this being viewed as anti-USF is because the coach he mentioned happens to be at UCF.
  12. Looks like 80% chance of rain in NOLA on Saturday. Forecast shows it dropping to 20% in the evening but could make for a challenging commute to campus for fans and a wet field for the players to deal with. Better pack your rain gear.
  13. I admittedly don't follow JK that closely so the answer might be obvious to others but I'm curious why he thinks "actual fan turnout" is a huge deal here? Is there a demand for that number that I'm not aware of? Clearly the folks on TBP would prefer it never be mentioned but he obviously thinks (or knows) that someone has an interest. What's that about?
  14. Clearly CCS needs to reevaluate his "deterrent system" for penalties. Whatever the punishment is, it doesn't seem to be working.
  15. I have a hard time believing we don't easily cover this spread. It does appear Tulane plays better at home and I would completely agree that the guys in LV seem to know better than I do but Tulane just lost to FIU by 13 points. I think we win big and we keep the 30+ streak going.
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