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  1. I don't see the Big12 lasting too long tbh. But UCF should do well for 4 to 10 years while it does last. Hopefully by then we will be watchable again. IPF is still the right move.
  2. Quite the twist if true. I'm sure each AD and commissioner is giving/getting numbers. All roads lead back to ESPN for market worth, but they can't really be to blame for their monopoly on college sports can they? The whole thing is quite amusing since we have nothing left to lose.
  3. Never had a doubt. Kid became special while he was here. Gilbert I can't forgive his incompetence.
  4. But we might have to vacate that bad boy mowers bowl participation trophy! This is the worst
  5. He organizes his thoughts very well which I don't think we've ever had as a head coach. Impressed and this was a ton better than his introduction which he explains was rushed in the interview.
  6. Looks like he's going for pro style. Not sure that's going to work but UNC qb incoming
  7. Or we could recruit difference makers out of HS like we did with Taggart and put them on the field as freshman and Dream Team 2.0 will be in full affect. I will even change my avatar back. I'd prioritize those HS relationships over mercenaries you find on portal and you have little knowledge of family, mindset, and intelligence. Say what you want but Taggart was pretty good at relationship building and getting to know them early. If you already recruited the player and missed on them out of HS then by all means (I.e. Taggart with MVS).
  8. Clemson offense is going to be a slow bake. Can we just stick with what we know works around here?
  9. Charlie Strong didn't take enough chances to win yesterday especially knowing before hand his kicker was iffy. QB, defense, and o line are improving but coming from nothing that isn't saying much. Product is wildly inconsistent week to week based on injuries to key personnel. This isn't a Skip Holtz situation like I thought earlier in the season. Everyone can agree he's wildly overpaid for what we have gotten but he isn't the worst thing I've seen either.
  10. They are prepping Rygol to start which is what they should be doing. What coaches say especially Strong is just smoke for the press and ECU.
  11. It's a fair point. The whole IPF was more like 60-80 million with conference rooms and what not lol. 40 million is only stage 1.
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