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  1. Gilbert could not figure out red zone without flowers majic. Honestly didn't hear red zone once from Bell but I know he scores points so think we will be ok.
  2. I'm actually excited for football again. Excited for Blake to have a check down! DJ is probably saying WTF right now.
  3. Saying all the right things. Especially when he says he's not going to ride coattails and will make the offense his own.
  4. usfbullrider

    Mark Richt

    Butch Davis just to shaft FIU
  5. usfbullrider

    DJ to the AAF

    He deserves a shot and Gilbert seriously underutilized him. Happy for him.
  6. usfbullrider

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Can we get Craig watts back as well? Lol he was a tackle machine for them.
  7. usfbullrider

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    Yeah I'm not seeing over 5. Next season will be tough. I need to see roster in Spring game to change my mind. Even then we are playing against each other which is a crap shoot. We lack talent on the lines. Lack talent at linebacker. It's crazy.
  8. Taggart wasn't so smart but he hired outside his inner circle when the going got tough and paid consultants. Interested in what route Charlie will take.
  9. usfbullrider

    Possible OC's

    I want him to do what Taggart did and hire consultants. Swallow the ego and pride.
  10. DL is going to need it's own thread. For the sake of his job he better be selling early playing time to 4 star somewhere.
  11. 4 assistants seems like a lot unless it's water boy assistants
  12. usfbullrider

    Transferring players

    I was one who believes he was an upgrade until his introductory press conference and Gilbert's answers about not watching film. This coaching staff thought they could sleep walk into wins and not properly prepare and for that to they should all be let go.
  13. usfbullrider

    Transferring players

    Some suggesting we would be better without the departing dream team of Flowers DJ etc. Now we don't have Tyre either. Where did those people go?
  14. usfbullrider

    What p***** me off the most

    What about teams gashing us in the middle? The whole scheme has been exposed since coach decided to go with more speed than strength.