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  1. Or we could recruit difference makers out of HS like we did with Taggart and put them on the field as freshman and Dream Team 2.0 will be in full affect. I will even change my avatar back. I'd prioritize those HS relationships over mercenaries you find on portal and you have little knowledge of family, mindset, and intelligence. Say what you want but Taggart was pretty good at relationship building and getting to know them early. If you already recruited the player and missed on them out of HS then by all means (I.e. Taggart with MVS).
  2. Clemson offense is going to be a slow bake. Can we just stick with what we know works around here?
  3. Charlie Strong didn't take enough chances to win yesterday especially knowing before hand his kicker was iffy. QB, defense, and o line are improving but coming from nothing that isn't saying much. Product is wildly inconsistent week to week based on injuries to key personnel. This isn't a Skip Holtz situation like I thought earlier in the season. Everyone can agree he's wildly overpaid for what we have gotten but he isn't the worst thing I've seen either.
  4. They are prepping Rygol to start which is what they should be doing. What coaches say especially Strong is just smoke for the press and ECU.
  5. It's a fair point. The whole IPF was more like 60-80 million with conference rooms and what not lol. 40 million is only stage 1.
  6. Our struggles offensively weren't too hard to predict. We literally did go routes and HB dives all season last year. Further, Glibert's designs cut off half the field so the QB only needed to make one or two progressions without a checkdown. This stagnated everyone's growth in football IQ. Now trying to teach routes and fundamentals it might be easier to start with freshmen. Will it pay off eventually is anybody's guess...
  7. Sands and Conkrite were over 6ypc. If we can replicate this and limit sacks we will go bowling.
  8. Strong beat up on a real crappy team to give us hope? Can't compete when facing a team that has equal talent level? I'm shocked!
  9. Suspends best player. f----you strong did he hurt your feelings? you've chased 75% of our playmakers away.
  10. Thanks for the answer. Seems off limits but hopefully we hire an intellectual/tactician coach next go around and maybe we can keep Charlie away from the refs/players until then.
  11. Been wondering this for a long time but is this an ok thing to ask or is it off limits? He seems to stutter quite a bit and talk in incomplete sentences/thoughts for the most part. The thing 2 weeks ago where he basically accused the refs of calling an unfair game before the game even began and the latest revelation from a former player saying he was proud to be coach at the university of south carolina before that bowl game. Breach of contract from hiding anything from the University?
  12. Our receivers were beating their guys down the field but JM was either sacked or missed them. So many issues we aren't even close to being good with no sign of improvement. As what usually happens, the more the coaches coach the worse we get. Players should just take the week off at this point or run practice themselves.
  13. We could do a lot worse than CJL, the man loves to win and his passion would be infectious everywhere he goes. But yes we really already know what works and that would be the brightest OC we can find. We need to build a brand around the GCO since it's simple and effective. And by brand I think we should make that base offense a part of the job description.
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