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  1. Nobody cares about money for OOC games but season ticket sales for that one season should be one of the best years of late.
  2. usfbullrider

    Does USF football exist?

    USF has a branding issue to say the least. Which is why we need 5 more logos at miminum.
  3. We need size. Strong is going to have to take some chances maybe work harder or something.
  4. usfbullrider

    Time To Audition King as OC

    Bell has looked good in limited action and it says a lot that coaches put him back in immediately after being injured most of the season. Cronk is good but his vision wasn't great as the defenses got better. Maybe too confident in the O line or scheme. IDK. We need to get away from predictable to really judge him.
  5. usfbullrider

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    If USF Twitter screws the pooch on this it will be totally a USF thing to happen.
  6. usfbullrider

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Who is gonna be the scapegoat now?
  7. usfbullrider

    Strength and Conditioning....

    I have no idea if its good or bad but the departing lineman did say this staff wasnt holding players accountable for missing sessions like Taggarts staff did. No reason to lie about that when he was mainly mad at the line coach.
  8. Sounds like he did kind of a lot to make the team a winner. Stuff Strong couldn't implement.
  9. I really doubt this latest buyout revelation. Seems too convenient to leak vague numbers this close to early signing period. They know anybody they bring in wont outrecruit charlie in a short period of time so there is no reason to make a change yet.
  10. usfbullrider

    Charlie gave up

    Even holtzwoulda got 17
  11. usfbullrider

    Blake Barnett not playing today

    Nice cover for coaches when ur best QB sitting out.
  12. usfbullrider

    Today, my friends ....

    Only if first stringers are available. Remember we have depth issues on a 90 man FL team running a spread offense.
  13. Cincy is better than us this year
  14. We would be more explosive if DBs stop PI us. Not all our rcvrs are as strong as wilcox and mccants unfortunately.
  15. usfbullrider

    Veer and Shoot Offense

    I think it affects practice some too. Our defense isn't developing because the offense they see everyday is simplistic and leaves large areas of the field untouched.