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  1. He has a nose for the end zone. His tape is real good. Defensive players will sleep on him because of his size as they did in HS.
  2. Pro style passing concepts. He mentioned the Qbs needing to get to up to 5 progressions which in college is hard to do I think. Exciting stuff.
  3. 2 of our DTs aren't playing today which is making things easier for the offense.
  4. Blitz. Defense getting desperate Barnett has a great arm down the middle
  5. If I remember correctly his HS tape is very much like Flowers. His release is uncannily similar. Looks like he's super competitive too.
  6. They are pressuring him but it don't make a difference. Very Flowerresque
  7. That's the biggest deficiency. We have a grad transfer from Arizona State who might give a boost but we need talent really bad there. We can blitz to help.
  8. Phillips also ran a great route. Gave himself space to cut to the sideline and Battle put it there. Very good stuff we haven't seen in a long time as far as route running.
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