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  1. Would all be forgiven if we finally put together a full game and come out with a dominating win against C.? I honestly would feel better about winning our rivalry game, but I still think changes are needed. I still lack faith in the staff, and I'm afraid a win tonight will mask a lot of the issues. What do you guys think?
  2. And UCONN's D wasn't? Houston has Oliver, and our o-line is a bit suspect. I hope we can pull it off.
  3. Beating a undefeated UCF over a single or multiple loss UCF does absolutely nothing for us in terms of the CFP. The most we can do is win the CCG and make a NY6 bowl. As long as we win out, then we will get the "recognition" we all are seeking. Playoffs are out of the question until we make it into a P5 conference, and that won't happen if UCF overshadows us. I will not be banking on any sort of package deal if there is a conference expansion, especially if UCF looks like the better product. With that said, I will not be cheering for UCF to win. But the team really needs to get it together for us to have any shot.
  4. Although a ucf win would help the P6 argument and make our Florida package deal look sweeter in the event of conference expansion, for my own selfish reasons I would rather see Auburn take the win.
  5. USF not ranked in the cfp rankings this week. UCiF at #18 and Memphis at #22
  6. Let's not forget Houston's 2015 season where they were ranked 13th at 10-0 and lost to Connecticut. They still went on to win the conference and beat Florida state in the peach bowl. All is not lost. Hopefully the coaching staff sees where they went wrong and make some changes.
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 116 seconds  
  9. Look. I am not at all impressed with what I have seen from the offense the last two games. I do agree that the play calling is questionable. However, I have seen worse play calling that resulted in a loss against an fcs team and 2 and 4 win seasons. I am just not ready to call for heads and am willing to wait until we get into conference play. I am sure they will make some changes because everyone has a point to prove. Guess I'm running on faith.
  10. Amen. I remember many nights of frustration with the offense under CWT. I'm glad he eventually got it together, but those were tough times.
  11. I do agree that the play calling has not been what we are accustomed to (the potent aggressive style). But I won't go as far as saying it is atrocious, especially after game 2. We had a few dropped passes that would have put us in some pretty sweet spots, and that's unfortunate. In terms of stubbornness, let's not forget it took CWT almost 2 and a half seasons to play to the players strengths (talk about square pegs and round holes). I have faith in our new coaching staff. They are not completely oblivious and don't see what we see. They have the same goal in mind.. Win. I don't see it taking 2 seasons to make changes. I do see one thing though, we are 2-0 in games we would have lost 2 seasons ago. Let's put down the pitchforks and let the staff do it's thing. We can revisit this conversation around game 7. I hope to say "told you so, just needed a little faith"
  12. That's what I thought at first.. But then I checked ESPN.com and it said 11. But now my ESPN app is dating noon. Either way I'll be there. Anyone know where the away section is? I would prefer to be around fellow bulls.
  13. I'll be there! Not a fan of early games, but I am able to make the drive down and back, so that works out! Nothing like a pumped drive home. Have we ever played a 11:00 game before?
  14. I just read Joey Knight's TBT bulletin about college football magazines, and this quote from Athlon is just ridiculous: "The initial wave of college football preview magazines has crashed upon newsstands, spraying hype all over USF.But the adoration is accompanied by some snark. ..... Additionally, Athlon highlights this quote -- from an "opposing AAC assistant coach" -- about the Bulls: "They have real athletes in that program, and they can get them , but the school has to step up and look at UCF's level of commitment." This has got to be a joke. Rest of story: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/preseason-magazines-praise-poke-usf/2324680
  15. A few of us will be in the first row of Section 110. Getting excited!
  16. Here is the condensed footage of the NIU game. Thanks to python815 for the game footage.
  17. Thanks guys. I will do my best to keep it up for the season. As long as I can get a copy of the full game footage, I have no problem cutting it up.
  18. I took the time to cut out all the fat and leave just the plays for your viewing pleasure.
  19. Will be coming from Albany. If we make it well ahead of kickoff, we would love to stop by.
  20. I will see if I can get my hands on any of those games. The navy and temple games will be tricky since they aired on CBSSN.
  21. Alright guys, it's been a while. I had some free time, so I condensed the USF UCF game into about 20 mins. This should help everyone who is in drought mode. If I get more free time, I will try to do the same for other games that have not been shortened already.
  22. I could have sworn USF said they would release each episode the following week from which it aired. The "USF Athletics" YouTube channel has yet to upload an episode so far. Although we haven't been doing much winning lately, I do enjoy hearing the back stories of the team and players. Anybody know whats up?
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