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  1. It’s halftime and NOW the app wants to play the game. I missed the entire half!
  2. I hate CBS Sports Network. I have a valid account and I go to stream on the app and it says watch live. Once I got there it tells me to go online. Once online, it tells me to open the frontier app and that tells me I can’t watch unless I’m connected to Wi-Fi at home. Well, im not at home and is why I’m using the app in the first place.
  3. Thanks Dogma, I was watching online and then it unauthorized me on ESPN due to Frontier account not having ACCN. I missed most of the 1st Q until I came across this. Go Bulls!
  4. Anyone know if buying verified resell tickets on ticketmaster will transfer the club access, if ticket holders selling them have club access? I need 4 tickets and worried I won’t have club access for my kids in case they come with me.
  5. NIU has been hurting themselves all game, but they are still in it. SDSU does not look like a better team then us.
  6. It's going to be a long night if we can't score with the good field position we've had. Hopefully, our receivers will catch some passes and do so in bounds.
  7. Let's hit some receivers on underneath routes or throw to the TE's. We can't throw to a covered AD all the time.
  8. NTXCoog has some great points. Let's just hope that White shows us more then our other QB's have all season and Shaw returns. I think if that happens, you can throw stats out the window, bc you would be playing a different team then you see on paper. Houston is heavily favored, but so was Cincy and you never know what Taggart and company are brewing up this week to get the offense going a little. What if Lamar Robbins gives us the speed and hands we need at WR to spark the offense? What if Shaw is back and Taggart puts Willie Davis out wide, because he showed he can make catches. These are all what if's, but you can't always just look at stats; you also have to look at what the casual fan doesn't know and that is the changes that are coming.
  9. We'll be punting from the 5 unless Willie breaks loose and gets us down field. We'll still punt it, just not from the 5. Let's be real though; if we can put together a TD scoring drive, we will mosh likely win this game.
  10. I guess all of those punt return drilsl about letting anything go past the 10 yd line were for fun.
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