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  1. I am not using my Comp ones either. they are in section 240. PM me anyone wants them.
  2. Yeah, I was planning to do it Monday. Hopefully, I can get both but I am Ok with just trading 1 set. Thanks. But, overall I am still happy because I have tickets in hand with a Grothe bobble-head.
  3. I am not sure if I entered it in wrong, but is anyone willing to trade their LOT 6D season parking passes of my season Lot 5 parking passes. I will call the ticket office to see if it is possible. But I have 2 sets of Lot 5. My tailgates are in lot 6D and we usually drive together to pool our spots.
  4. Sorry, i already exchanged them with my ticket rep. Thanks though. I have friends that were put in 5 also, I can ask if they want to exchange?
  5. I ended up getting in contact with my rep. He had no problems switching.
  6. I will give them a call today. I have been in Lot 7 for about 5 years, so I am guessing it was just a mistake. It is good to know that it is fairly simple to switch. I am just happy it is football season again though.
  7. I contacted them today, but he hasn't gotten back to me. Just seeing if anyone here would like those passes before i went to the ticket office. I put lot 7 as my preference and lot 5 as a secondary. So not sure why they gave me lot 5 first.
  8. I have my tailgate in Lot 7 and would like to stay in there.
  9. Does anyone have any Lot 7 parking passes that is willing to trade for Lot 5? I usually get Lot 7 passes but this year they sent me Lot 5. PM me if interested. I have up to 3 to trade.
  10. In section 220 Row W Seat 1 & 2 For $300 total. For UTEP and on. $30 per ticket. would rather sell them all at once. PM me if interested
  11. When we left, she was talking to the police that showed up. They have a trail of credit card expenses so hopefully they found it.
  12. dmongo

    Chris Dunkley a Bull

    First post and link, so be kind. But found this. http://www.onlygators.com/04/22/2011/two-bits-dunkley-to-usf-dunlap-back-at-uf/