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  1. It's way too early to say, but I'm viewing this year like 2015. We have a lot of young talent who is still in development stage, there are good points on the team (and I would rate the defense as one of them), and while the schedule is tough there's a path forward. 

    The OL problems are going to define the season unfortunately. One thing I liked last night is that when Bell realized he needed to settle his team down and get the ball moving, he went to the run and got the OL settled down a bit. They could afford to do that against the likes of SC State and it got the offense moving, which was important. 

    I suspect that the offense is going to be watered down a bit further and I don't  have an issue with that. I want McCloud to cook, but too many slow developing plays will get him killed in the pocket, so going with some quick shots will protect him and help keep the offense on schedule. Bell and Darveau need to select a starting 5 OL and stick with them all season long, chopping and changing will hold back chemistry and confidence building for the OL. 

    I know people are terrified that UCF will destroy us. Who wouldn't be? They're looking like a play off team, they destroyed everyone on their schedule last year and now their QB situation is much better than it was last year and they're destroying everyone again. Temple is no slouch either, they have a strong defense and they are doing what they do every year, be the team everyone hates to play. But we have to remember that if the team develops, then we will be in a position to compete with UC, Temple, and UCF at the end of the season and that's all anyone can ask for. Our team was no better last year and we were leading UC and Temple at the half. 

    This offense is all about chemistry. I don't know if we can beat SMU (they really are good this year), but two weeks to practice and get better will certainly help. I'm still ticked about GT, having that win would have been a huge confidence builder and gotten us one game closer to a bowl. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, hm101 said:

    Bunch of downers here.

    This is a huge boost for the team. Did you see how they actually looked like they were having fun... they were balling... and this is an FCS opponent worrh respecting. No matter how you slice it 8 turnovers is not normal. It's a job well done. 

    Thank you. If the team is having fun, then they will play better. 

    Perhaps even bigger than that is that we had zero turnovers tonight. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, usfgrad84 said:

    I agree totally. This offense does not look dynamic. It will be interesting to see them play against a FBS defense. 

    We've already see them play FBS defenses twice. Even had we gotten that TD last week against GT, 17 points is nothing to write home about. 

    I'm wondering how good SMU's defense is. They've allowed 57 points in two games against decent G5 schools, but they're holding a bad Texas State team to just three points as we speak. If the offense can get its legs under it the next two weeks, we have a decent shot. I appreciate that Bell simplified it a bit to get McCloud going. 

    That offense though will be trouble in two weeks. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Bulls On Parade said:

    There coach is going to get hired away this season..he has the offense looking as good if not better than Frost.

    And knowing them, they'll go right back and hire yet another hot and up coming OC to keep building that program. 

    Safe is death. We're down on the mat and the count is happening right now, USF's future as a football program literally rests on this year and it's in the hands of a guy who doesn't play to win. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, Bull Dozer said:

    Yes this is common practice for universities to protect themselves from public records laws and limit damages in liability cases. 


    1 hour ago, TheAccountant said:

    The terms surrounding the Strong contract seem sketchy to me at best. These articles lead one to believe that Harlan signed CCS with one contract through the University, which would be subject to the Sunshine Law (and therefore public record) and then turned around and had him agree to a second contract through the University's private foundation that is not subject to the Sunshine Law (and therefore not public record). Is this common practice at other Universities? Typically if someone does something to try to get around public disclosure, it is something they shouldn't be doing. It would be interesting to see if the Board of Trustees (BOT) were wise to this agreement.

    **Warning** about to bore you with financial information...

    As of 6/30/2017 the Foundation has a total of $595,126,655 in net assets, however $224,788,997 of that is temporarily restricted (must be held for a certain amount of time or spent on a donor-specified purpose) and $356,817,473 is permanently restricted (aka endowments, which are typically invested and cannot be spent). That only leaves around $13,520,185 in unrestricted net assets (funds can be spent on whatever the Board of Trustees approves).  Of the $13.5m unrestricted net assets, $9,732,783 is tied up in land, building, and equipment. This means that at best, the Foundation only has around $3,787,402 of truly unrestricted net assets that could be spent on a CCS buyout. So if his buyout truly is $7.5m as has been floated around this forum, we are most likely going to be stuck with him unless another school takes him off of our hands (not likely). 


    USF Foundation 6/30/2017 Fiscal Year Form 990

    Thinking here as the other CPA on this board-

    There's no guarantee that his contract isn't part of the temporarily restricted assets. Given the arms race in college football, I wouldn't be shocked if fundraising to endow or raise money for coaching positions is part of the deal. Seeing as they have to revise the accounting every year for a lower buyout, I could have seen them releasing temporarily restricted net assets every year to lower the liability. 


  6. 29 minutes ago, Gismo said:

    I don’t understand why FSU is so high on the list. Honestly I’d place them behind UCF. Is it simply because they have a law school? I’ll give them that they do have some top behavioral science / psychology research. 

    They were hovering around the low 100s previously. Whatever was done plus their own work massively benefited them. It really doesn't matter as I suspect we will catch them within a decade. They do have a more traditional (read: less low risk) student population. I personally don't buy that they're as good academically as Miami. 

  7. 32 minutes ago, usf97 said:

    Math dictates yes. After this season ($2.5 million) CCS is owed $2.6 million for 2020 and $2.7 million for 2021.

    If that money is fully or nearly fully guaranteed...then you have to ask yourself....how bad would this season have to be for Kelly to pull the trigger on that kind of payout? Plus you would have to pay another staff a similar payout. 

    If we were to go 2-10, I don't see him being fired if he has that kind of buyout. The same situation is happening right now at Illinois and Tulsa. 


    I'm going to politely disagree. Had we made a better hire at coach, we likely would have had a much better finish to last season, which would have helped build the ticket base coming into this year and with another good year I think RJS would have started averaging high 30s attendance. Right now season tickets are paid for and it will likely take a really good coach to generate excitement around the program next year, someone on the level of Scott Frost or a Broyles award winner. I'll go regardless, but I get that most of our fan base has been burned far too many times to really trust the team. 

  8. 2 hours ago, usf97 said:

    That is just his public record contract.We have already been told there is more to that story. They signed a 2nd deal through the USF foundation to avoid the Sunshine State Laws. 

    If you believe the boys over at TDS, they state that the majority of his base salary is guaranteed. Maybe 80%, 90% or possibly even 100%. 100% would be $7.8 million. 

    If true, then CCS is likely here at least this and next season. Possibly all 3 seasons (It took us 5 years to pay out Skippy's $2.5 million buyout). Thanks Harlan. 

    52 minute mark. 



    I almost wonder if this would qualify for malfeasance on the part of Harlan. Are there any fully guaranteed coaching contracts in college football? This is insane. 

    I'm not sure USF can afford the reputation damage of having Strong beyond this season-that UCF game in 17 has broken the entire landscape of football in Florida in a bad way for USF. I know for a fact he tried to leave this off season and no one was willing to take him. MK might have to find a way to force him out. He's got high character, I know that, but I would fully expect him to hold USF to agreed upon terms. Then again, he would have to drop all the way to FCS to even have a decent shot at a head coaching job. No one in the G5 will take him as a head coach and certainly not in the P5. 

    While this is a smaller amount, Cincy bit the bullet, paid off Tubberville's $2.4M buyout, and now they're filling the stadium with ease and they're doing very well. A new head coach would certainly spike some excitement about the program especially if the players really are in shape, whether it's Bell or someone else. 

  9. 1 minute ago, MikePhillips said:

    And have we ever hit Hootie? Can we give these poor kids Nerf Rockets or something to throw at Hootie? Why do you take a 115 pound female sophomore, and expect her to throw an NCAA College Football 30 yards to hit an moving inflatable owl

    Can we get these people some Nerf Rockets? 

    There were three hits on  Hootie last weekend out of six potential. No pun intended. 

  10. 1 hour ago, usf97 said:

    I was the one who "speculated" that $7.8 million number but that is "probably" the worst case scenario. That would be if Harlan guaranteed his entire contract but that is making the ridiculous assumption that his salary per the public record is even accurate. 

    Trying to read between the lines and I spoke to this back in January, when you look at Charlie Strong, do you see an anxious man, coaching for his life? I don't. I saw that version of him at Texas. He was practically begging the media and boosters to give him more time. I don't see any concern from him at the moment. 

    If you are worried about your job or if you only have say a $1 or $2 million dollar buyout.....are you buying a $3.2 million house in July 2019? https://photos.cltampa.com/usf-coach-charlie-strong-just-bought-this-south-tampa-home-for-3-2-million/?slide=1&screen-shot-2019-07-09-at-11-14-04-am

    Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure where I read it. 

    No, I don't. I see him blaming himself and doing nothing about it every week. I understand that mindset, I've been there before, maybe he's got personal problems going on, but if he's not fully committed he needs to walk away-it's that simple. 

  11. I don't know if anyone was paying a ton of attention prior to the game, or if your memories pre-game have been washed away, but I couldn't help but notice that there were a ton of really good corporate sponsors with their names around the stadium. ReliaQuest has a really good relation with the College of Business and they're a great local company, so props to VPMK for getting them in. What I found even bigger is that he managed to land Delta as an advertiser in the stadium. I'm not sure if it was one week only (since GT is this week and Atlanta is Delta's hub), but if that's a long term contract then that's a huge props to him. Those were the two that stick out in my mind (I had a case study about ReliaQuest and I love Delta as a carrier), but there were other businesses that were advertising and sponsoring...it's not just Hooters and Kubota anymore. I hope he can keep them as local buy in will continue to help build support around USF football. 

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  12. Mangino and Leach were both decent coaches who had winning records yearly, but managed to max out the potential of relatively limited schools. Strong had a good record the first year and a half, but the further we've gotten from the Taggart era the worse the team  has looked. His last truly good win was the Georgia Tech game last year and that remains the only team with a winning record he's beaten. 

    I'm going to give Woolard some credit here-he made a good hire with Taggart even as he screwed everything else up. Harlan stuck his flag by Strong and ignored the red flags. I don't think Michael Kelly is beholden to Strong as a coach, but his hands may be tied. I read somewhere that Strong's buyout is $7.8 million, which is worse than anything Woolard could have done if true. That would absolutely kill the program. 


  13. 5 hours ago, bullsfan1983 said:

    Wasn’t it 10-2? With the 10 wins over 

    San Jose State

    Stony Brook

    Illinois (2-10)


    East Carolina

    Cincy (4-8)




    Texas Tech (6-7)


    Were we actually rebuilt or did we play a bunch of awful teams?

    That was Strong's first season. CWT beat: 

    Towson, Northern Illinois, Syracuse, Cincinnati, East Carolina, UConn, Navy, Memphis, SMU, UCF, and South Carolina. His losses were to FSU and Temple. Navy, Memphis, UCF, and South Carolina were all bowl teams that year 

  14. I am simply a supporter of USF. Leavitt, no Leavitt, period. While Leavitt could have been a Bobby Bowden for USF (and I'll be frank with you, I have a feeling Bowden probably got away with stuff like what Leavitt was fired for), once his era was done, it was done. I don't think anyone realizes just what an incredible coach he was. he took a school from FCS to a power conference in under a decade. Granted, people like Lee Roy Selmon had as much or more a role in that, but the guy built the program to the point of heavy success. UF, FSU, and Miami were irrelevant for thirty years or more before they actually became relevant in football, and UCF took 30 years to get anywhere. 

    The divide for me is "well, he only won 7-9 games a year!". Yeah, but he did it while slaying bigger teams and selling people on the promise of USF football. Strong did while losing six games in a row. 

    All I want is for USF to be successful. I don't know if that's too much to ask for. 

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  15. It has to be an up and comer looking for his next job. It's not just USF. If you look at this entire conference, the most successful programs have been defined by that young up and coming coach who is ambitious to get his ticket to a big name program. CWT, Justin Fuente, Scott Frost, Tom Herman, Geoff Collins, Matt Rhule, all these guys were looking to make it to a bigger school, and their teams won big because they cared about doing the right things to win. Guess what? They succeeded and the schools they left behind were better for it. I'm sure we'll have an IPF starting next year, which will help, but the recruiting environment is going to be tough-UCF has finally captured lightning in a bottle. 

    Jeff Scott should definitely be on that list. Not sure who else yet. 

  16. 8 minutes ago, 94 Bull said:

    the Fight song with the team and band.  Then come to the edge of the field to congratulate the team.  They need our support!!

    Seems everyone is in such a hurry to get in their car and wait in traffic.   Its quite pathetic at the number of students and fans that stay for this!



    I prefer to stay. It's everyone else pushing me out the door "let's go, game is over, etc.". In 13 and 14 when I came by myself I would stay until the end of the fight song and the team left the field. 

  17. 10 minutes ago, MSBulls said:

    It was a beautiful thing to not worry about defensive depth and specifically linebacker depth back in the day. We were freaking spoiled. Fun defenses to watch.....

    Oh for the days of Jacquain Williams...

    For the record I believe he's the best LB to ever play here. Strong, athletic, fast, could play in every level of the defense and he proved it in the NFL. 

  18. His writing reminds me of a slightly improved Tom Jones. 

    Of course I want our team to show up with the belief that they will win, and that they will pull out every stop they can to do so. I believe the culture change is real. However, the change was real in 2014 too and we went 4-8 that year. Sometimes things take time to develop. 

    Here's the good news: 

    • We have an established QB healed of his injuries who won all but one of the games he started and completed in last year. 
    • We have a deep, fast, and dangerous WR and RB group. 
    • The O-line is a year better and has better chemistry. 
    • The team is committed and is practicing very well. 
    • The defense is in fact, bigger and faster then they were last year-that was what CCS said we needed in January. 
    • The offense is brand new and Bell will have some extra plays up his sleeve for Wisconsin. 

    Here's the flip side. 

    • The monkey is still on our back. We are still riding a six game losing streak and while the team is hungry to get the monkey off, Wisconsin is a hard team to get the monkey off against. 
    • Even with all that practice over the off season, it still has to be converted on the field in live game action. There will be 40k in the stands-lot different with 40k in the stands vs. in your practice facility. 
    • The defense will be better, but it takes a truly elite defense to hold back Jonathan Taylor for a full game. Even Michigan only held him to 101 last year. 
    • The team has to know how to win games and close them out, rather than sliding by like they did so many times last year. Go out and take the game! It won't be given to you. 

    Wisconsin knows how to win games, but they are a beatable team, especially with Coan starting. He's got no track record, so you load 8 in the box and make Taylor  your priority. If our secondary is as good as has been advertised, then holding up in single coverage will be vitally important. 

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