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  1. 18 minutes ago, flsportsfan83 said:

    That was Cory Sommers, if it was at the brewary. I ran the cycle before him. I actually was at that fundraiser. 

    Yes, it was Sommers and I was at that fundraiser at well. I wonder if we talked at all. You probably remember me. Brown skinned, classes, at the time I had a mustache. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Triple B said:

    Are there not any programs out there built from young, defensive coordinators? That's where we, ARGUABLY, have had the most sustained "success" ..... or is that just not done any more.

    Temple has worked that model to perfection of late. The issue is that when they face any kind of high powered offense and defense at the same time, they end up getting beaten. 

  3. Throwing out the SMU start for a minute (which was a shame-imagine what 2018 would have looked like with Flowers), Flowers took some time to get going, particularly with the tough schedule and getting used to the offense. If they let McCloud keep playing, he could develop in the second half of the year, especially if Bell works on getting the ball out of his hands quickly...

  4. 14 minutes ago, NAS Gone to Paradise said:

    CCS has Florida ties...what has that done for the Bulls?

    What Florida ties did Scott Frost, or Josh Heupel have?

    As far as Frost and Heupel go they both had the benefit of coming into a program that had already done the hard work of selling UCF to Orlando and to many parts of Florida in general. It was less relevant for them. 

    USF hasn't succeeded fully at that, so having a coach who can sell some sort of affiliation with the state of Florida is massively beneficial. 

    And since you're so willing to quote only part of my post, but not all of it, why don't you comment on my suggestions for head coach? Go on, I'm waiting. Until you do I'll call you Mr. Broken Pipe-because all you do is comment on problems, with zero ideas on how to fix them! Just like pointing at a broken pipe! 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, BDYZR said:


    Who gets the money? Is it the 2 or 3 "stars" on the team? What about the 3rd and 4th string practice squad guy that works just as hard, puts in the same hours, and never even sniffs at real playing time?

    The ones who earned it! I consider this a free-market solution. If you've earned your way onto the field, you will play, and if you play well, you will get rewarded with marketing contracts. Given that we have a walk-on playing significant snaps at WR right now that should tell you anything is possible. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, John Lewis said:

    Some great questions here and I will try to answer as best I can.

    I'm not sure what the most effective way there is for our fans to express their displeasure besides voting with their dollars. However, I do know that we have an AD who will listen to our fans, who will speak to our fans and he has proven that in his time here. I also know that pulling dollars from a program that needs to raise more than we have is also not effective. We are right in the middle of a campaign to build a facility that will transform the program we are most passionate about and because we're in a  tough situation people want to run from. This doesn't help us move forward at all. Obviously, I cannot tell those who post here, or who I talk to personally, how to spend their dollars, but I can say that we can't move in the direction we all want if support wanes.

    You do bring up an interesting point about the dissolution of the Big East. I wouldn't agree that we have appeared to have squandered anything because we, and the other members, were left in the cold by Syracuse and Pitt. This surely is a cause of the program not being the same as it was 10 years ago. 

    I would also say the the consumer is part of the problem. I'm not talking about those who aren't going to the games now, or donating to the Bulls Club. I'm talking about those who found it convenient to leave once we lost the Big East affiliation and the automatic BCS berth. Yes, that happened during a downturn in the program, but we bounced back. I talk to many people every day and sometime I reach out to those who have not been involved with us for a period of time and it's a shame when I hear that there is not interest in the programs that we play right now. I could care less who we play because I attend game to watch USF. MY TEAM!!

    I have generally taken the same view point, although I can't ignore economic reality. 

    The Skip Holtz downturn was extraordinarily bad timing that no one had control over. If anything, one could make the case that USF's doom was sealed with the hiring of Woolard. He just wasn't cognizant of what football does for a college athletic program and refused to learn. Had there been better leadership it wouldn't have guaranteed that we move to the ACC or a better conference, but it would have at least given USF a fighting chance to be ready for the alignment shuffle. 

    I would also agree with the point that yes, the conference downgrade has made an impact. I can't tell you how many people I've begged to go to (or watch) games with me over the years. Typically it turns out one of three ways:

    1. They refuse and give me talk about how USF needs to be in a better conference. 

    2. They watch, but USF loses yet another key game for the future of the program (i.e. UCF 2017). 

    3. I bring a family member only to see USF get destroyed on the field. 

    I sympathize for you, because it has been so difficult for me to sell USF to my friends and family. 

    The last 9 games are especially bad because people were starting to believe in USF again after we'd started winning and showing something from 2015 to 2017. We had around 40k for last year's game vs. UConn. Now it will take another four years just to reach that point again-possibly more, because people's hope has been shattered. 

  7. 16 minutes ago, Bull Nut said:

    Isn't a full ride enough for these kids? Student debt is a massive problem and graduating with ZERO puts them way ahead financially than the average student. 

    No it's not. These guys are working 16 hours a day between practice and studies, so no, a scholarship worth at most 16k a year is not enough. Let's not forget that they will face potential injury issues down the road that the average student won't have to face. 

    I fully approve of this model, these students are legally adults, for the most part they had choices on where they could choose to play college football, so it's time to stop pretending that it's the school's name was the sole reason they are marketable. 

    If anything my hope is that this will increase competition for the starting 22 as only those who are regularly on the field will be able to sign marketing deals. People would be much more likely if a product was marketed by Quinton Flowers or Rodney Adams rather than say, DeAngelo Antoine. 

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  8. I noticed that when BB came in the second half they immediately started with quick release plays (and I think they did the same with McCloud). There's no perfect cure-all, but it would at least get the offense moving and help with confidence. I don't want to hear the word "long-developing" for the rest of the year. Get the ball away from that bad o-line, keep the QBs from getting hit on literally every play, and then maybe we can get to 24 PPG (and with the better TOP numbers, perhaps our defense is able to do enough to get us a few wins). There's no other solution here. 

    As far as new coach hires, the field is just too wide open right now but it has to be someone with Florida ties. I don't know if Bill Clark would consider USF, he's got a good thing going at UAB, but I personally believe he's a pretty special coach. You take a team that hasn't played a live game in two years and lead them to an 8 win season? Color me impressed. I think if you offered him $2.5M you could make him move, but not at $2M-he's making $1.7 at UAB and there's obvious institutional and fan support there. 

    The strong state program right now is UF, but I haven't seen enough from them on either side of the ball to say either coordinator is the one yet. 

    Here's one no one has mentioned yet: Steve Ensminger. LSU is currently the #1 offense in the country and they've scored big against everyone they've faced. He also was OC last year for LSU, and they scored, in order, 22 against #7 Auburn, 19 against #22 UF, 36 against #2 Georgia, 19 against #22 MIssissippi State, 0 against #1 Alabama, and 40 against #7 random directional school from Orlando. 

    I would love to see more of what they do this year, and that donut against Alabama (which is less shocking than it seems given Alabama held Mississippi State to a shutout the next week and didn't start giving significant points until the playoffs) worries me, but he might be the guy. Downside is the guy is 61 and may not have the fire to want to try for a bigger job-we need someone with that fire and determination. 

    I like Eliah Drinkwitz too but it may be too early as he's just four games into his first head coaching trip.  


  9. 7 minutes ago, usfgrad84 said:

    If we can’t afford his buyout then force him to can BJM and Bell and hire 2 big time, proven coordinators with one of the the HC In waiting that is the real HC.  

    We are going to have to spend money on something or someone. Either that or dip into some of the cash for the IPF because I can’t see more cash being raised for that or any other related program or facility with this mess going on.  

    There is no sign of this disaster turning around anytime soon.  


    There's no one available this time of year and let's face it, the tone is set from the top-and the top (CCS), lacks energy, ambition, and creativity for motivating and developing young men into winners and successful men. At least CWT left with a team ready to win and help build the program to higher heights. 

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  10. 24 minutes ago, George_Bullnard_Shaw said:

    This is logical.

    However I think CCS knows this is the end of the line for him so is gonna hang on for the full more than set for life buyout.

    He wants to teach our student athletes about how to live a great life? The  only thing he's teaching right now is that incompetence is rewarded by becoming a millionaire for doing nothing and having zero integrity by doing the right thing and resigning. 

  11. 1 hour ago, bullsfan27 said:

    They just need to force the NBA and NFL to set up minor league systems like MLB does and most of these problems would be solved but as long as colleges will do it, the NBA and NFL won't change anything

    The interesting thing I see about this, is that most players good enough to be a 1 and done in college basketball could also go play abroad and start making money immediately, and there's nothing the NCAA or NBA could do to stop that. 

    I don't see the system going away, because both colleges and the pro leagues have something to gain by requiring football players to wait three years (or 1 year for basketball) to be signed in their respective pro leagues. So the question is more about how we change it-especially in football. The top 50-100 basketball players graduating from high school in 2020 could deal a significant blow to NCAA basketball by announcing that they signed with a European team. The NBA might even prefer someone who decided to show maturity by taking care of business as a pro in Europe for a year. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Mike Stuben said:

    The idea of a free market for high school athletes should scare all of us. 

    When the Big Ten and SEC all offer volleyball players $100,000 signing bonuses in cash, we won't be very competitive. 

    I am all for increasing the benefits to student athletes, but completely unregulated is scary and will widen the gap between the haves and have nots. 

    Now at least the kids can consider things other than cash. Like if the school has a lazy river for them to soak in. 

    I see your point. 

    Would it change if such a benefit was capped? 

    Also, how do you feel about allowing the students to sign their own marketing deals? 

  13. 1 hour ago, BDYZR said:

    Simple answer - IT IS THE RULE.

    I'm not saying the rule is right or wrong, I am saying simply that they broke the rules.

    That argument has been used time and time again by the ruling classes of the world through history. Rules are not and should not be the guidance on whether something is right or wrong. 

    If Congress woke up tomorrow and made a law banning US permanent residents from working any job but food service in a fast food restaurant and requiring compliance in the form of monthly testimonials signed by their boss, would such a rule be moral? 

  14. Following the NCAA basketball scandal, and in particular what happened with Bill Self and Kansas this week, I ask: 

    Is it actually wrong for the families, as well as players, to seek payments for signing with a specific school?

    If this was the NBA, any European league, or frankly any professional league or business in general, we would not. Salary and compensation is part and parcel of attracting high quality talent to any business. 

    Payments influencing basketball players to sign with a specific NCAA team are illegal. yet if I signed a $50,000 signing bonus to work for Deloitte and Touche, Delta, or the Denver Broncos, it would merely be seen as them recognizing my value as an employee. WHY is it allowed in one industry, but not another? Or is it simply the NCAA on a power trip?

    The charge against Kansas is "lack of institutional control". Control over what? Young men who are legally adults? Since when were adults something that needed to be controlled? This isn't Mississippi in 1850. It's the 21st Century. 

    The charge of Bill Self is "head coach responsibility". Implying that by ensuring his players were financially secure, Bill Self was irresponsible. 

    That said, I can see the other side of things too, and it's a worthy discussion IMO. 

    In favor of allowing players to get payments from third parties for signing with schools

    Obeys the laws of the free market. 

    Could decrease the cost of student athletes to a program since the athletic program isn't footing the entire bill

    Gives them their first state of independence as an adult, with responsible, mature adults who in many cases have achieved some significant degree of personal fame and financial success to guide them. 

    Increases inter-team competition since everyone will work harder to start so they can gain visibility for marketing contracts. 

    Relieves athletic departments of a significant portion of their compliance burden, reducing costs. 

    In favor of keeping it as it is

    Prevents the playing field from being even more lopsided; teams in power 5 conferences will have a lot bigger donors (especially businesses) who can pay more than teams in the G5. Could also make this argument in urban schools vs college towns (favors urban schools). 

    Signing third party endorsement contracts could be a distraction from school, practice, and games, a schedule which is already heavy and difficult as it is. 

    Could create resentment between teammates because one player has more endorsement deals and money than another. 

    Agency problem-a star student-athlete who has a lot of big local marketing contracts could gain power over the athletic program because of the power of those businesses and their monetary importance to a college sports program. 

    Major apparel companies will essentially gain power over college athletic programs, pushing student-athletes to where they will provide the best ROI for the company, rather than what would be best for the student athlete and their lives as a whole. 


    I would love to hear your views! Just so mine are out there, I am in favor of letting student athletes sign marketing contracts with companies as long as that company is not in competition with a program sponsor. For example, if Jordan McCloud wanted to sign a deal with Pepsi, it shouldn't be allowed since USF works with Coca-Cola, but if he wanted to sign a deal with Burger King, it's okay since they don't compete head to head with Hooters. 


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