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  1. Just now, NewEnglandBull said:

    My god this is unreal...will we get our hearts broken when Cincy makes a push? 

    They have to make that push first. Team is getting hot at the right time, with that important win over Temple last weekend. I still malign the fool refs for that terrible call in Orlando, we could easly be within 1 game of .500 tonight if not for that. 

  2. 1 hour ago, CousinRicky said:

    Funny story.  Way back in dial up days I was trying to do some research on where to reside when we moved down here from NJ.  When I asked about Pasco County I was told it was nothin' but rednecks and to stay away.  And here I am in Pasco County longing for the traffic to go back to those old days.  

    Where are you in Pasco County? I was running a CPA firm in Zephyrhills for a couple of years before I decided to make a change. 

  3. It's kind of insane that UCF has been able to catch up so quickly in WBB. That makes zero sense. 

    CJF is a quality coach, but he's been hampered by having to play UConn every year. I feel fairly confident he would have won at least a few conference titles by now otherwise, and that would have accelerated his recruiting. 

    That said, he needs to go back to recruiting the Southeast. I don't have a problem with the European players, but they just don't have the physicality and toughness of players like Grace and Williams. He's overcommited to Europe. 

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  4. 18 hours ago, Jonesy Bull said:

    To add to my argument, we really should have beaten GT, which would have given us 5 wins last year, (UNDER STRONG) and with all the injuries.......and 6-6 next year is not do-able?  I understand people being frustrated, but as they say on ESPN, "come on man"!

    GT and Cincy were both games we were in a position to win at the end. Win those and we go bowling. That said I don't think Strong would have kept his job regardless. He was Tony Levine'g the team. 

  5. 10 hours ago, NewEnglandBull said:

    Funny I was just thinking about this. Would we accept another invite? I wonder if a school has done this before since you have to pay to play? 

    The CBI is supposed to be a launching board tournament. I don't think we would go again. It made perfect sense, and had Yetna been uninjured we likely would have made the leap to the NCAA as so many close losses would have been wins. 

  6. On 2/8/2020 at 8:15 PM, JTrue said:

    When did CBG learn how to coach?

    I suspect he's been coaching quite hard lately. This is a darn good win. 

    The way the team is playing gives me a lot of hope. Losing Yetna sucks a ton, but I wouldn't count this team out of the post season yet-particularly if they make a run in the conference tournament. 

  7. It would certainly kill the MWC.  But I actually don't like the idea of dropping Tulane. Tulane is the geographical axis that makes the AAC turn, and if we ever decide to have a neutral-site conference championship, you can do a lot worse than NOLA. I don't think it would happen for a while, the model of giving the top ranked AAC team an extra home game has provided excellent optics and incentives to the American, but having Tulane in the American is a good thing. Tulsa is the one that doesn't make sense. 

    If the American is going to expand, and Boise is okay with an equal revenue share, then I would add them along with the Air Force Academy and Colorado State. That gets you to 14. The only other schools I think would fit from an AAC perspective are UNLV (which is a big city school and could serve as a western version of Tulane), and BYU (which isn't coming because they will never agree to be second-string to Utah). 

  8. On 1/4/2020 at 11:07 PM, Bull Daly said:

    That was another story when he went up to Gville and showed the USF green & gold spirit all over their campus before the Gators came down to Tampa. Vitale mentioned it on air. 

    I heard once apparently some USF fans went and flyered for USF on the UF campus. 

  9. The team probably wins some of these close games with Yetna, but to be honest last season was indicative of CBG's overall career-first year rebuild, much better than expected year 2, then middling performance for 2-3 years. If we get to .500 this year it will be good. I'm just feeling the loss of Yetna may be too much to overcome. 

  10. I think all of us are weary enough to know that everyone wins the press conference. Well, CCS didn't win the press conference with his "slow down the offense" comment, but most gave him a mulligan. 

    Today CJS goes to work keeping the recruiting class together, getting his staff in place, and putting the ingredients together to get USF winning again, starting from the early signing day all the way through kick-off in Austin next year. Based on his two day record, I think we all believe CJS will get it done. He's coached very succesful players at Clemson, he did a good job turning them into one of the country's elite offenses with great players like DeShaun Watson and Sammy Watkins, but it is still a very long way to go. 

    If CJS gets us to 6-6 in his first year (and there is no guarantee of this), that's a sign of a really good coach. We were close sometimes under CCS (the games vs. GT and UC this year come to mind), but not often enough. 

    This is where we have to trust the process and understand that this will take time. Strong really screwed us up right when we were back on the cusp of rebuilding our reputation in Tampa. He could coach here five years and not seen 40k green and gold shifts in the stands, because people's trust in USF football has been broken a second time. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, BStras said:

    I’m a HUGE Clemson fan and IPTAY donor. My family and I recently moved to Jacksonville and have been looking for a shorter trip for tailgating and football games (although we still frequent Clemson). Once Coach Scott was announced, I knew it was a sign! He’s a great coach, better guy, and I think he’ll do great things in Tampa! I’m hoping to raise my 2 boys pulling for the program that he builds over the next 5-10 years!

    (Deandre McDaniel is a solid first hire as well!)

    Thanks! Please buy tickets and donate! I suspect there will be some building required, but enjoy the ride with us! 

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