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  1. Leavitt only gives me nightmares of bubble screens in my sleep.
  2. For what it is worth, Samford has put as many/more QBs (depending on how you look at Daniels' 2 passes as a RB/WR) in the NFL that have actually played the position there than USF has.
  3. If 119 as noted, pretty sure we all in the section across the tunnel have been embarrassed more times than we can count for this guy over the years. The screaming at the tunnel is a 3-4-5 game a year occurrence for this one.
  4. Tons of the kids are from south Florida. The issue the coaches had was how few were truly local of this 19 - just two. Possibly more in the Feb part of the class but 10% of the class being “Bay Made” doesn’t look good in the short term
  5. Paid no attention either as those numbers the last few years had increased and so I thought nothing of us not hitting the area hard. Local coach here in Riverview went after him on Twitter a day or two ago for not building a relationship. It’d be interesting to know how much they did recruit local and if the kids did just choose elsewhere or if we had some strange assumption that we could pick and choose now.
  6. We can discuss several of the local HS coaches (Pinellas and Hillsborough) dragging our program over not talking to them and recruits going elsewhere again. DIdn't realize it until I saw the tweets randomly but of the 19 that signed only 1 each were from Pinellas and Hillsborough. We had 3 come in from Georgia...so we had more from out of state than we did from the Bay Area which wasn't a good look per these coaches.
  7. Then it makes sense. Each of the last few runs by the QB he’s moved inside instead of following him on the play
  8. That was a pass to a RB. Something I think we’ve done 5, maybe 6, times all season
  9. There’s a reason The dude ended a high school season with negative yards rushing haha
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