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  1. Yea, looking at the emailed receipt I'm not seeing the rolled in refund from that game last year. I'll let things slow a bit for them and send an email, though it could be me simply not knowing how to read. Same for the jersey, based on 100 being left, I am guessing I got one and that we'll just get an email (those renewed online) with more details later! Still hoping the two seats in front of us that are sold but no one ever has been seen in come free for me to pick up this year!
  2. Why the **** would a corner think there’s safety help on a 20 yard field?
  3. It’s be great if Auggie made one play in his final game
  4. That was some original playcalling. Played to get yards for the punter and I hate that
  5. That was stupid. That was on purpose and dumb.
  6. So has Q been told not to run at all?
  7. Holding there is the proof you need they were told to watch us closely
  8. AAC officials are so so bad at their jobs. Week in and week out some of the worst
  9. Does the UCF helmet logo have a picture in it? Like those awful kiosks at the mall?
  10. Whoever chose dive to the right wins!
  11. The people arguing with the guy were too busy screaming 10-15 F bombs at him in the row next to my 5 year old which of course is much better support.
  12. I just don’t get the leaving the starters in on O but going into a complete shell while bringing in 2nd and 3rd stringers on D at the same time. Can’t shut down the O and expect the backup D getting short rest repeatedly to hold up
  13. This going into a shell crap we do every 4th quarter seemingly drives me bonkers.