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  1. Apparently pass interference no longer exists
  2. Then it makes sense. Each of the last few runs by the QB he’s moved inside instead of following him on the play
  3. Whoever 11 is has made like 8 bad reads in a row
  4. He is. I actually enjoy him but I may be the minority
  5. That was a pass to a RB. Something I think we’ve done 5, maybe 6, times all season
  6. There’s a reason The dude ended a high school season with negative yards rushing haha
  7. Agreed with the cruddy throw as a DB actually looking would’ve taken that away. Right now I will take what we can get though haha
  8. I’d sure love to know why we waited until nearly the 4th to use the middle of the field repeatedly but I’ll take it!
  9. Ford inside the 5 I don’t like at all. Outside of it sure, but that call everyone knew what was happening. Chance to get 7 becomes 3 and I really hope that doesn’t hurt in the end edit: talking about 2nd down
  10. That is not a penalty. If crap like that is called it’ll be a long day
  11. Sweet sweet brought the run, run, pass offense today!
  12. An LB should remain planted in the middle and not move. Instead all of them follow the fake sweep apparently astonished teams fake those from time to time (or in our case all the time).
  13. Haha very aware! The 3-4 runs tonight just seem so plodding
  14. His few runs tonight definitely haven’t shown that