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  1. Yeah, an indoor practice facility will fix their problems. The program is entirely devoid of tradition. Actually, since CJL was dismissed, the program has a cumulative negative tradition. Frankly, until the day we somehow get an OCS, this is the turd that just won't flush.
  2. Macon launched, leading with the crown of his helmet. Dude created the contact. QB crouched to fall forward and not fumble the ball. Macon’s efforts were to create the fumble. He’s sitting out the first half next week. Textbook on how not to tackle. Zero percent chance they muddy the waters here by “seeing his point of view.”
  3. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
  4. (first time posting in a long while - LOL at my avatar of a meatball sub)
  5. Gotta wonder what CCS was thinking not squibbing that kick. I mean, unless your K can reach the upper deck of the stands beyond the end zone, the play there is to make the jammers (midfielders?) field that ball. The gunners make the tackle (likely touch) around the 20-25 yard line. Maddening. So so maddening.
  6. The program is mired in quicksand. I hope he's afforded time to back up some dump trucks to pile in some much needed dirt, so that in a couple years, the concrete pillars can be poured so that something sustainable can be built. That metaphor hurt my head.
  7. This is as hard of a rebuild as there is in America. Apathy runs strong within the hallowed halls between Fletcher and Fowler Avenues.
  8. I'll need therapy if the Bulls hire Greg Schiano.
  9. As I said before, Taggart would be an idiot to stay at USF if a program like Oregon offered him a job.
  10. He was rumored to have been offered a contract twice by Alabama. The latter was in 07-08. Edit: I dug up when he was initially offered a contract, and apparently it was to replace Dennis Franchione at Alabama. Said Alabama team was dealing with NCAA sanctions and had some pretty 'meh', and actually a lousy season in recent memory. In other words, it was a dark time for Alabama. Kudos to CJL for sticking with his project at USF, and then later on when they were a BCS program (dream realized). Still, Taggart would be a moron not to leave USF for Oregon. There are NFL jobs less prestigious.
  11. He'd be a fool not to hold a meeting at the request of Oregon. That's a really short-list destination job (NFL included). Without question he'll parlay that interview into more $ at USF.
  12. No, it doesn't. Taggart has no shot at reaching the pinnacle of his profession at USF. Leavitt, did. That's the lack of analogy, right there. It has nothing to do with loyalty. And yes, Leavitt had an offer from Alabama that he kept in his desk, I believe.
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