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  1. How dare you question the Great and Powerful OZ of College Football reporting!
  2. Well according to Porn-stache, this is a Done Deal. And he is NEVER wrong, so there is that. Brett McMurphy @Brett_McMurphy Pending approval - which it will be approved - @CFBPlayoff headed to 12 teams
  3. Yeah if my Math is right, this won't go into effect until after 3 more football seasons. Why the wait? I ain't getting any younger.
  4. I think this goes 6 or 7. I give the Bolts the slight edge as they have the experience from last year's run. But its going to be a hard fought tight series all the way I think. Could really go either way.
  5. Islanders look good and so do the Bolts. This could be a Classic series!
  6. Actually they did. They were one win against Oklahoma away from going to the Championship series. But to your point, the non-P5 teams have pretty consistently made a run in Baseball, and even Men's basketball. I agree with the previous poster that it seems harder to do that on the Women's side as their is more of a monopoly of those sports by a handful of P5 schools usually.
  7. The Lightning played a perfect game last night to put away the Canes. Vassy was on his game and so was the rest of the team. We scored just enough, but had many other chances to blow them out. Who would you rather have in the next round? Boston and that Perfection line (I know it makes me want to barf) is very good, but they are not deep. I actually think the Islanders are a tougher out, as they are more complete across the lines. Both have good goal tending. Will be an interesting Semi-Finals either way.
  8. It depends on how you look at it. From an overall perspective, I think you have to put the Men's Soccer team going to the Final 8 and Softball going to the WCWS ahead (unless Baseball beats Texas). BUT, considering Baseball is widely considered a Top 3 sport on Campus, their accomplishment given 55 years of playing Baseball (geez I'm old, they were born into existence the year I was born), this would be the biggest Sports accomplishment based on popularity of the Sports.
  9. WOW, that is quite impressive, especially considering this recruiting was done before this run while the Team was not doing well. Sign Coach Mohl to a long term contract. The Present and Future is bright!
  10. For all of you whiners that say we never get a fair shake in the Community. Well all you have to do is give them a reason, which we have rarely done in the past few years. This city has morphed into loving a Champion. The media and city will follow, at least up to a point (the Pro teams will always get front page). Also the News coverage of this team at least on Fox 13 has been pretty good and has been providing coverage since the Conference Tourney.
  11. The previous post just said it best. Congratulations BaseBulls, you earned it and deserve this special moment. I was one of the many doubters (I am not alone) that didn't think this team could win this Regional. Boy was I wrong. This team has confidence, grit and talent, and most of all resilience to win big games. They have done it time and time again. USF has a Champion! Sweet 16 appearance. How sweet it is. GO BULLS!! BEAT texas!!
  12. What a GREAT day of Sports. First this game was AMAZING. What a insane comback by the Bolts scoring 4 straight after being down 4-2 and looking bleak. The stars shined with Stammer, Kuch and Point. AND then to top off the day with the Amazing BaseBULLS demolishing the U. An incredible Sports day!
  13. I am in total "shock" and "awe". Unfreakin-BULL-lieva-BULL. This team continues to amaze. All you guys and girls that can get up there today and/or tomorrow, GO. This truly could be historic. Enjoy the ride Bulls fans, especially you diehards, you all deserve this!
  14. Tough loss last night for the Bolts. But nobody said it was going to be easy. Pressure is on for a good game and win in Game 4.
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