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  1. Yeah we sure did get a beating. It was sad and rough. I hope this doesnt demoralize us. We will see what our coaches are made of now. The next game will be a huge character test.....whenever that happens to be.
  2. Not at all. If we say we have a problem with it, then we are hypocrites. Dont remember anybody complaining when we scored that very late 4th qtr. TD playing UCF a few years with Taggart as Coach. Lets not beeotch about it happening to us. Cant have it both ways.
  3. Really after 2 games, we have to start this conversation already. Can we just concentrate on our team without the constant comparison/ borderline obsession with them! Im just saying its juvenile and we should act above that. Please already!
  4. Well Uconn decided not to play, hence compete. But i understand what your getting at Arm. And with todays performance, cant disagree.
  5. They shouldnt be. Yes we got taken behind the wood shed and beat up side the head with a baseball bat. But at least we have a program willing to compete. Those woosies dont.
  6. Ok thanks. Didnt catch that news. Not sure anybody would have helped today. What a clusterf---. Again looking at the big picture Im willing to write this one off. But my confidence is shaken I will admit.
  7. Is there any freaking way we can at least get Fortin in this game at this point just to see what he has. Sheeshush!
  8. I was always a better math and science student. My Engesh aint too very good i do will admit that brother man.
  9. Im looking forward to the Lightning too. But this is USF afternoon. Im not pursuaded that that the sky is falling. But there is no way to sugar coat that this is **** dissapointing.
  10. Well he did move on from CCS and snagged one of the most coveted Coordinators from a top program. I agree today is worst than should have been expected. But its one game against a superior opponent. It sucks. But Im not going to point blame at the entire administration for one stinker which was almost expected. Growing pains are just that. A pain in the a--.
  11. I dont agree. Kelly is the reason we have real hope for this athletic program. Dont let an expected loss to ND cloud your judgement and over react.
  12. Did he wait too long cause he really thought that CCS was the answer. Or perhaps he was hand strapped financially. Either way we have the right coach here now. Despite this debacle imo. Again I ask. How long is the fan base willing to wait? Believe we will ultimately be rewarded in the end.
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