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  1. To me Florida State missing out on the Tourney and the potential for a great run; and a potential Stanley Cup run by the Lightning - have been the biggest sports tragedies so far this year.
  2. I refuse to believe that there will be no football this year. Shouldnt it peak within the next month or two then start to decline? We may not have a vaccine by then but there should be legitimate treatments hopecully. But this virus is able to mutate so who really knows. Hockey playoffs may be lost unless they are serious about a late summer but they need time to get ready, so seems doubtful. Baseball is up in the air. This virus is a real b--tch. At so many levels. We need to beat this. Time to kick some Corona a--!
  3. Hard to get too excited about this ranking when there is only 2 or 3 commits per team so far. Our 3 commits are 3 stars. Meh. That said I do expect Scott and staff to be a good to great recruiter for us.
  4. Understandable. All depends on where you grow up. I will admit some really thick southern accents do sound ignorant.
  5. Gotcha. Im sure you miss the humidity here, right! Its kind of Arizona-ish here right now. No rain in a month and probably hardly any till June. Me thinkith gonna be a bad fire season here in May.
  6. Nah. Im just surprized you knew that saying, living in AZ. Unless you moved there from the South.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing when he had that news conference preaching that we could do "2 things at one time". Please explain to me how (not you Ricky). Is he smokin crack. It is an election year so Im sure he is worried about the economy failing But its not his fault. He didnt create the virus.
  8. "Get outta here." "You know what Im sain". Let me re-phase. I do kinda dig the New York accent a little. The Boston and Minnesota accents I could live without. Love the Southern accent. However even being from the South, Ive been to some places in South Carolina and Louisiana. It was so thick I couldnt even understand them.
  9. Thats good to hear. I havent been keeping up with all this craziness going on. Glad the staff is being creative. Thats a plus having a younger coaching- they understand todays technology amd how to use it. Everybody stay healthy!
  10. Right now would mark the first weekend of the Baseball Season. Dissapointed cause not omly are my our Lightning taken away right before the playoffs. But now the Rays were poised for a good season this year. Alot of Baseball cities are going to suffer, New York, Boston, LA, St Louis, Chicago come to mind. What are the chances that we can salvage a Baseball season this year? Tough question when its almost impossible to predict this virus. Ill go with 50/50 as a wild guess. But Baseball would have to be willing to do a half season or something.
  11. With no Spring ball, that is really going to put us behind the 8 ball (not referring to the drug attics in the crowd) for the players to get familiar with their new coaches, player evaluations, implementing systems/playbooks etc. This could cause us having a worst season this first year than we expected. One step forward, 2 steps back, before we get rolling?
  12. True dat. Actually me being born and raised in Florida, its the Northeastern accents that get on my nerves. But to each their own. Depends on where you grow up.
  13. I never thought about it that way. But good point, it is very sexy on most women.....but not all.
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