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  1. It is hard to balance it all. Guess I need to get better at multi tasking. So do we have a new coach yet?
  2. I guess I missed it.. Some people have to work for a living *******
  3. Im be totally down with that. Think I just got a "semi"!
  4. Im curious to why? Not saying I disagree. But your opinion means more than mine. You are closer to the program. Do u think we will improve as season moves along?
  5. Agreed...but both have big egos. Hard to see both coming unless they are co-HCs. Maybe there is a way to make this work. They do have experience being with each other.
  6. Ok thanks for clarifying. I had heard that the championship games had to be played first. But doesnt mean they have been ruled out or are not interested. So many rumors dont know what to believe anymore.
  7. How is there anyway to know who is an option and who isn't, under this shroud of secrecy (which is the right thing to do imo). I doubted he would want to come here, and even if he did I doubt we would have considered him seriously because of well, he is Lane Kiffin - speaks for itself.
  8. This would not be the type of hire that would excite anybody....PASS!
  9. I agree. Its all speculation at this point. I'm just going by what people have said they received from the Premium sites. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything either. We should all know in just a few short days.
  10. I'm starting to think the Clemson guys are the ones that turned down this job. I still think one of the Clemson boys would be our best bet. Its a risk, but its a risk that could turn out to be a homerun.
  11. I know there are alot of reasons that KB was not successful and alot of it was not his fault. Fair or not I'm just saying that the perception of the fanbase. I do think he could be successful here eventually. It does worry me some though, even with alot of deficiencies, we still had some talent on Offense and he wasn't able to get the most out of what we did have it didn't seem like to most of us.
  12. Yes I hear ya. But unfortunately anybody (except maybe JL) will do the exact same thing to us if/when they start having alot of success. That is the nature of the situation/conference we are in. I'm preaching to the choir, I know you already know that.
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