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  1. There are powers at play beyond Mankind's understanding, say the Ancient Alien theorists!
  2. And how much time has he had to recruit for us Puc? Considering how late in the game he has come in, I think most people agree that he is filling some big time needs for us in this recruiting cycle. And next year should be much better with a whole year.
  3. Getting "somewhat" back on topic. Love this article, and especially this last quote from Coach Scott in the Tampabay.com article from today. Sorry if its already been posted elsewhere. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/01/24/clemson-is-in-jeff-scotts-blood-and-usf-is-getting-a-transfusion/ “What I’m excited about is where South Florida’s already had some great seasons … and that’s without a new facility,” he said. “Right now, we’re below UCF from a facilities standpoint, but we’re gonna go from below to above, because when we get a facility, now we’re gonna have a new facility, the nicest facility.”
  4. Doesn't seem to usually hurt the other team though! Native Americans - We are sorry, and we love you! Now, will you please remove the curse?
  5. That's a little harsh. Maybe the players are not always following the script that Gregory has laid out for them, or are just not quite talented enough on their own to pull it off.
  6. You're right, we technically do not have anything concrete yet to judge CJS on, with exception of perception and recruiting prowess that he has displayed so far....he has to prove himself, totally agree. All we can do is project, and all the signs are there that he will be great. One thing working against CJS is conference affiliation - as far as getting the huge crowds that The Jim did when we were in the Big East.
  7. You are up early (or late) for California time! Yes an overall Tampa Bay HS pipeline is what he is building, and that is awesome. Time to get ready for work. Happy Friday everyone!
  8. Agreed. CJL is still the greatest until he is not. And he will always be most special because he created the program. That said CJS has a real chance to be the best ever in the future. He is the real deal.
  9. The Dakotas? I know they have passionate fans and Im no expert on population. But how much more exposure does that really give us? If you are to go that far away north west, why not just take Boise and the other Western "known" teams mentioned.
  10. A Lakeland, Armwood, and Plant pipleline? We will become a powerhouse!
  11. Yeah they are passionate and have a good following. As far as inviting them to the AAC like somebody else suggested......MEH!
  12. Hey that CBI trophy is about all we have to point to right now.....as sad as that is.
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