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  1. Plus keep in mind, if we were to get into this game, it likely means that we would have beaten UCF the previous week, and if they are a good team which they are predicted to be.....then that certainly would add an additional buzz for the fan base.
  2. If we were to get a Home game to play for our first Conference Championship EVER, then I think we get to the 30-35K range. The caveat is that we would have to at least be ranked in the Top 25 and not have backed into the game because our division was weak, but we are actually playing good exciting football leading up to it. I might be in denial, but I just don't want to believe that we wouldn't get pretty good attendance for something that would be historical for the program.
  3. I love the enthusiasm and confidence.....but c'mon guys pump the brakes a bit on "we are going to beat down the badgers" talk. This is still one of the better programs in the Big Ten, they are big and physical and tough. The type of team that we have traditionally had trouble with. I do like the fact that we are getting them right out of the gate, and if they take us lightly and are not prepared, then yes we have a decent chance to win. But I certainly don't see this as being an easy game at all.
  4. You make good points, and yes there are a lot of complainers, and people that don't want to support the program for many reasons, mainly we have taken a step back when the Big East fell apart, and haven't done anything spectacular since then. That said, I think that overall there is more optimism about this team then there was last year (at least from most of the posts that I have read)…...but yes we definitely have more than our share of Debbie Downers. The hard core fans will continue to support this team (which are a lot of people on this board). However, getting the general fans back will be a much tougher task. Its going to take some high profile wins and publicity to make that happen.
  5. I'm going to go with a 1-1 start. Most likely meaning that we get that big win to start the season over Wisconsin, but then have a bit of a let down the following week having to go on the road to GT - I'm sure they have some revenge on their mind. What am I excited about - FOOTBALL is finally HERE!!
  6. I do disagree with you Mike on Charlie Strong......the Jury is still out. It will be answewed soon. His conservatism at times does annoy me. But im not sure if it was all on Charlie or the OC and other assistants that needed to be upgraded. Charliecis ultimately responsible - comes with the territory. I do realize he brought Sterling with him from Texas and he was not the answer imo. And thats on the head coach. But he has been flexible and revamped the roster and coaching staff and recruiting is going pretty well....im willing to reserve judgement until things play out.
  7. Im with you on most of your points. I also would like to be in a P5 conference with the big boys. But thats not the reality and probably wont be any time soon.....although reshuffling has always been on its own timeframe and usually pretty quick. I accept that we are what we are. My focus is to be better -"where we are". And hopefully become more relevant (sure this will go over well) i.e UCF. and i emphasize "recently"....yes i know they also won the fiesta bowl a few years back....but there were bad days in between....and there likely will be again unless they become a consistent powerhouse. Possible but unlikely. Not enough overall history. I still believe things are cyclical and we are on our way to becoming more relevant in football and basketball than recent times (my opinion) - we were somewhat relevant 2 years ago at 11-2 ( but again no championsips) - thorn in our side. I digress......I feel like we are doing some good things like u pointed out - indoor practice facility, scheduling, recruiting. Im going to live in the moment and stop worrying about where we arent and enjoy Bulls football...of couse while continuing to hope to move up one day. And If we dont I will be ok will learn to live with that.
  8. Don't know how this Rays team is 20 games over .500. They just seem to find enough pitching and hitting to get the job done most of the time. Still a long way to go, but in the Wild Card race and that's surprising to me. It would be a great accomplishment for this team to get into the playoffs, still don't think they have the horses though to go very far against the elite teams however. That said......hurry up August 30th, I need some USF and NFL football in my life!!
  9. I miss playing the West Virginia hillbillies! Those were fun days sparring with those guys, and 2 of our biggest wins ever when they were ranked in the Top 10.
  10. Its the mark of the Devil.....Just Kidding (sort of)!
  11. Totally agree. Its still a lot of fun going to the games and cheering on our team, even in the little ole American Conference. No, we are not in the Power 5 - but do we really deserve to be at this point (totally different argument and conversation). I don't know the answer to that. I do see exciting times ahead for our football and basketball programs (at least it feels that way). Doesn't necessarily mean we are going to move up (but anything is possible down the road). Might as well just live in the moment and enjoy the ride.
  12. If this is your take, then what do you suggest Mr. Kelly do thats he is not already doing. The situation is what it is, but that doest mean you just throw up your hands and give up. Nobody is Nostradamus on here. Things can change quickly if you work hard, make the right decisions, and a little luck doesnt hurt. The fact that we have VPA Kelly working hard behind the scenes gives me some hope. Im the meantime ill contine to support my Bulls even of we drop to Division 2.
  13. Im not old but not ecactly young either.....Techonology is great most of the time, but there is a dark side.
  14. I dont like that is the way my home town community has become. Id like to see a more united community (i.e Rays situation) that supports their teams no matter what like they do in the Midwest and Northeast.....but it is what it is I suppose.
  15. Ahhh the new world of technology.....Big Brother knows where we are and what we are doing every minute of every day.....or pretty **** close.
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