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  1. That stinks for him, sorry to hear it.....but he still has a beautiful wife, so there is that.
  2. BYU is average when we played them (without their starting QB). I think they are bit above average with him (he is very good), if you look at the results. Definitely the GT game will haunt us if we only get to 5 wins. Very distinct possibility.
  3. All positive thoughts go your way for a quick and total recovery!
  4. I don't see how the AAC doesn't get the waiver, if the Big 12 has less teams than us and they got the waiver for a Championship game.
  5. I'm with you man, I'm not getting the fuzzy wuzzy's on this one either...….Disciplined beats Undisciplined any day of the week. Maybe they surprise us and play well. I wasn't expecting a BYU win. But definitely not expecting it. Navy is solid.
  6. Good point. We were stupid to think there was not going to be a learning curve for this new offense. If BB had lived up to expectations things could have been expedited but with a freshman QB you get the good and the bad.
  7. Im jealous I wont be there. Should be a great experience for yall. Very historic unique place!
  8. Exactly, this is what you get with a Freshman QB. Hopefully this is just one of those bad fresman games. He has shown that he can be good at times too. This is a learning experience for a young guy in a new system.
  9. Basketball season when he predicts we the clear favorites to win the conference.
  10. I think we mostly agree. He did make the adjustments at halftime which is what good coaches do. So thats a good sign and there is hope here. The Ga Tech was just a huge fail on so many levels. There is blame to be handed out all over not just KB. Look im not 100% sold on KB yet. Although im cautiously optimistic after what he accomplished with JU and VSU. Although this is a higher level of football. Maybe he needs a little time to adjust. CCS i have almost no confidence anymore. But he still has the rest of the year to turn me and most of us around. Doubting it but hoping.
  11. 2. I think they have a clear advantage over us offensively when their starting QB is healthy. When he is out, not so much. Ill agree on defense we are close to equal footing. We may be a little better in places like sacks and tackles for losses, but not much better overall. Either way, we did beat a team that we are at least in the same ballpark with talent wise. That alone should be seen as progress. Its going to take alot more improvent though to beat the better teams left on our schedule. Right now, dont think we have the HC or talent level to pull that off. Hope Im wrong.
  12. 1. Lame question. You know **** well that BYU is superior to those other 2 teams and they were not part of the duscussion. You knew what I meant. 2. I dont follow recruiting enough to respond on whether we are on equal footing there. But the eye test and quality of play over the last year and a half - edge goes to BYU. 3. You honestlly dont believe that the team Valdosta played in a National Championship game is not equal talent wise or at least pretty **** close. They did something to make it that far.
  13. Thats only what you have seen here so far. And I would argue that our talent at the key offensive positions is not on equal footing with a BYU. How can u say they are inferior after what you have seen here for the last year. I would say KB played against pretty equal competition at Valdosta on his way to a Natty in their playoffs.
  14. To a 2-3 team, but yeah we will take it.....to be fair their previous losses were to quality opponents.
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