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  1. It was a terrible tragedy for the guys that didn't make it, but at the same time it shows the human spirit and the will to survive that kid had to hang on and fight until the miracle of his rescue. It involves USF players/students and happened right in our back yard. Yes, I am going to watch. Frisco - Your first statement is classic!
  2. Yes, but their names will be remembered forever this way.....I say as hard as it will be to watch about the guys that didn't make it, the one that did shows how tough and a survivalist he is. Inspirational yet sad. Sounds like a great movie to me.
  3. I can always count on you NE and your dry humor to lighten up the mood! Speaking of the IPF, how much longer do we have to wait on that **** announcement again, or are we waiting for the Security and Exchange Commission to make their announcement first?
  4. Cousin Ricky - You are an icon here....please don't leave the board for the likes of idiots like me that cause problems sometimes. We are all BULLS fans, and you belong here alot more than I do or many people on this board. There is a lot of frustration, worry, anxiety going on right now for many reasons. Please don't let that influence your decision.l
  5. I'm sorry Frisco, I didn't mean to be an A__ to you......I know Texas is going through the exact same thing. Hope you and Family are doing OK!! And if not, you have support from some of us that are going through it personally.
  6. After everything going on in the world, its the least we can do....we have to stick together even if we don't all agree and like each other all the time! Yes that includes you LOB.....I'd give you a Hug, but the whole 6 feet distancing thing and all!
  7. Very cool quote, even if it is at my expense. Anyway, re-surfacing after a few days, things are going better. Family member out of hospital and doing better. Hope all of you out there are doing well! Sorry if I was mean to anybody, rough time. Getting ready to check out the threads, anything earth shattering happening?
  8. I don't give *** if I'm political now. Its become personal, so send me to the fn madcow house, if you want to!!! Trump can suck my ****. He goes to Tulsa and tells everybody not to where a maskl. Meanwhile, ,my Grandma is in the Hospital, not on a Ventilator thank God, but she is having hard time breathing. Anyway. I want Sports,, but more than that, I want my Grandma to be OK, and everybody here to be OK....thats all.
  9. Well I wish you well then. Do you have any family members in the hospital fighting for their lives. I hope not, cause I do. So, nobody better give me their this ain't NO ******* PROBLEM ********......or we will ******* brawl for REAL!!!!
  10. And Puc if you give me one of your panty hose answers, I will find a way to kick your a-ss
  11. What in God's greem earth did we ever do to deserve this. Frisco - Don't fn respond! You don't live here, we do!!
  12. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2020/06/24/florida-adds-5511-coronavirus-cases-as-weekly-death-average-ticks-upward/ Florida adds 5,511 coronavirus cases as weekly death average ticks upward Tampa Bay area saw record-high increases in Hillsborough and Pinellas County
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