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  1. Is Shane the Ace of this staff? I guess he would be as good a pick as any in a rotation of Wacha, Patino, and Yarborough.
  2. Don't threaten me with a good time. Its nice to be appreciated....Frisky!! And YES, I'm so excited about Football Season on many levels. And expecting some of my excitement being geared towards an improved Bulls team an F'n fingers crossed that this realignment **** will go in our favor.
  3. That's a great idea. I'll start now, and by the time I have to go to work on Monday morning I should be done. Look, sorry for being a D--k. Its just this thread is mind bong ling ridiculous. Yes we all want USF to get into a top conference. But the constant "what ifs" are so tiring. They have absolutely no merit.......BUT this is a message board, and speculation is acceptable in this environment. So Sorry to be a buzz kill......I'm just about facts so drives me crazy a bit....BUT, carry on Boys!
  4. Yes I see it perfectly now...Thanks man. Loving this long term signing of our best scorer behind Kuch.
  5. OK I need simplicity. Has anything ******* changed since Page 1 of this thread? And I'm not asking for ******* rumors and ****. If not, you bitches need to get a ******* life. Give me facts or STFU. GO RAYS! GO BUCS! GO BULLS! GO BOLTS! **** BOSTON, **** NEW YORLK
  6. what the hell is this Triple? Can't even download it. I love the fact you are human and F up........you truly are one of us, like it or not.
  7. Why is this even a question. Of course you take the CC and NY6 bowl over a couple of wins against Florida schools if we can't capitalize on that feat.
  8. I have said that 6-6 is my prediction as well. This team has more offensive talent and overall experience than last year. But I can't reasonably count more than 6 wins this year. We should see real improvement, but the schedule is too tough and front loaded with good OOC competition early, and the team won't have time enough to gel until we get into conference play. I do think we have real shot at beating ucf by end of year, but not the Gators that early or anytime during this season.
  9. Thanks for the info, and that figures they would want to profit off it. I like watching some of the Olympics because I just enjoy watching competition at the highest levels, and its only every 4 years. Just like Soccer, I'll watch the World Cup every 4 years and that's about it. Ken Erickson being the Softball Coach gives us at least a USF angle.
  10. This is what I hate about the Olympics when it is half way around the world. I was going to watch the USA men's BB game against France (it apparently wasn't worth watching anyway). But before it came on the NBC network, they announced the score on a different station.
  11. Probably so, and I have been noticing a lot more annoying pop up ads lately. Thanks Brad! 😊 But let the rumor mill continue, I'll just glance periodically. At least we are in some of the conversations this time, whether that means anything or not is highly debatable. The only saving grace that I think we MAY have, is all the connections that VPMK has. Not sure if that is nearly enough though, but it ain't nuthin.
  12. So you all are saying there is a chance! Love the awesomeness of this thread and all it stands for......But, this is just all too much for my simple brain to handle. Just wake me up when it is all over and decided. I just hate for us to all get our hopes up again when another big disappointment is just as likely as not.
  13. So much information to absorb. So much Sources that may or not be Sources. So much Rumor that could be more fact than Rumor. So much actual B-****, because people like to spread B-****. My head is about to explode. I'm just a simple boy from the Country. Just let me know when I can put down my Miller Light and there is something actually concrete to discuss......Cheers!!
  14. True, but how much longer does his liver hold out? Rhetorical!
  15. Bandit Ball - those were some fun ass games. Came at a time when the Bucs sucked royally and there was no Lightning or anything else going on except USF BB. We were pretty Gator heavy with that team, SS as Coach, John Reaves as QB, and we had Chris Collinsworth as Receiver too.
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