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  1. I was joking......I think he is going to get some real playing time with the Rays this year. They use a lot of pitchers and with Morton and Snell gone, he will get his shot. Good Luck Shane!!
  2. Hope we can keep it going. But Stetson is not FAMU, the Hatters seem to always have a good team.
  3. Very unfortunate news. Good luck to him in his recovery. All positive healing vibes go out to you Sir.
  4. And its a perfect timing for the game. It starts at 5pm, and the Lightning game is at 8pm.....so I have a double header to look forward to tonight. First I have an all day online Job Fair today from 9am - 3pm. I hope there are some good companies available. I need to get back a workin!! Go Bulls, Sweep the Knats!
  5. if true, that certainly is a huge change from last year. Glad to see somebody is starting to separate themselves from the pack, good sign at least.
  6. Is this the guy you are referring to? is he good enough to make a real impact as a true freshman? I just feel if this is all we have coming in, and its basically the status quo, then next season is not going to look a whole lot different than this season.
  7. I understand your reasoning.....but I don't want that. I want us to go all out and beat them down in their own house and get the sweep!
  8. They definitely don't look like the same team this year. Although last night they played pretty tough, they just can't score any goals. Still a long way to the Playoffs, maybe they will get it together in time for us to kick you out of the Finals a second year in a row.
  9. I didn't know it was that long either, but I knew they have had our number recently. To win the regular season conference title with a win over them makes it that much sweeter. Now, I'm greedy, I want to see us sweep them with another win in their house tomorrow night, and then again in possibly the conference tourney finals (although Houston might have something to say about that).
  10. They are a good team. They only lost one conference game heading into the game against us last night. Would love to get the sweep over them (even though the Conference is won) on Thursday night at their place.
  11. I haven't seen enough to say that this SAME team will come back and finish 4th/5th in the conference. Unless injuries are hindering us more than we think. Based on other's comments, I'm not sure why I keep answering you, if you indeed are disguised as someone else?
  12. Huh? Our Women beat ucf for the championship. Our men are battling Memphis 12-10 right now. As far as Hockey goes, Dallas sucks.....Lightning kicked your ass 5-0 and are winning for now again! Mmmmm Hmmmmm!
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