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  1. Thank You, I'm here because I love the Bulls like everybody else on here. Yes I like to drink sometimes more than other times, but my love for the Bulls and even the people on here are real. i like if I sometime entertain people but that is not my purpose, just to contribute to the Bulls comradarie.
  2. On a serious note, you guys are my USF buds, and I love the Bulls.....which means you are kind of like my brothers in a way. Yes, I like to drink and drunk message, that is well documented. Doesn't change the fact that I like the back and forth in a brotherly way. OK, who is up for a Fireball shot.....I AM! And no Roaming, believe me it is not the Board that makes me do anything.
  3. I'm going out on a limb and 6 I think is the high end, but I'm optimistic that this Coach will get us higher than we think. 6 is the high end though imo.
  4. On a serious side, I am in the mind set that Eriksen will only get us to where we are now, which is good but not really good. Maybe its time for a change, God forbid me even making that claim. Yes, Erikson only cares about his USA career imo, not getting USF to the next level.....Otherwise, don't you think it would have happened by now? Tear off the band aid, and get us a better softball coach that cares about USF not USA.
  5. That is an accomplishment for sure. Unfortunate for our lot in life, we always have to play a much higher rated team in the 2nd round. Which may not be fair, depends on what your definition of fair is I suppose.
  6. PESSIMIST! We will lose this game and get better as the season goes on. The schedule gets more reasonable, and we win at least 5-6 games.
  7. It kind of makes me special that you thought of me......see you care more than you let on!
  8. And NO, Cincy is not going to make the CFP. Are you guys too dense to realize that the AAC will never get a good shake with the Committee. It doesn't even matter if we go undefeated next year and beat Florida, NC State, BYU, an undefeated Cincy or ucf.........we are bound for the the Peach Bowl at the best against the 4th place SEC team......Get a Clue!
  9. Oh I'm OK bro....and by the way, your Dallas Stars are OUT of the playoffs......In case you didn't realize that!
  10. Did you miss me that much? Well guess what.....the ***** is Back!! I just took a break.....they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  11. I think the Red Sox will make your Summer interesting and fun. I also think better days ahead for our Football team. Right now, I'm mostly hoping for a Lightning run, but that is iffy at this point.
  12. That is the never ending saga that seems to have no real plan or ending in sight. I personally think that there is no way they can play in St. Pete long term. They could thrive in Tampa I believe, cause it has such a young and Yuppie vibe in downtown Tampa that has never been there before.. I actually think that Sternberg is playing the long game to see what he can get financially. There is no other place than Tampa that the Rays are beloved. The Stadium attendance not withstanding. If they move, oh well. I'm ok either way. As they say, you can't control what you can't control.
  13. I only remember one championship, but I get your point.
  14. I'm also glad that your Red Sox are good again. It always it more fun when they are in the mix. The Trop is always jumping for those 2 teams.....besides, don't like the Red Sox, but if I had to pick, Go Sox over the Yanks all the time.
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