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  1. Jonesy Bull

    Bulls vs UF: info and discussion

    Go Bulls! Beat them nasty smelly reptiles.
  2. Jonesy Bull

    Florida College Game

    I'm not surprised. FC is a tight knit school, all the students live together and know each other. They have always shown out for their team.
  3. Jonesy Bull

    UCF President quits

    But, but, but, they've won a "National Title"!
  4. South Florida 30 Rideau - 26 Yetna - 21 71%
  5. Jonesy Bull

    Florida College Game

    I'm a Florida College (AA) and USF (BA) grad........this game is going to literally be Men against Boys. Hopefully lots of backups get in for USF often and early.
  6. Jonesy Bull

    Football Staff Now Complete

    We will get some (hopefully while we are still alive)!
  7. Jonesy Bull

    Lightning continue to Roll

    Yeah Montreal seems like a good match up for us. There is a chance we could draw Pittsburgh.....that would be a scary, tricky matchup right off the bat.
  8. This team is locked and loaded for a Stanly Cup run. Is there any weakness on this team? I think not! Saved the night sportswise after that depressing basketbull loss.
  9. Jonesy Bull

    Football event tonight

    I didnt get one either......Bell is a breath of fresh air. Excited about that dude!
  10. Yep. We havent learned how to play smart and finish games yet. Guess its part of the learning process for this young team. As painful as it is to watch. Woulda coulda shoulda.
  11. Allowing that old fashion 3 play late in regulation when up by 3 was huge as well. Cant allow that. Bottom line too many bad plays in crunch. We will learn to win these eventually.
  12. Slow starr. Nice USF run to finish half despite that last temple shot. Need to keep pounding the boards and keep turn overs down.