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  1. I'm with Fennelly. Screw the B10/12/14/16 and their condescending attitude. How much cache is ISU and KSU really bringing that half the AAC can't? If it wasn't for Texas holding that conference together the AAC would have the upper hand and would have to think twice about bringing in the rest of that "dilutive" crew on board.
  2. Surely Gallagher or Hulk Hogan can spare a few dollars.
  3. Count your blessings. If you're pulling down $100K and your wife's a Dr. you're probably doing better than just about everyone on this board. If you're happy at your current job why leave for a few dollars more. Grass isn't always greener...
  4. Would think the exit fee could be litigated since ESPN never followed through with an ACC Network.
  5. Still think B12 trys to expand but not with AAC teams. They go after FSU, GT, and Clemson. If they're turned down, I think UT and OK bolt for greener pastures (I.E. P12 or B1G). This leaves the remnants of the B12 and the AAC to form a Super American Athletic Conference (SAAC).
  6. Couple of thoughts: What ever happened to the scenario where they cherry picked from the ACC? Also, I just don't see us or UCiF going anywhere without the other. We seem to be a package deal at this point, and probably for some good reasons (TV markets, built in rivalry, travel, etc..)
  7. How about somewhere a little closer like Canada or the Bahamas?
  8. 9-3. 9-4 after a loss to Houston in the Championship game.
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