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  1. bulls phanatic

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    I would be fine with this. Getting help towards the IPF fund would be good. If I had to guess, it will be G5 team.
  2. bulls phanatic

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    I'm not bothered by it. Every teams has some fans that are jerks. We just need to win the game. That will shut them up!
  3. bulls phanatic

    Opponent alert 🚨

    Is this UMass first win in the last few years? They haven’t been good in a long time
  4. bulls phanatic

    Bold 2018 Season Predictions

    AAC Championship
  5. bulls phanatic

    Barnett Wins the Starting Job

    5 star QB starting for USF. I like that. Has that ever happened?
  6. bulls phanatic

    Are the Bulls Motivated for Saturday?

    We better be! We need to beat P5 teams and show them who we are
  7. bulls phanatic

    AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

  8. bulls phanatic

    It’s time for Aresco to go away

    Wasn’t he the reason or at least was very vocal why G5 has spot in NY6 Bowl? I could be wrong
  9. CollegeFootballTalk‏Verified account @CFTalk 2h2 hours ago Report: Herm Edwards to be named Arizona State's head coach Monday
  10. Brett McMurphy‏Verified account @Brett_McMurphy 5m5 minutes ago Phillip Fulmer will be named Tennessee’s AD, sources told @ClowESPN
  11. Chris Low‏Verified account @ClowESPN 1h1 hour ago Chris Low Retweeted Chris Cunningham No, not saying Leach or anybody is out of play, just that Tennessee is discussing the search further and reassessing everything.
  12. Chris Low‏Verified account @ClowESPN 8m8 minutes ago Just filed to ESPN: Tennessee has parted ways with AD John Currie on the heels of what has been a disastrous Tennessee coaching search. He met with university officials on Friday morning, and the decision was made then.
  13. https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/12/01/mike-leach-tennessee-football-coach Looks like there is some truth to AD getting fired.
  14. AP Top 25‏Verified account @AP_Top25 4m4 minutes ago AP Source: Florida State expects coach Jimbo Fisher to leave for Texas A&M.