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  1. Get better @MikeG!! I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.
  2. Thank you, he was the most impressive returner I have ever seen. Maybe Neon Deon......nope.
  3. What has happened to the USF kick returner with blistering speed, that got hurt last year? He was amazing!!
  4. They don't see to like that line of discusion. https://www.azdesertswarm.com/football/2018/8/30/17797564/byu-football-roster-age-arizona-fans-want-you-to-know-their-team-is-not-old
  5. Wonderful photo. I have read many nice things about Cronk. Well done young man.
  6. Yep. UCF mess up there. The UCF RPO is no longer RPO, only pass. Easy for a D IMO
  7. Slug fest, this will go to the end , **** it. Put Mack in to run and beat up some of those shrimpy DB's
  8. Which in a game like this, can mean the difference, maybe. Good luck, beat UCONN! Or, get the result you want, Been there (0-12) , be well.
  9. Never, NEVER leave 1 st 1/2 time outs unused when you are driving. Amazing. UCF caught a break IMO
  10. I'm old. I know very little, but I know Trip, a little. He likes his comfy seats, with a stinking cup holder.
  11. Careful, Trip will relocate your post with that comment.
  12. Boo once, get it out of your system, and then move on. i don't do it, but I get it. Vulgarity has always made me uncomfortable. At the last War on I4 game at Ray jay, we were near a drunk fan that was very frustrated with the USF performance. It started with the middle finger, moved on the swearing like sailor. I chose not to approach him, as I did not need to get punched. We had my future 6 year old grandson with us, and it was impossible to shield him from the language. We asked to be moved. Fortunately, they found us some open seats IIRC.
  13. http://www.colleyrankings.com/foot2019/rankings/rank04.html
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