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  1. Nothing he has shown suggests he is a good OC here much less HC.
  2. “The perfect call would have been to Wilcox, but he was left in to block”. Haha yes Mr announcer welcome to this year.
  3. He leads the nation in first downs that would have been if there wasn’t a false start.
  4. Hanging in there...should/could be uglier but only down a score here is a huge win
  5. Can’t deal witH tempo offenses.......Who am I kidding. Can’t deal with offenses.
  6. He is the guy. Hasn’t even played half a season. Build an average to above average O-Line and we will see Flowers like numbers.
  7. I just realized I am arguing football with someone who has posted 13k times on a message board. Haha. Dude you are clearly right. Keep reading your books on playing football, watching YouTube videos on tackling and posting. I’ll go play. Good luck.
  8. You show YouTube videos on tackling. Thanks for making my point for me.
  9. You know your right. Obviously you know much more about football and have played much more than I have.
  10. Sadly you don’t, but the rule is written to go both ways. Anyone that has played defense knows in that situation once you have committed and the offensive player lowers his head it’s too late. Should be a no call.
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