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  1. 1 Dan Quinn 2 Butch Davis 3 Mike MacIntyre 4 Chad Morris 5 Willie Taggert
  2. That settles that... hopefully we at least contacted Quinn though. didnt strong first deny being contacted by Tennessee? I say get this guy defense wins championships
  3. it better be, i asked my ticket rep and he told me its allowed so i will be tailgating as well.
  4. Im flyin into philly via United Airways
  5. I wonder how many Rutgers fans will be asked to leave the stadium for yelling "Grenade"
  6. I wonder if Rutgers fans will tailgate with Rutgers flags or Italian flags
  7. I wonder why New Joisey decided to name their state university starting with the letter “Râ€
  8. I wonder what the boost in sales for hair gel and spray tans will be this Thursday in the bay area
  9. I wonder how many Rutgers fans fist pump to their fight song
  10. I get annoyed just seeing the letter "R"...great now this post is p****** me off
  11. I probably won't be able to be one of the first one hundred tonight but I have been wanting to buy one. Anyone know where i can get one?
  12. some traditions my group has created over the past couple of years. just stupid things we do throughout the game This was created back in 2009 when we had Selvie and JPP. Everytime USF sacked the QB we would do something we entitled "the Sack Dance" its just pretty much the "you have no marbles" from Major League (this usually catches on with all the students around us) And then we started the "Its a Gentlemens Game" Handshake last year, after every touchdown all the guys in the group give each other a creepy two handed handshake and refer to each other as either Dr., Mr. Professor, S
  13. Wet campus. Drink all you want. Just don't get out of hand and leave alcohol containers out in the open. K awesome I was just making sure. No worries about the alcohol containers actually just built a portable trash can out of pvc pipe today for tailgating events
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