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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. We have to beat UCF simply because they are the ones being talked about as being the best of the G5 right now. And I know that doesn't sound like much, but considering the best of the G5 gets a NY6 bowl and the team who beats Georgia Tech doesn't...it means beating UCF is more important *if* they have another good year and make a run for NY6. This has nothing to do with rivalries or little league trophies (AAC hardware), this is simply 'how do you get to the best bowl game, and get the best payout?'. If you lose to UCF then they have to lose two more games for you to get the bid over them. Beat them head to head but lose to Georgia Tech and it doesn't matter as much because talking heads are prejudiced to say GT was a P5 and shoulda won anyways (ESPN articles already say they should win)
  2. I agree. Our AD has made it abundantly clear an IPF is our biggest need and we don't have the money to fully fund that. So even thinking about spending more money right now, for something we already have, is a non starter. Besides Kelly has defended Charlie a bunch, even after the collapse last year. Charlie's got a while and he probably knows it too (hence a big new house)
  3. Well now I'm depressed. The last time I saw our team take a knee near the 40 yard line, we were trailing central fl at the end of the half.
  4. Why should I care about some rando on Twitter? But oh well I'll bite. Yeah things really turned around for UCF once they cut corners to get a high school stadium that has been structurally unsound for decades, then broke NCAA rules to nab recruits, worked a kid to death, and cheated the state out of millions of dollars to build up their campus. At least our presidents are willing to go on the record and don't resign in disgrace. But hey I guess getting a bunch of alums to drink the "national championship" Kool aid (so they'll buy season tickets) is what really matters when it comes to institutions of higher learning.
  5. 4 and 5 star talent won't care about the peanuts offered by the new league. They can make millions in the pros but only if they are in high profile games getting noticed. UCF had Blake Bottles go like #3 in the draft because he played in the peach bowl once (and the Jaguars were dumb). More importantly, no one will pay more money for schools that already have tv contracts for less. ESPN certainly isn't going to offer more for a product they already have. And other channels/streamers won't suddenly say "let's pay way above market value for this". Even if you argue that the matchups would be different than before, it's still the same tv markets; so the numbers won't be there to support inflating our value that much. Certainly won't inflate it enough to allow stipends that can persuade top talent to give up on million dollar pay days.
  6. I appreciate the outside the box thinking but G5 schools can't even afford to keep their coaches from being poached, how can they afford to pay players? And without a chance to play high profile games, you're going to get FCS talent at best. Look at this way from a players perspective: Do you want to earn minimum wage playing in front of no one or do you want to play in the NCAA and have a chance to be drafted and make it big? G5 players still get drafted. That pipeline to the pros will disappear in the "XNCAAFL".
  7. Nooooope. They deserve to be left behind for all the times they've cheated the system and gotten away with it. If I go to an away game, I don't want to be concerned about whether the whole stadium is going to come crashing down the next time it bounces.
  8. Ohhhhhhh. Well then...I guess I do agree with changing how the championship teams are chosen. I still think it's kinda lame but it definitely is best for the conference.
  9. The NY6 doesn't require a conf champ does it? I thought it was just highest ranked. USF might still get the bid over Temple in that scenario.
  10. This. Until we are not in the AAC we need to see the AAC do well at the expense of other G5 conferences. Replace UConn with a team that can do better than last in FBS and you help the brand. Take from the conference's nearest competitor and you widen the gap between the AAC and the rest.
  11. To me a conf champ without divisions is lipstick on a pig. You're more likely to have weird cases, like that 3 way tie I mentioned, that have to be resolved by SoS and rankings, to determine who plays in the champ game. And I just feel the only way this conference can be respected less is by having a champ determined in part by that. But that's more opinion and speculation... To me the bigger issue is money. UConn at least did play in a NY6 bowl a while back. Yeah they did nothing lately but that just makes this a good chance to replace them with a school that can do something. And if you structure it so that the new school only gets an equal share after a few years...then you can upgrade the conference for less and have more potential upside. As a conference, we cannot have non AAC G5 teams making it to the NY6 or other postseason bowls ahead of us. Having one more team unequivocally gives us another chance, and if it's a team that is poached from another conference then all the better.
  12. I haven't read his comments about that. You got a link? Big 12 doesn't have real divisions and is seen as weakest P5. Big East didn't have real divisions with football, was seen as the weakest. I'm not saying it's a causation but there is a negative perception about it. We had a three-way tie early on in AAC days before we had divisions, and that's just dumb and unfair to everyone. Would they keep a championship game? I guess since Big12 puts one on, and revenue generating wise they'd want something for ESPN to air (even if it's on ESPN 3). Losing a team means one less shot at landing a team in a postseason bowl that can generate revenue for the whole conference. That doesn't seem smart from Aresco's position.
  13. You're saying each East team would just add an extra game from the West?
  14. One way to look at losing a team is we all could get that 700k per year if no one is added (and there truly is no penalty). But there's an opportunity cost to that. With UConn gone, we have less fans traveling to and from USF games which means less money staying in the conference (one way or the other). And if you add no one to the conference, you have the real possibility of needing to fill those missing games with schools you have to pay to come visit. See recent FAMU and Bethune Cookman contracts, they're getting $420k-$475k. So let's say you do that every other year for a home game to replace UConn: You're now down from $700k to $280k that year to play a game that doesn't move the needle for enthusiasm (negatives for home ticket sales/season ticket renewals/SoS). However by adding a conference team, there's the chance you can actually add enthusiasm and value all around. If the conference team does really well that means the AAC will get more viewers, more ticket purchases, and more people willing to travel/spend money. That translates to the conference having more real (monetary) and perceived (SoS/quality teams) value. Plus, heaven forbid we're still here in 10 years when the media deal expires but if we are.... you can bet your ass without a replacement for UConn you're getting a paycut. And if you can poach a school from the next highest G5 conference, in order to widen the gap between AAC and the rest, you definitely should. I was on the fence but now I just convinced myself to roll the dice and add another school. Too much potential upside vs the potential cost of doing nothing.
  15. Idunno maybe they can get away with it. I feel like ESPN would love to devalue the league without uconns basketball programs though...and yeah I read a tweet where someone says that's not a concern but who knows if that's true. Besides aren't there going to be scheduling holes now for us in the east division?
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