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  1. Well at least this time you didn't insult people by saying the ppl in the stands probably had free tickets.... Purely on a W-L record I agree that expectations should be managed a bit more. We shouldn't be too upset about a coach with 2 winning seasons having a losing season after big playmakers left and there was a rebuild going on. Especially now with a young qb, new OC, etc etc....there are lots of things that require patience. HOWEVER, it is not about just wins and losses. "The process" has been awful. Quarterbacks have been completely misused these past two years. He chose a pro QB to focus on with a team built for the spread. When that QB went down last year, he never chose a true backup and instead alternated between two guys. That pissed them both off to the point of leaving, and that has burned us this year because we have no depth. This year he brings in an OC who still wants to stick with the pro style QB even though the same problems that got the QB hurt last year are still present. His time management sucks, his killer instinct sucks (kneeldowns at the 40 yd line to end a half), his excuses (blaming uniforms) suck, etc etc. We have seen enough. He very well could have success given time, but most of us feel it would be in spite of these handicaps he places on the team. For those who see it that way, there is no reason to want him here anymore.
  2. My point was the strength of schedule is worse now. UConn is one of the worst teams now, not back then. Back then they were capable of winning the big east, when SoS was greater. I'm not saying the UConn of now did or could win that big east
  3. Puc already said it but it beats repeating, the AAC doesn't hold a candle to the big east. UConn has been like the worst team in FBS since the AAC formed, but they actually were good enough to win the big east once back in the day. SoS is awful now, so wins today do not equal wins back then.
  4. Context matters: Previous two seasons before CWT: 3-9 (BJ daniels now ineligible) 5-7 Previous two seasons before CCS 11-2 (Q Flowers still eligible) 8-5 One coach started with nothing, the other (Strong) had a full cupboard
  5. Nah you won't have as many arguments over whether or not Charlie accomplished anything while here. People will tire of posting 'good riddance' and happy gifs after about 11 or 12 pages.
  6. I think anyone that was hyped about the hire was blind to the fact he never won anything big... but I still understood the hire. He was an up and comer who turned around two programs, left USF with the (at the time) the longest streak of 30 plus points per game, created the Gulf Coast offense, connected well with kids, recruited well, etc etc. FSU just comes across as dumb to me for giving up on their coach so early. It's like the AD knew the hire was a reach and was paranoid about owning Tags losses, making his decision look worse. Cutting ties is one solution but i think it's too rash.
  7. What misconception? And I don't think it will be too hard to get a job again, hell Leavitt was accused of hitting players and got back to DC with rumors of receiving HC interest.
  8. Okay very funny guys, who hacked pucs account?
  9. The problem is what CCS is building. A team that kneels down close to the 40 yard line with timeouts in their pocket. A team that attempts field goals when down a bunch. A team that has no offensive identity (2 scholarship QBs, one pro style one dual threat) I don't care that we're losing games after our most successful class (win-loss record wise) graduated... I care that what I see on game days looks horribly mismanaged with a bad process. A good comparison to me is Taggarts second year game against UCF. We suffered our first shut out at home but the team never gave up and never tried a sad field goal. In fact they ran a fake field goal, and it just didn't work. Another time in the red zone they went for it on 4th down but again it just didn't work. They didn't have the talent in place to do what they wanted, but what they wanted was to be aggressive and not just play a vanilla game. Strong is too vanilla for me.
  10. Pure record wise you are right, however context matters a LOT. Holtz was in the Big East which was a tougher conference than the American. I just pulled the SoS: 2010- 54th (8-5) 2011-49th (5-7) 2012-52nd (3-9) 2017-80th (10-2) 2018-96th (7-6) 2019-82nd (?-?) People are upset because we've seen with our eyes how Charlie led teams feasted on bad teams and struggled against good teams his first two years. Now in year three the wheels are off. So no this thread is not entirely emotional. Some people measure success with metrics other than pure win-loss.
  11. I'm not gonna lie and say they impressed, but I wholeheartedly believe they were sandbagged by the fact neither was officially the number 2. You can't split reps in practice and get into a rythym with receivers. You also can't swap QBs in-game the way they did last year and expect them to do well. That coupled with the fact the OC didn't know how to use an offense with Flowers right gives me doubts the coaches could develop the backups. I think Chris O has done well since he went to Samford (which is hard to use as reference point since it's lower division, but at least it shows he didn't do worse). And yes, having him still as a QB now would probably be better than going to a walk on at QB...which is where we are headed.
  12. I'm not saying Blake is bad at all. Nor am I specifically saying the coaches should have started Jordan over Blake this year. I was going back to last year and saying the coaching staff could have placed their bets smarter when it came to picking the QB whose playstyle fit our team best. Blake is pro style while our previous QB and backups at the time were more mobile (referring to Chris O and McCloud, honestly don't remember Kean enough). Hindsight is 20/20 but the coaches bet on Blake (pro style) and look where it got us: a late season collapse, an injured Blake and disgruntled backups who ended up leaving. Fast forward to this year. They chose Blake again and he got hurt again in this offense.... an offense KB tailored to him in the off-season. Instead of say focusing on (keeping) Chris O and McCloud whose skillsets would be more interchangeable, we had Blake and McCloud who fundamentally are at odds. So now everyone loses because their skillsets can't be maximized, either because we don't have the personnel to run the offense right or the schemes were meant for another type of player. So my point was another coach might have had a different plan, might have been able to recognize the scheme wasn't going to fit the players, and done things differently.
  13. Absolutely facilities have to be affecting us, and the kids we can recruit, at this point. Just consider when you go looking for a job, do you want more benefits or less? Having said that, the game has passed by Charlie so much it's about to lap him. He mismanaged the players he had on the team as soon as he took over. The fact that we're down to one healthy scholarship QB is 100% on him. He couldn't evaluate talent last year, so he toyed with both backups and never decided on one to give a fair shake. Lo and behold they both left after getting jerked around and we're in the rut we're in now. And you can make the argument a smarter coach realizes Blake got hurt last year because our o line wasn't good, so sticking with a pocket passer was inherently going to be riskier than developing a mobile QB with an offense prioritizing the spread. And that's not even getting into his terrible time management, lack of killer instinct, inability to know when to go for 2, his desire to kick field goals down 30, etc etc. Charlie Strong is a terrible horrible no good very bad in game coach. It wouldn't matter what facilities he had.
  14. I'm no fan of what I've seen so far of his offense but it's not 100% his fault. He inherited shaky o line, no QB depth, and WRs with the dropsies. Our most hyped player (not named Wilcox) has been sitting out every game as punishment for something. Obviously he has to be able to adapt, he needs to recognize weaknesses sooner, etc etc...but he didn't screw up something good the way our last OC stunted the gulf coast offense via HB dives. Instead he took over an offense on a 6 game losing streak, and simply hasn't improved it yet.
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